Monday, June 17, 2019

He knows our desires!

I love when God just proves himself real to my children.  It's so amazing as I see their eyes light up that God knows their desires and loves them so very much!  We had one of those moments yesterday!  But to tell you the story I need to back up a bit...

Joshua likes to tell of when he was younger we forced him to eat a bunch of butter beans.  The story actually happened a little different than he likes to tell it though.  I made a pot of butter beans and gave each of our children a small helping to try.  Our 11 year old Joshua didn't really want to try them, but when he finally did he decided he didn't like them before he even tried. He was convinced each bean was filled with butter. So, I told him he had to eat them all....which was a tiny amount to begin with.  Anyway, that was one of those parenting moments when Joshua and I went head to head.  Looking back we both laugh on it.  I was determined he was going to eat the beans....he was determined not to.  Can't remember who won the battle, all we know is Joshua says he still doesn't like butter beans  (which I still don't believe him. :o) )

My three little ones have heard that story told before and Friday Callie came to me and asked if I would buy butter beans next time I go to the store because she would like to try them.  ( I don't think I've bought them since Josh was 11!!)

Sunday at church someone wanted to give us some groceries from their pantry since they are moving to a new place.  What a blessing!  We were so excited to show Callie what was in one of those bags...BUTTER BEANS!

God knows our desires and He is such a wonderful heavenly Father that wants to meet those desires.  Even the things that others think are silly or minor.  He wants to be our everything, if we let Him!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

What does God say about Summer?

Summer.  Oh wonderful Summer!  We plan for you all year long and you're finally here!!

We're enjoying it so far, with many things to do on our list.  But, honestly, my list is changing up a bit.  My preacher hubby preached an amazing message on summer just a couple of weeks ago.  It makes me want to have the best summer ever and do amazing things! 

Have you ever thought about how we view summer?  We have been programmed that summer is a time to step back and be laid back.  You know, the whole 9 months on 3 months off mentality we had as kids.  That should not be so for the christian!  Summer is the time for us to move forward and we should take advantage of those summer months when things are a little different compared to the rest of the year:
~More time for God
~More time with Family
~Meet new people and be a witness and encouragement to them

God has a lot to say about summer in His Word.  Isn't it so neat how God really does cover it all in the Bible?  We just have to be willing to look for it.

     Be Careful of Summer Poverty "He that gathereth in summr is a wise son" Proverbs 10:5
In Scripture summer is a time to prepare.  Even the ant, that little creature that doesn't have a lazy bone in her body, works and prepares diligently in the summer. (Proverbs 6: 6-8)  This summer I want to gather spritual strength!

     Stay right with God this summer!  Don't allow things in my life that other times of the year I wouldn't let in.  Don't slip.  Stay tenderhearted!

     Summer is the time to gather fruit.  This summer I want to gather and produce spiritual fruit!

So, I must ask myself....where do I want to be by the end of summer?  Yes, I want to have a little more free time, fun time and rest time....this homeschooling Momma needs it!  Yet, in the midst of being free from school, I want to be productive as well.  How do I do that?  Have a plan!  I need to plan for
My Family
My Marriage
My Soul-Winning
The Ministries I'm involved in

I want this to be a summer to remember, filled with moments pleasing to the Lord.  I want it to be a  time of year where I purpose to seek God's face and ask Him how He wants my day to go.  It's going to be a great summer!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Petting the Galapagos Tortoises

My friend Rose won a "Feed the Galapagos Tortoises Experience."  She invited us to come along and feed them.  It was so fun!

We love our local zoo at Santa Fe College in Gainesville.  It's not real big, very shady and a perfect way to spend a couple of hours. 

Everyone got to touch a tortoise.  Even Liberty!

 Then, we were able to feed them some papaya.  It is so neat how they have trained the tortoises to follow the stick with the red ball on it.  They are pretty smart!

The zoo keepers did great leading us along and we all had a great time.  Thanks Rose!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My Preacher Boy

So proud of my Silas Boone!  He's been itching to preach again, so his Daddy put him on the schedule.  He wanted to preach on joy and brought examples from David and Paul and how they had joy amidst their circumstances.  So powerful!

So thankful for my preaching boy and so thankful for a great church that encourages him!

Monday, June 10, 2019

A Definite Bond

I love the dynamic in our family.  I love that Patrick and I had 3 kiddos right away.  We raised them when we were young and enjoyed every moment.  I love that 9 1/2 years later we decided to have 3 more.  We're raising them while we're older, and enjoying every moment with them as well.  Having kiddos when you're older means that they're not that much older than your grandchildren.  It's a neat dynamic. 

I love watching all of my children with Liberty.  It's so neat how they love on her and include her.  When she was born I wondered how it would be for Micah.  She was only a couple days old when he mentioned how everyone stares at the baby. :o)  Micah is the definite baby of the family!  Seeing him with Liberty is so special, though.  He loves to play with her.  I means really LOVES it!

What Liberty says goes for him.  She's never a bother and he enjoys it so much.  I love it that way!
She's been trying to say his name lately.  Although it comes out more like Nyma.  He likes it.
Sometimes they seems so close in age that they are like brother and sister.  I love to watch him push her around on her big pink car.  Time is flying!  I'm enjoying all the little moments!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

We are Done! Summer here we come!!

We did it!  Another school year in the books. So proud of my kiddos and all of their hardwork.  What great students they are!  Silas is officially moving up to the 5th grade, Callie to the 4th and Micah to 2nd. Time flies!  Especially when you're having fun!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Freedom snuggles

We've enjoyed lots of Freedom snuggles for the past few days.  There is nothing like holding a brand new baby!

Liberty has been very sweet with her.  It's almost like she thinks it's a new toy. :o)

Callie is in love!  We noticed that usually if someone is holding Freedom, Callie hovers over them waiting for her turn.  My girl loves babies!

Micah is excited to be an uncle...again. :o)  He loves to be Uncle Micah!

I think Liberty is wanting her "toy" back in this picture.

 Here I am with my two granddaughters.  My heart is so full!

Pops is definitely in love, too!!

We stand in awe at how good God is.  We are so thankful for Him watching over us all and adding this special blessing to our family!!

Monday, June 3, 2019

She's here!!!

Freedom Joy Gimenez arrived at 10:57pm on May 31st.  She weighed 9lbs and 8oz.

We praise God for a healthy Momma and a healthy baby! 

We are so in love with this bundle of Joy!

Our family is growing, and being a Lolli (Grandmother) is such a treasure.  God answered so many prayers for Joshua and Tabitha throughout this pregnancy, from a heartbeat that was a little hidden at 11 weeks,  seeing a hole in Freedom's heart on an ultrasound, to contractions coming too early....God answered and blessed in so many ways.  We are so thankful! 

Welcome to the family sweet Freedom!  We love you!!