Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prayers Answered!

Thank you to all that prayed for me last week!  God is so good!  And I'm so thankful to have sweet  friends and family that will pray for me.  

We started the drip of the new antibiotic super slow.  I mean super slow!  It was taking 7 hours a day!  I did itch some at first, and had some slight pain the first couple of days.  Then, I started to tolerate the meds better and was able to drip a little faster.  We are now down to 3-4 hours a day!  Big Improvement.

  I was a little frustrated with being stuck on the couch watching a slow drip.  My thoughtful sister and her husband (Thanks Keela and William!)  made me an IV stand with wheels so I can get up when I need to!  What a blessing that was!
 And while I I dripped....my family stepped up and worked together and took care of one another.  They are pretty fantastic!

And some really good news?  I've had some really good days!  Now, the pain isn't gone.....but it is much less!!! And I'm starting to feel some improvement!  We are so excited about this!  It's hard to not get our hopes up when we see improvement because we know that quite often good days are followed by not so good ones.  But, I'm enjoying these good ones!  It's going to be a busy few weeks for us.  Many things are happening, and all of them emotional!  One major one is we're starting to help Josh pack for college......I think I need more prayer!

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Meds...(a post from Patrick's blog)

New Meds...

Kami and I were supposed to have left yesterday (Thursday) at 5:30 a.m. to drive to her doctor appointment in Brooksville. (3 hours away)  However, on Wednesday night, we heard the sound of throwing up from Callie's bedroom.  Shortly thereafter, we heard Silas.  It was after several rounds of vomiting, that we realized I needed to stay home with the kids.
Joshua volunteered to drive Momma to her appointment the next morning.  It turned out to be an all-day affair and Kami & Josh finally made it back home at 5 p.m.  I am so proud of Josh and he did a great job of taking care of Momma who had spent the entire night dealing with sick kids.
Elisabeth, Brenna, & I spent the day cleaning, washing, and disinfecting!!!
Kami returned with new meds...not just any meds...but the meds that had caused the severe, adverse reaction that sent her to the ER the last time she was given this.  The doctor was concerned that Kami has had the PICC line for 8 weeks now and hasn't seen a dramatic improvement.  So she asked Kami if she would be willing to try the Vancomyacin again.  Kami and I had already spoken about this and we agreed that if we had another opportunity to try this medication again, we would do it.  We noticed a major improvement after the last time she was given just one dose of Vancomyacin after the bad reaction had ceased.

The doctor doubled the dosage for her to take.  This is a 5-day supply!  It took us 3 1/2 hours to administer the first dose last night!  Kami has to take Benadryl before, during and after the IV treatment, which knocked her out!  We will have to do this 3 1/2 -hour treatment twice per day.  That's 7 hours of IV treatment per day for the next couple of weeks.  But praise the Lord, no ER trip last night!!!

This is Kami's other medications that she must take as well.  Some are vitamins, others antibiotics, meds for nausea, meds for her thyroid & pain medications. 
Kami has been getting her IV meds for almost 2 hours now as I type this post.  She is itching and we stopped the meds for a few minutes to allow the Benadryl to kick in.  Once the itching subsides, we continue again.  So far, she has not had any severe pain and we are thankful.
Please pray along with us that the Vancomyacin will work!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Prayers much appreciated!

Last night, as we prepared for our super early outing the next morning to my doctor, we heard that dreaded sound.....one of my kiddos throwing up in their bed.  Poor Callie and what a mess!  Then, shortly after Silas joined her.  O boy!  I felt bad for my babies, it sure was a long night!  With plans to leave the next morning before 6 and knowing one of us needed to be here with the little ones (and it couldn't be me!)  Patrick and I decided to take up Josh's offer to drive me to my appointment this morning.  I think the Lord was blessing me with some unexpected time with my soon-to-go-to-college boy.  

Things went well at my appointment.  I was able to see my doctor (for the past couple of weeks I had only seen the Nurse Practitioner).  She looked on my chart and saw that I had an incident with Vanco.  She said that this is very disappointing because she is finding more and more of her patients improving with it.  Then she asked if I would like to try it again WITH a couple extra precautions....I must take Benadryl before and after, take the IV meds twice a day, let it drip incredibly slow, and stop if there is ANY sign of a reaction.  So....I headed home with a cooler full of the scary, yet powerful, Vancomycin.

I would be so blessed if you could pray for me.  I want to take the medicine that will help me.  I want to get better! But, I am afraid of the horrible pain that came with taking this medicine last time.  I'm willing to try again, and Patrick has the IV bag all ready.  Thank you, my dear friends.  It is such a blessing to have you lift my name to the Lord!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A better sight!

