Thursday, July 2, 2015

21 Years

 It has been 21 years since my sweetheart and I said "I Do"  I am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life!
 We knew we would be super-duper busy for our anniversary this year.  It's sandwiched between two of our kiddos birthdays,  4th of July is 2 days after, and we planned a big Church BBQ then as well.  Then, with preparing for the girls to head off to camp a couple days after....we knew it was going to be tough to really have an anniversary date.
 But our sweet children had other plans.  A couple nights before our anniversary, at the dinner table, we were handed an envelope.  In it was some money and instructions.  It said that we were to be ready at 6pm, the night of our anniversary for pictures, then to head to dinner.  Then, after dinner, our bedroom suite would be awaiting.  They are so creative!  And we were so excited!
 Then, Wednesday night, the sweet people of VSIBC surprised us with an Anniversary card and a gift card to the Great Outdoors (It is a nice restaurant in High Springs)  How thoughtful!

 So, after our pictures, we were ready to eat.  We had a wonderful meal, and enjoyed some much needed time together.
 When we arrived home our bedroom suite was awaiting.  These sweet kids thought of everything!
Many candles were lit and romantic piano music was playing.  There was a side table with coffee and hot tea.
 There were 3 mini pies for our dessert.  They also had found a movie on Netflix for us to watch and set up the TV.  They even had our jammies laid out and had sprayed my perfume on mine, and Patrick's cologne on his.  How thoughtful!  I have a bunch of romantics here!

 It was a wonderful evening spent with my love.  As Patrick prayed for our meal tonight, he thanked God for the 21 years He has given us together and said he can't wait to spend the next 21 with me.  I truly am blessed.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy 19th Birthday Joshua!

 Today, my Joshua turns 19.  Wow.  That's old!  He was such a cute little baby!
 He was such a smiley, content and active little baby and boy.  I loved taking him everywhere and have people ooh and aah over him.

 He's grown into a fine young man (I actually almost typed boy.  I don't know if that will ever change!)  He came home from Golden State Baptist College after one semester with a clear leading from the Lord that he needing to be helping us here.  I'm so glad God moved on his heart!  We sure did need him!  With starting the church and the renovations that had to take place before opening day, Joshua has been a true God send in every sense of the word!

He is now taking correspondence classes and is on a fast track to obtaining his degree.  He also has a job at the local hardware store. He has been able to witness there and be a great testimony for the Lord!  He is also Patrick's right hand man at Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church.  He leads singing, preaches in Junior Church, sings many specials, works on the website and bulletins and does anything that we need him to do.  What a blessing!

 Today, he woke up to a breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits, one of his favorites.  Then, it was present time!

 Silas was excited to pick out Warhead FunDip for Josh's gift.  He insisted he try it right then!

 Silas was pretty proud that it was pretty sour!

 Many precious memories with my precious family. Time is passing quickly, but this Momma sure is enjoying every minute!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Trust with the Money, Honey!

"The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her"  Proverbs 31:11

Off to the bank we went and opened a checking account for both of my older girls.  They were excited and giggled as they had to think of security words for their accounts....I don't think anybody would be creative enough to guess what they picked! :o)  They sure do make me smile!

My Dear Girls,

Trust.  It's so important between a husband and a wife.  One of the many ways that your husband needs to trust you in, is with the finances God has blessed you with.  Be diligent to do your part and be a true "Help" in this area.

  Whether you keep up with the check register on paper or on the computer, be diligent to jot down each transaction.  Don't save it for later hoping that you'll remember because it's easy to forget.  Am I talking from experience? :o)  

Remember that God when God blesses you financially (and that means any amount) that you need to be a faithful steward.  Ask yourself, "Is this really how God wants me to spend this money?"  After all, it truly is His.  Be a good steward and be conscious to be pleasing to the Lord in this area of your life.  When you do, your husband's heart will trust you with the finances God has blessed you with.

With Much Love,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quick but fun Visit!

 Had such a great time with my sister and her family!
 Just like the last visit, Time went by too quick, but we squeezed in as much as possible!  First, it was a quick trip to show them our church building.  They were so encouraging and excited!  We loved it!  Then, we showed them our beautiful High Springs.  It just happened to be the day of the Farmer's Market.  We strolled along for a few minutes, then Ty asked, "Do you live in a desert?"  It was so hot!!!!

 Then, we headed back to our house for lots of playing, games, cooking, laughing....we had such a great time!  The 5 younger ran, played in the dirt, on the zipline, and loved all the cousin time.

 We introduced them to a fun, family game, Mr. X.  I think they are hooked now!  Through the years we have played many games with them!

 When it was time for them to leave, Micah cried.  He wasn't ready for them to go.

21 and 22 years ago we were each others Maids of Honor.  Now our families have grown and we live further apart.  We don't have as much time together. But, I'm thankful for sweet memories and sweet visits.  We're already planning the next visit with a quick stop at Bev's Better Burgers!! :o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stay in the Moment

I've been thinking much on the things that I want to teach my girls in the Preparing Her for Him series.  My mind has been reflecting back to when I was first married.  What wonderful moments in my life! We made so many wonderful memories as we learned how to be husband and wife. I realize some of the joys and struggles I faced will be similar to the things my girls will face.  But yet, there are many more they will experience that I never had to even think about it.

