Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Exciting days ahead! VSIBC is in full agreement to move ahead with purchasing the property we've had our eyes on. Contract is being sent in... I'll keep everyone updated :-)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Micah's Offering

Micah is our rambunctious 6-year old. He is so adventurous and at times, he has no fear. Over a year ago, Patrick and Micah were watching a motocross race with dirtbikes. Micah instantly said, "I want a dirtbike and I want to jump through the air like that!" It makes my heart tremble in fear when I think of my boy flipping through the air on a dirtbike!  Patrick says, "Kam....let him be a boy!"

So, for the past year, he has been doing odd jobs for a quarter or stacking firewood for $1. He finishes a job and quickly figures his tithe and puts the rest of the money in a jar. With working hard and adding birthday money and special money given to him, he was up to $33.05

This week, at our revival, Micah asked, "Momma, can I give my dirtbike money to the building fund to help the church buy the land so we can build the church building??!" My first thought was, "No sweetheart, you keep your money and let the adults handle it."  Where is my faith for my child?  Then, I realized that God wants to work in the hearts of the people of VSIBC.  All of them.  Even our children.  Some may have little gifts, some may have big, but God is looking on their heart. A lesson I have learned before and God is reminding me of, is that God is always faithful.  And He always blesses when we give.

 We did decide to wait a couple of days to talk to him about it and make sure he knew it was his decision.  We made sure that he understood that by doing this, he would not be able to get his dirtbike unless he starts all over again. Even though he still wants that dirtbike, he was undeterred in his promise to give that money to the building fund.

So last night, my little boy put his jar into the offering plate with all $33.05 of his dirtbike money. He  is so excited to do something for God. We told him that God will honor this gift...Micah didn't just give a portion, he gave all!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

What a week!!

What a great week it has been!!  This is the 3rd year that we have had Bro. Dave McCoy in to preach our Christmas Revival.  He is such a blessing!  Our church loves to hear him.  He has you laughing one minute, and so convicted the next.  So thankful for the decisions made this week and the encouragement we all received!

Not only does our church love to have Bro. McCoy in, our family loves it when he comes.  He's such an encouragement to my children. they need to see real men of God that love the Lord.   He is especially an encouragement to my husband.  He gleans so much wisdom from him.  

We were so excited to show him the property that VSIBC is looking to purchase.  From the minute he saw it, he was excited to see how the Lord is working on behalf of our church.  We all got out and talked about future plans.  Then, we joined hands and prayed for God to give us this property and to see many souls saved there.

Things are moving right along and on Sunday night we will discuss specific plans with VSIBC and talk about the contract.  We could be looking at owning this property by the end of January!  So exciting!
God is moving in the hearts of our people to give for the building fund.  Some amazing things have been happening at church, and here in our home.  I'll post soon about how God is working!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I never knew

Our little grandbaby is growing and walking and trying to talk...these are precious days.  I snapped some photos a couple of weeks ago when I had the joy of watching her while her parents headed out for the evening.  I love times like this!    So, just a warning....lots of Liberty cuteness ahead!

The rocking chair in the picture is actually mine from when I was a little girl.  Although I would prefer if we didn't call it an antique. ;o)

 She's walking!!

 Those eyes!!

 That smile!  It makes me smile everytime!

 ...and she fell.
I just had to add this one.  I love the rolls and chub on this sweety pie!

So this title of being grandparents is still so new to Patrick and I.  Am I really married to a grandfather?  I knew I would love being Liberty's Lolli.  I knew I would love spending time with her and getting to care for her.  But, I never really knew how much joy and love she would add to our family.  What did we ever do before she came?  I never knew how many times Patrick and I would both catch ourselves just watching her.  Then, my sweet man leans over and whispers, "Isn't she so adorable!"  We just love this girl.  So thankful to be her Lolli!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

And the tree is decorated!

It was so nice decorating our tree.  Christmas music playing in the background, each surface of our home getting a christmas pretty added to it.  I guess it's easy to blog about memories and give all the super sweet details.  The truth is, we did have Christmas music going, along with a football game in the background.  Everyone had a part arranging ornament, and some discussion was heard as to the placement of some ornaments and decos. And every surface did get a christmas pretty added to it, because decorations were everywhere!  We did decorate, and it did turn out pretty, but sometimes it's pretty hectic getting out all the decorations and figuring where we want to put them. 

By the end of the evening I was wore out!! And Black Friday came early, so sleep came easily.  But, overall, it was a day filled with memories with my family.  So thankful!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Let it snow....on my Florida Tree

It worked!  Finally!! For years I've mentioned that it would be nice to have a flocked tree.  You know the kind I mean...a real tree that looks like snow has fallen on it.  So pretty!  Well, each year my family doesn't seem to thrilled with the idea.  Until...this year!  yay!

But then there came a problem.  Getting to Gainesville doesn't always happen so easily.  (our little town is quite small and to do major shopping we must travel to Gainesville or Lake City.)  I didn't get a chance to get to a Hobby Lobby or Micheals for the flocking spray.  All we could find was "Let it Snow" spray.  And it clearly says on the back, "NOT to be used for flocking."  Well, I guess you could say I was desperate.  My family agreed.  We had one option.  Use the spray snow not intended for flocking.  So, I went for it!

It was a little messy and stayed wet too long.  But, it turned out pretty!  I love it!
Next year, if they agree, I will buy the real stuff and do even more!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Picking the Perfect Tree

It's always so much fun for our family to go pick out the perfect tree on Thanksgiving Evening.

Everyone seems to have an opinion of which tree would be best :-)

We finally settled on the perfect size tree not too fat not too skinny and a good height for a home.

Enjoying this beautiful season!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Day Filled with Thanks

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was so good to have Denise with us. We spent the day Wednesday baking and preparing and then Thursday more cooking and preparing and baking. I just love being in the kitchen with my family.
Micah did great chopping up the pecans for sweet potato casserole. This guy loves being in the kitchen too! :-)
The past several years Beth and Brenna have been my right hand girls in the kitchen. They join me and we all work together.
Callie had asked me the day before if she could help in the kitchen. She was so excited when I told her she could help peel potatoes. She's really growing up and learning how to do a lot although this year she ended up peeling more than just a potato. Poor thing had to wear a Band-Aid. She's learning!
Remember those abeka crafts? This year we incorporated decorating the table as well! These are first grade napkin rings that Micah cut out.

My turkey would never win in a photo contest. But I've been making Emilie Barnes' overnight turkey for over 20 years and we love it! It's so delicious and moist.

So thankful for friends that God has brought into our lives! And friends that bring chocolate? Even better :-)

A couple of hours after our big meal we invited Joshua, Tabitha, Liberty as well as Tabitha's family and grandparents to join us for dessert. It's such a blessing to get together, especially on a holiday!
 We had so many desserts. They were so yummy!

I think Liberty really loved Thanksgiving! She loved the pumpkin pie. She loved the bread. She just loves to eat! Sure do love this cutie pie!

What a wonderful day! A wonderful meal! And wonderful friends and family!