Friday, August 15, 2008

Medicine Trail

While we were in Robbinsville, NC we saw a Medicine Trail and the place where Chief Junaluska was buried. It was so interesting. On the way there, out of the blue, Josh said,
"Do you know my favorite butterfly? Well, it's not really a butterfly, it's a moth, but
I really like the Luna Moth. It has green wings with purple edges."
I love it when they're interested in what they're learning and want to talk about it. Anyways, while on this walk we saw this large caterpiller. This is Brenna's finger next to it so we can show you how big it is. Josh thought it was so cool and wondered if it was a luna moth larva. When we got back to our hotelroom, he looked in his science book, and it was one! Isn't God good to let him see somthing in real life he was just talking about? The picture of the moth full grown in his book is very pretty.
The trail was full of traditional plants and herbs that the Cherokee Indians would have used. We loved stopping to read all of the signs and uses of plants.
It was a gorgeous cool day for a hike. We love finding little wonders and quiet attractions little cities have to offer.

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  1. God is so good to us. I am glad Josh is interested in nature, now I have to look up and see what a Luna Moth looks like. I'm sure it's beautiful.
    Looks like a beautiful place to go on a walk. Wish I could've gone with you. J.E.B. you are all growing up so fast.
    Love, Grandma