Just think.  20 years ago we didn't have a cell phone.  No computer.  No tablet.  No internet access 24/7.  No internet!  No Netflix.  No Youtube.....I really could go on and on.  Am I against those things?  Am I someone who doesn't  want to accept the new technology that's happening all around me?  Goodness, no!  I mean....I do have a blog! :o)  I realize the benefits they will have because of the age they live in.  What a convenience it would have been for me to be able to:

~Look up a recipe on my phone, and not have to run to the library and hope they have a book with a particular dish I was trying to make!
~Find directions to the nearest Pei Wei (and sadly realize that there isn't one around here)
~Send your sisters a message or silly emoticon at any moment of the day and not have to pay 10 cents a minute to talk to them.
~Read other blogs and glean encouragement from them.
There are many benefits!

But, with those benefits are also risks.  I saw a commercial yesterday for a TV channel.  They said, "You can watch us anywhere and anytime!"  It made me wonder if that's really a good thing.  We have to be careful.

My Dear Girls,

You are growing up in an amazing time!  There are so many things at your fingertips to make things easier....but I want you to be careful.  It can be so easy to be caught up with the many "screens" at your fingertips, that people end up taking 2nd place.  People.  Don't forget the people in your life.

  The struggle to stay in the moment can be difficult.  Maybe even more so for women.  Maybe even more than that for Stay at Home Mommas.  One of Satan's tactics is to keep us so focused on "screens" that we don't see the needs of those around us such as the lost, your little ones and the one God created you for.

 Here are a few ideas that could help you to stay in the moment:

~Appoint a Time.  It's easy for precious minutes to turn into wasted hours when we don't set limits.  Decide what is an appropriate amount of time and stick to it.

~Your "Free Time" doesn't always have to be "Screen Time"  If you find that in every free moment you have that you are scrolling through the lives and thoughts of others, then you know you're wasting the precious time God has given you.

~Stay in touch with others, but don't use Social Media (or texting) for the only way to communicate.  It should not be your primary form of communication.  Giving someone a few minutes of your face to face time is precious, and they will appreciate you for it.  If face to face time isn't possible, think of a phone call or even a letter.  Social Media has it's place, just don't make it the only way you communicate with others.  That doesn't build true friendships.

~Be in the room with the ones in the room.  It's never polite to scroll through your phone or google something when you could be visiting with those around you.

As I write this to you, there are many new things occurring in technology.  Internet access can be obtained on your watch and even in the lens of you glasses.  Wow!  That's pretty cool!  And pretty scary.  

Remember, your time, as well as other's time, is precious.  The Bible says it's like a vapor.  Poof and it's gone.  Don't waste those moments God has given you.  Stay in the Moment. 

With Much Love,


Friday, June 12, 2015

Live, Love, Laugh

I heard this sweet conversation from two of my girls not too long ago:

Callie:  Bessy, can I please wear one of your necklaces to church tonight?
Elisabeth:  Which one were you wanting to wear?
Callie:  That one!  (pointing at the silver chain with three silver circle charms that say Live, Love and Laugh)
Elisabeth:  Well....this is a special necklace to me, but I will let you wear it just tonight to church.  
(then, she put it sweetly on her little sister's neck)  
Elisabeth:There are 3 words on it, Live, Love and Laugh.  But, this one is the most important, it says Laugh.  Always remember that.

As I sat there listening, my mind went back about 10 years ago to the conversation Elisabeth had with her Grandpa when he gave her the necklace.  As he put it on her neck, he said the same exact words to my Beth that she said to Callie. "Live, Love, Laugh, but always remember this one...always remember to laugh."  What a precious memory for my girl that she has cherished.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Preparing HER for HIM

About 5 years ago, I did a summer study on the Proverbs 31 woman with my girls.  In one of the posts, we made "Lifetime Goals".  I love looking at that page taped in my Bible.  It reminds of what I really want to be and accomplish with my life.  At the time we wrote those goals my girls were 12 and 11.  A couple years after we made those goals, I added one more to my list.  It says this:

 ~To prepare my children for adulthood

My girls are now 17, and one month away from 16....adulthood is approaching fast! too fast   I've had something on my heart about preparing my girls for their future.  As a wife that was created for her husband, I realize that I need to start preparing my girls for the one they were created for....their husband. 

 I have mentioned before that I love to read Genesis 2:18, but make it more personal for me.  When doing this, it will say, "And the LORD God said, It is not good that Patrick should be alone;  I will make Kami a help meet for him."  I love to think that God made me to be the completer to my husband.  What a great responsibility!  So, as I think on this, I want to take my lifetime goal of preparing my girls for their future spouse and put it into action and share it on my blog.

  I am going to be starting a series called "Preparing HER for HIM"  I would like to write about things that I will be teaching them...things that I have learned, I am learning, and would like to learn. 

 It's going to be fun!  I'd like to cover things such as

-Planning meals and your day
-Farming and Gardening
-Stewardship with your money
-Daily Devotions
-Child Training

I could go on and on!! There's so much that I want them to learn and to prepare them to be the very best Mrs. ? they could be!  I sure do love my girls and preparing them for their future is truly a blessing and an honor.  I love being their Momma!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Memories of Motherhood Ladies Meeting

 We had such a wonderful ladies meeting at VSIBC!  The girls and I had a wonderful time  brainstorming for ideas and decorating!

Our theme was "Memories of Motherhood"

 The devotion I chose to do was on 3 things in Motherhood that do not change :The significance of Mothers, The significance of Grandmothers, and The significance of God's Promises in our daily life.  To help us remember the last point, I set up a craft table for us to make a cute hanging chalkboard to write a promise for the day on.  It was so much fun crafting together!

It was so precious to see the Bible verses that the ladies picked out for their promises.

The ladies of VSIBC are so precious!  I'm so thankful for them and their sweet spirits!

 Of course we had to have lots of yummy food!  The fresh fruits in Northern Florida are so yummy!

 We've had 2 wonderful Kindred Hearts Ladies Fellowship meetings!  We're already looking forward to the next one!