Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Grand Opening Day!

 The Grand Opening of Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church went very well!

 We had some family and friends come to help us celebrate (and prepare and work!) for the day.  It was such a blessing!!  We had fun watching as cars pulled in and seeing visitors come.
We had 20 from the community to come!  Praise the Lord!  And the greatest news is that one man accepted Christ as his Savior!  Praise God!

We're so excited to see God work and so blessed to be in the ministry.  Now, it's off to prepare for next Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

In This Place...

 We pray that in this place the Lord will be magnified and that people will come to know the Almighty God that loves them.

 We pray that in this place people will hear the Word of God, that lives will be changed and needs met.

We pray that in this place the missionary plaques on the back wall will be a visual reminder of the lost and dying world around them.  We pray that boys and men will be called to preach and all will heed the call to serve.

 We pray that in this place music will be used to bring glory and praise to the Lord.  We pray that we will honor Him.
 We pray that in this place little ones will hear stories of Jesus and that they will know that He loves them.
 We pray that in this place babies will be nurtured and cared for as their Mommas are nurtured and cared for in Sunday School and the Preaching Service.

 We pray that in this place children will come to know the God of the Bible and will make decisions to give their life to Him at an early age.

In this place we pray that God will bless and that He will be glorified! 

Last minute touch ups

 Today has been a flurry of activity finishing up loose ends and making last minute touch ups.
 It has been fun to have our friends and family arrive to help us work!

 Everyone is doing their part!  Even my cutie pie Callie Grace!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Grand Opening Here We Come!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Blessing of a Servant's Heart

 We have been so blessed to have many people praying for us and helping us in planting a church in High Springs!  Last week we had 2 couples come and stay for 6 days.  Their desire was to work and help in anyway possible.  And work they did!  They visited many, many homes passing out invites to our opening service.  They painted, cleaned, filled envelopes and did anything we needed.  They were a blessing!  Since they were here on a Wednesday, we had unofficial services at the church.  It was a lot of fun!
 I have to admit, I have a pretty big crush on the preacher! ;o)

 Brenna played, Josh led music, we sang specials, Patrick preached and then we had a time of praying for the church about to be born.  It was truly a blessed time!

 They were even here when we had Beth's birthday dinner.  She requested that Josh make his chili.  It is one of our family's favorites!  They are such sweet couples that are like family.  What a blessing their servant's heart has been to us!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We just couldn't resist

 I took some of my kiddos to a Poultry Workshop at the Feed Store in High Springs.  The chicks were so adorable, we just couldn't resist adding 3 more to our flock!
 We did learn some new things at the workshop!  Like:
~We've been storing our eggs wrong.  Ooops.  Did you know they are actually supposed to be stored pointy side down for longer freshness?
~We shouldn't be washing our eggs when we bring them in.  There is a protective membrane on the shell and washing it off makes the egg rotten faster.  (We eat them so quick though, so I don't think that's an issue with us! ;o)
~I now know how to tell if a day old egg is fertilized.

 Aren't they adorable!

 Micah picked out a Buff Brahma.  This breed is known for having feathers on their feet.  Neat!  He named his chick "Mudball."

 Silas picked out a Barred Rock which is the type of  chicken that our Mrs. Peabody is.  These are beautiful hens when they are grown!  Silas named her Bean.  Cute!

Callie picked out a Golden Sex Link Chick.  She loved that she was yellow!  She really had a hard time choosing the name.  She liked Starry or Flower.  So, she just decided to name her Starry Flower!

Right now our chicks are 1 week old.  In 6 more weeks we will introduce them to our other "girls" and let them have fun in the coop!  We are averaging 7-8 eggs a day!  Wow!  Omelet anyone?

It sure is fun watching our Farm grow!  I need to post pictures of our garden that was just tilled.  I think we're planning to feed an army!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy 17th Elisabeth!

