Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shower for Tabitha in Punta Gorda

 On our last day of vacation, Tabitha's Mom, Dee, hosted a shower for her.  I was so thankful that it worked out for us to go to it!  Dee did such a cute job decorating!  I loved the woodland theme!

 Lots of proud Grandmas!

 So glad my sister Taylin could make it!  We giggled and enjoyed every moment we had left together!

 So  thankful for family that could come with us!  Kaylie and Kiara were able to come.  They've turned into such beautiful, sweet young ladies!

 Tabitha had to judge which playdough baby she liked the best.

 2 of Liberty's Great-grandmas.  Don't they look happy? :o)
 Even though it was a girl party, the boys snuck in during gift time to watch Tabitha open her presents.

My Mom made Liberty such a cute quilt!

That's my Grandbaby in there!  We are all getting so excited!  About 5 weeks to go!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stuck on Vacation

Never a dull moment in this family.  That's for sure.  While enjoying a nice vacation at the park, and talking with Denise and Dee, the boys came to me and said that there was an emergency.  I looked over and my poor Callie was on top of the slide and was stuck.

 I climbed up the slide and tried my best to get her foot out.  I had Dee come help me hold her up.  I was worried that if she fell off that she would break her leg.  I couldn't get her foot to budge.  Then, we tried lotion and rubbed it all over her ankle and the bars on the playground.  Still stuck.  After doing our best to try to get her free, and having a few tears and a few "I want my Daddy" moments, I decided I had to get help and called 911.

They said they would send someone over.

So, we waited and tried to encourage my sweet, upset Callie.  As I heard the fire engines in the distance I told Callie to try and wiggle it one more time.  What do you think happened???  Yes.  Her foot came free!  I hurried and called 911 back before the firefighters came out of the truck.

I'm thankful my girl was safe and didn't fall!  On the other hand, her sisters and Grammy were quite embarrassed!  It made for a memory that we won't forget!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Joyful Memories

 We really had such a nice time spending a few days in Fort Myers.  It had been too long since I had been "home" for a visit with my parents and sisters.  Too long.  I loved catching up and sharing fun memories!

 Once again, Micah was my Dad's buddy.   If Dad had a project, Micah was there!

 The kids loved playing in the dirt across the street.  Why do kids love dirt so much?  We have that in Fort White.  Yet, we play with it on vacation too!

 Micah learned to change the tires on the golfcart.

 It was so good for us to bring Grammy along and meet up with the Fishers.  Family time is always so special!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

We are royalty!

 Not too long ago, my sister, Keela, mentioned that her husband bought her the DNA kit from  We were all so excited!  We couldn't wait to find out what our heritage is and where we are really from!  Both of my parents recent ancestry can be traced to the hills of Tennessee, but beyond that, we didn't know.

 So, while I was down for a visit to Fort Myers, my sister decided to do a big reveal of what we really are.  And the verdict......we are 55% British!  (the other half is a mixture of other European nations)  She announced that we are royalty and gave us all BK crowns and English tea!  It was such a fun evening!

 So now, we claim to be cousins to the queen! :o)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Our First Annual Chili Cook Off

 When we made our 2018 calendars, we looked ahead to October and knew we wanted to do a fallish activity.  A chili cook off was perfect!  We had 9 contestants sign up to bring chili and have it judged.
Tabitha so sweetly let Callie help her make chili.  It made Callie's day!

 So thankful for the wonderful relationships in our family!

 To be honest, being a judge was quite nerve wracking!  I thought I would love it, but each chili tasted so good and it was hard to decide!!

 Brenna was in charge of dishing out the chili and bringing it to us, that way we had no idea whose chili we were sampling.

 We drank milk in between to cleanse our palettes. ;o)

 And the deserving winner received a 1st place plaque!  All of the chilis tasted so good!

 Then, it was time for lots of games and fellowship!

We finished off the evening with a firepit with singing and sharing testimonies.  Have I mentioned lately that I love my church family?  They truly are a blessing from the Lord!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Blue Ridge Memories

I mentioned not too long ago that we found a neat way to remember our wonderful Blue Ridge vacation.  Souvenirs can take up a big portion of a vacation budget, and since ours was limited to begin with, we needed to be creative.  My kiddos loved collecting the colorful rocks from the Toccoa river.  We also went to a gem mining place where they were able to mine some gorgeous stones.  So, to display our keepsakes I went to Kirklands.  They had this great vase? candleholder?...not real sure what to call it. We put all of our rocks inside and lit the tealight and it turned out beautiful!  The kids love it when we light the candle and talk about our memories of our vacation.  And the good news?  It cost about $7!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Back in to crocheting

 While we were on our vacation to Blue Ridge, I decided to start crocheting again for a special baby girl on her way.  I've enjoyed it so much. 

Although it did take me a little longer than normal.  My wrists don't seem to hold out that long.  But, I think it turned out soft, cuddly and adorable. 

Now, I'm in the mood for another crafty project!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Date Night at the Bookstore

I love date night with my sweet hubby!  One of the blessings of working in the ministry together is running to do an errand or two make a hospital visit or picking up supplies.  Sometimes we will also grab some lunch together, but it's nice to be together  We eventually talk about the ministry and upcoming events.  We talk about the kids.  We go over schedules.  I love those times!

But we realized that lately we have been substiting those times for an actual date night.  We spend a lot of time together.  I should say "minutes together."  I pass my hubby in the hallway while I'm grading school and he's on his way to the office to study.  He may be finishing a project and I am teaching Phonics.  We are in the same place, but not truly together.  I knew I was needing some time to dress up a little, plan a fun time and it just be us.  No errands, no visits, no planning futures...
 just us.
So we did!

 Our first stop was the bookstore.  I gave my husband a list of a book that he must find from each category.  I would do the same and we would meet at the coffee shop in the bookstore, drink coffee and talk about our books.  We were to get a book from our childhood, a book with a destination that we would like to visit, a book with a funny joke and a book with a recipe we would like to try.  It was so fun seeing what the other came up with!

Then, we headed out and bought dinner AND dessert.  So yum!

I love time with my sweetie and so thankful for the man that God has given to me!!