We've had fun doing a few small projects and it's so fun to see the before and after!  A sore sight was our TV stand.  We were excited when we first arrived to find this tv stand all by its lonesome on the side of the road.  (Trash digging can be so fun! :o) ) It was perfect since we didn't have any furniture at all!  But after looking on Pinterest, there were some very cute repurposed TV stands.  

So, I was pretty excited when I saw this dresser at a yard sale for $10.  And with a crafty husband at home, I knew I could share my idea and he would run with it....and he did!!

 Voila!  Isn't it cute?  Love the color and that there are drawers to hide games, movies and controllers!

Monday, August 4, 2014

This and That and a little bit about our future... A post from Patrick

I thought I would put in a couple pictures of our daily life for you to enjoy...

With summer in full swing, the kids have been taking advantage of play time!  Micah and Silas are having some "football" time...although Micah seems to be taking it a bit seriously!

We had a rodeo tournament in full swing!  Beth was a wild horse as Callie tried to stay on!

Next was Silas...he did good but I think he held on too tight as you can tell from the next picture!

Summer will be over in just a short, few weeks.  We have already ordered Silas' K5 materials.  He will be starting school along with Beth and Brenna this year.  Kami has always taught the younger ones for kindergarten and that is her goal for this year...although I am wondering if her health will allow her to.  We are holding off on purchasing the girls' curriculum for now until we get a better picture of what our 'future' holds.

I have had the opportunity to fill-in teaching Sunday school and our kids are still working in the bus ministry, choir and Joshua has also filled-in teaching Sunday school classes.

We have an appointment to meet with our mission board on August 20th to discuss our future.  Kami is not much better, although there are times when she has more strength and energy than she did before.  We are awaiting another blood test which the doctor is ordering.  She feels that Kami may also have a parasitic infection called Babesia which can be found along with Lyme disease.  This would be the reason for the severe chest pressure/pain and difficulty breathing.

We have been traveling to Kami's doctor each week (3-hour trip one-way) since the beginning of June.  This week, the doctor may once again switch medications if she does not see some definite improvements.  This would be the 5th "switch".  The idea is to get the right combination of antibiotics that will work together against the Lyme bacteria.

The doctor informed us that Kami will be on IV antibiotics for at least another 5 weeks minimum.  If there is still no improvement, she will continue longer.  When the IV antibiotics have shown dramatic improvements, she will then be switched to oral antibiotics. 
 Please continue to pray with us about all of our decisions for our future that lay ahead in the next 2 weeks.  Either way, our lives will be dramatically affected...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finding the right combo

It has been almost 8 weeks since I received my first treatment to kill this crazy Lyme in my body.  I had heard and read much about the difficulty of treating long-term Lyme.  I knew the road ahead would be a little rough. But, I honestly hoped I would be so much better!

As I went to  my appointment a couple of weeks ago, I talked to my doctor about doing slightly better at the beginning of my treatment, but that improvement sort of leveled off.  She decided to switch up my secondary antibiotic.   This gave me a terrible reaction and after a quick trip to the ER to flush it out, I was switched again to another antibiotic.  A week later...still no improvement, so switched again.  That week was rough.  My symptoms increased. The pressure in my body was so much stronger and I was so tired.   I was experiencing something known as "herxing"  That is when the bacteria are dying off, and unfortunately you feel worse for a bit.  When I told my doctor how I was feeling,  she was actually encouraged to know that perhaps we have found the "right combo" of antibiotics.  This week I am somewhat better than the last, but still struggling at times.  What a roller coaster!!

Every other week the doctor orders bloodwork to make sure my liver and kidneys are functioning well on these strong antibiotics.  It's amazing!  The problems I was having with my red blood cells, white blood cells, and those crazy deficiencies that kept popping up, are now normal!  Wow!  Praise the Lord for that!

So, we're keeping on in this journey that has been set before us.  We're learning much along the way and the Lord keeps revealing himself strong to us.

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower:  the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teaching Logan to shoot

 We had my sweet niece and nephew over for a visit.  My kiddos love their time with their cousins!  Patrick had been wanting to teach Logan how to shoot a BB gun, so this was the perfect opportunity!  First.....plenty of safety instructions.  Don't they all look so serious in this picture!!

 Then, it was time to take aim.  Josh set up some bulls-eyes for him to shoot at.

 Logan did a great job!  Way to go bud!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

To sleep well you must....

Have all your stuffed animals arranged just right!