 Today is my dear girl's birthday.  17!!
 Our Beth is know by many names: Elisabeth, Bessie, Bethy, Beth, Bethy-pooh, Beef....should I be sharing all of these? :o)
 What a beautiful, Godly young lady she is!  She truly has a heart for the Lord and loves to serve Him!
 God has given her many talents.  One of them is to sing.  She can pick out a harmony part in a matter of seconds!
 She also is such a diligent girl and so ready to serve in our home.  She often throws in a load of laundry "just because it needs to be done"  What teenager does that?  (I know I didn't :o) )  She will change diapers, play with the little ones, prepare meals and do just about anything, just to be a blessing to me!
 She has a heart for her Daddy, and quite often when us girls are talking about new ideas she will say, "I think  we should ask Daddy what he thinks." What a blessing!
 She is truly living her dream here on our farm  (It sure is fun calling it that!)  She loves her horse Sugar Rose and takes great care of her.  She feeds the chickens and gathers eggs....she's a farm girl at heart!
 There is a Proverbs challenge we like to do in our family.  I will start reading the beginning of a verse in Proverbs and we will see who can quote the rest.  Beth is amazing and always stomps everyone!  Always!  I dare you to challenge her! :o)
 She also has a heart for writing.  She loves to write poetry and has started writing out memories from our deputation days.  She also has a Fiction Book in the works.  So far only her Grandma has the privileged ears to hear it.  When she finishes I get to read it!  She also writes every so often on her blog, although she told me it's her goal to write more often.

 What a blessing my Beth has been to our family. 17....It's exciting to see what this next year holds for her as she seeks the Lord, serves Him, and loves the life God has given her!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A New Protocol

 Many have been asking for a health update.  To be honest, I hate to post much about my health.  At times it can be discouraging to talk about the aches, pains and medications of Lyme Disease.  Everyday is different.  At times I battle with my pride because I just don't want Lyme Disease to define me.  I don't want it to be said, "Oh, she's the lady that is sick with Lyme."

  About a month and half ago I began a new Regimen called the Cowden Protocol that is known for helping people that have failed with their antibiotic treatment.  I wasn't looking forward to trying something new.  You never know how my body will react, the treatments are always so expensive, and I feel like I've experimented and tried to much!  But, as Patrick and I read the testimonials, we really felt like this was something I should give a shot.

As usual with a powerful treatment I began to have a "herx" reaction within the first week.  This is when the dying bacteria release large amounts of toxins into the blood and tissues at an alarming rate.  Usually my symptoms will increase.  And this happened when I began the Cowden protocol.  I was very tired, as in sleeping 18 hours a day tired.  My body aches in my muscles increased, it felt like I had hiked the Grand Canyon.  Many joints began to hurt and kneeling, bending and walking was painful.  And, of course, my chest pressure became worse and breathing became difficult.  This is what a Herx looks like for me.   All I wanted was my pain medicine, Patrick to sit with my while I cried, and my Mom.  I couldn't have her by my side so I cried into the phone instead.  My poor Mother.  She's always so sweet to hear my cry.

   After hanging up with me, my Mom went to church that night and stood up asking everyone to pray.  And pray they did!  That was about 4 weeks ago.  Since then I have slowly started to feel better and better.  I told Patrick today that I feel better than I've felt in a long long time!  My chest pressure is still there, and some crazy sporadic muscle aches, but I'm doing amazing!  My energy has been at an all time high!

 I was even able to go to a Couples Retreat in Alabama last week.  I stayed up way past my bedtime giggling with my friends that I hadn't seen in forever! I spent some wonderful one on one time with the man of my dreams.  And the next day I didn't crash!

We are praying that I am on the road to getting better.  As I shared tonight with some friends, I am so excited about how I am feeling!  But, even if this isn't healing, but a time of feeling better, I truly want the Lord to use me to glorify Him.  I pray that I will be healed, but if He chooses for me to deal with Lyme continually, as long as the Lord stays by my side, and gives comfort like only He can, then, "I can do all things through Christ!"  He truly does give me strength.  God is so good!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Work Continues!

 Not too long ago we had a call from one of our supporting Pastors who happens to also be a Contractor.  He wanted to know if he could bring a few guys up to help us work on the church for a few days!  Wow!  Of course we said yes!!
 It was such a blessing to have Bro. Boehms and 4 men come and work for a few days.  They took the first little bit and did some planning.  Patrick said it was just what we needed, to have a Contractor come that has a Pastor's mind.  They reworked the plan and decided to extend our nursery wall to make my Sunday School room in the first building.  It works!

 It was a joy for me and the girls to provide the dinner each night.  It was exciting as we set up the tables and then had services together....first meal and preaching in the church!

 The fellowship among the men was so sweet.  There was lots of joking and laughter and Patrick and Josh loved every minute of it!

 On the right is the baby nursery and on the left is the Sunday School room.  They also put on doors, put up the drywall, and put in walls in the second building (the garage area).
It was definitely a productive 3 days!  What a blessing to have men come and give up their time and work to do service for the Lord!  God is working and we're so glad to be in the midst to see it happening!