Friday, October 5, 2018


I started taking piano lessons when I was 12.  My Pap-paw is the one that encouraged me to play and paid for my lessons.  Knowing that still puts a smile on my face as I remember him.  He was always happy, always fun, and I miss him.
I took lessons for about 2 years from my Youth Pastor's wife, Mrs. Johnson.  I loved to play.  After I was married, and before Joshua was born, our church didn't have a piano player.  I tried my best to play.  But hymns?  That was hard!  I again took lessons for about 6 months from a lady in a sister church.  She was amazing at playing hymns and taught me to chord.  I played as best as I could for church, but it was rough!  Then fast forward a few years.  In Carthage I played the piano for church in its beginning stages.  Oh my I fumbled along trying to play!  Then, Brother Brown paid for me to take lessons from a College Professor.  She was an amazing concert pianist and had no idea about hymns.  But, she did make me practice and I did learn some.

Then, while in language school, I played for the church in Quebec.  My hymn playing was a little better.  Still so many mistakes!

I played in St. Barths for our services.  But, as I grew sick, my hands didn't seem to cooperate to play the piano.

My Brenna has taken off in her playing!  I taught her what I knew while we were in language school.  She is an amazing piano player!! 

So, I play some for VSIBC.  Mostly it's while Brenna is in the nursery.  Some of our sweet people joke that they can hear before they know when Brenna is in the nursery by my playing.   Ha!  It's true though!

So when Joshua and Brenna came to me and asked me to accompany them while they sang, my heart sunk.  Play an accompaniment?  Not my strong point!  I practiced and practiced and fumbled along.  They were so patient...and maybe a little giggly as I played for them.  I was stretched, that's for sure!  But, last week they sang.  Even though I made plenty of mistakes it went well.  And their voices shined as they sang, "He Gave Himself."  What a message in that song!  It was beautiful!


  1. I love how you are determined when you do something Kami. You did well and I'm sure your children were very pleased to have their dear mom accompany them. God bless. xx

  2. I was catching up on your blog today :) I love this post! My daughter has taken piano off and on, now for a total of about three years. I always wanted to play but never took lessons as a child, but she plays so beautifully! I signed my son up this year, hoping he would enjoy it as well! We are blessed to be in a place where we found an amazing piano teacher (and she's a homeschool Mom too!). I also loved your conference and your time spent with your Dad! We are about six hours away from our parents, so the kiddos enjoy grandparent time whenever they can get it! So good to catch up! :)