My Symptoms

Lyme comes with many symptoms.  Not all of them happened at the same time for me.  Some of them come and go.  Some are worse than others.  Here are the ones I have experienced during this illness:

Chest pressure and pain on the right side in an exact location
Difficulty breathing
Increased pressure when I lay down or bend over
Dry cough to help me breath
Right sided pain in jaw, neck and collarbone
Pain in right armpit
Pain in right groin
Joint pain (knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, ankles)
Muscle aches
A general feeling of knowing that I don't feel well
Did I mention fatigue?
At times my heart seems to be beating so hard that I can see it through my clothes.
Vibrations in right ear and eye
Left eye droopiness
Pressure on the right side of my head, even to put on my glasses hurt

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