Monday, August 22, 2016

Love is in the Air!

 Pictures are being taken, plans being made, lots of shopping!  Isn't preparing for a wedding so much fun!?!

So, last week I experienced shopping for the groom.  Josh and I headed to the mall to find the perfect suit coat for the wedding.  I sure do love any time I get to spend with my boy...wait...I should probably start calling him a man.  Respect is a quality Joshua has done so well showing me.  We looked around, he tried things on, asked me my opinion, checked on if I needed a rest, enjoyed a coffee together....What a blessing my boy is to me!  Then, he found some great things for the wedding!  yay!
I am enjoying each moment of this season of life.  Before I know it, my boy will be a husband to sweet Tabitha.  Time flies.  Enjoy each special time!

Soon, to be 3 Mrs. Gimenez's.  Wow!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to School Sunday

 It has been a joy to have an impact on the community here in High Springs!  What special people God has called us to!  We decided to plan a Back to School Sunday and the members gave abundantly!!

 To top it off, the boy in the backseat accepted Christ as his Savior!  What a blessing!  It is great to see the seed being planted by several.  We all shared in the joy!

My kiddos love riding the church van.  We're praying for a bus!  And kids to fill it up!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

VBS 2016

I am quite behind in my posting.   Yikes!  Bear with me, I'm hoping to catch up this week.  There's a lot happening in the Gimenez Home!

We were so blessed to have the Youth Group from our sending church, Winkler Road Baptist Church, to come for the week and put on VBS!  Our church is still young that we don't quite have enough workers to put on a full blown VBS, so it was a blessing to have a group to come and put all their energy into it. It was a great week!

 It was a blessing to have the teens in our home each day for a meal.  We love to have our house filled with the laughter and joy of teenagers!

 The teenagers went visiting and canvasing, inviting kids to VBS and then did some work at the church, too.  It's always a blessing to clean and soak the nursery toys!  That makes Mommas happy!!

 We had a great turnout for each night of VBS.  We had visitors, and then we would have visitors invite visitors!  We praise the Lord for the contacts made in our community!

 Lots of fun games were played.  My kiddos loved it! This game made me nervous!  But, my Silas loved it!!

 I love the joy on my Callie's face!

 Thank you WRBC for all of your hard work!  Thank you Brother Joe and Mrs. Sarah for all the planning and praying that you did.  You all are a blessing!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Joyous Day!

For those of you that know my Josh, know that about 2 years ago, he met a very special young lady. As a Momma, it has been a joy to watch them talk, learn more about each other, enter a courtship, and wait for God's perfect timing.
 My Josh has been praying for the right time to ask Tabitha Fisher to be his wife.  Oh my! Did I just type that?  My little boy?  Yes, I sure did.  He's grown into a fine young man, and Patrick and I are so proud of him!

So, Josh came to us a few weeks ago and said that he believes it's time to ask.  How exciting!  He worked up the nerve to call Tabitha's Dad.  Josh has a great relationship with the whole  Fisher family, but it is funny that once it's time for the guy to ask the gets nerve wracking!

As Josh stepped outside to make the phone call, Patrick and I got down on our knees and prayed.  We prayed for God's will, timing and direction.  Josh came back in a bit later.  He was smiling with his cute dimpley smile and said, "He said I can ask her!"  He was so excited.  We were too!

So, my boy came up with a completely romantic idea.  He worked on it night and day. (seriously) He told us he wanted the Fishers to be there, as well as Patrick and I, Beth and Brenna.  It was so honoring that he wanted us all to share this very special day.

We were given our orders to arrive early to Tabitha's church (the place they met and will be married) He wanted us to set up 5 tables.  The first four tables had memorabilia from each stage in their relationship...getting to know each other, writing long distance, courtship...
 The last table was to have one red rose on top.
 We followed our instructions and referred to the pictures he saved on our phone to make sure it was all prepared exact.  :o)
 It was hot, and we were quite sweaty, but we got everything done in time.  Then, we got a text saying they were on their way.  We went to our spot in the distance so we could watch.  We were so excited and nervous!

 Brenna took the pictures, so she was the one on the lookout.  I know they had arrived when she said, "Awwww, they look so cute!" Josh had Tabitha wait at a certain spot while he turned on the music.

 Then, he took her hand (A sight we had never seen)  and led her to each table.  It was so sweet.

 As they made their way to the final table, tears began to form.  I kept thinking, there truly is no greater joy than to see your children walk in truth.  I knew my Josh was excited and nervous and sooo happy.  This Momma's heart was so happy for him.

 She said yes!

 As they stood and held hands and looked into each others eyes, and laughed....we all patiently waited! :o)  It was an honor to be there.  I later asked Josh, what were you saying?  He said, "I just kept telling her that I loved her."  The two of them had been waiting until engagement to say those precious words....I have a feeling they will be making up for lost time!  We are thankful for the stand of purity the two of them have taken in this relationship as they seek to honor the Lord.

 So, who is Tabitha Fisher?  She is the young lady we have been praying for, even before she was born.  She is the one that God made for my son, Joshua.  We are so thankful!  Tabitha is a very sweet girl that loves the Lord and desires to serve Him with her life.  She has a heart for souls, loves children (just like my Josh!), and loves my Josh!  From the very beginning Josh told us, "There is just something different about this girl."  And it's true.  If you meet Tabitha, you will see God's love radiating from her life.  What a blessing to have her join hearts with our Joshua!  Truly a match made in heaven!
God is so good!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

A worn book that still is an encouragement

I love how the Lord gives each of our children different strengths, gifts and traits.  I am so blessed by each of them!

My Elisabeth is very traditional and classic.  She has always loved to read and has enjoyed collecting old books. 

 Not too long ago, she came to me with a recent book she had read that someone had given her.  The title is "Quiet Talks on Prayer" by S. D. Gordon.  The copyright is 1904. She said that even though it is worn and the pages are yellowed, it was such a blessing to her!  I don't know about you, but I don't know many 18 year olds that read books that old on prayer.  What a treasure my Beth is!

 So, guess what is next up on my reading list?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy 17th Birthday to my Brenna

 My sweet girl, Brenna Shay, turned 17 last week!
 What a blessing she continues to be to our family!  She has such a tender heart for the Lord.  In fact, as I make this post she's playing and singing on the piano, "I want my life to count for Jesus."  So thankful for a teenager that loves the Lord!
 Her musical talent continues to blossom and grow.  I think if anyone spent a couple of hours a day on the piano like she does, it would.  But, she has an extra heap of talent, that's for sure!  I love to hear her play!
 She is so fun to be around, and has such a heart for children.  The kiddos at VSIBC are naturally drawn to her, their 'Miss Brenna'

 She said for her birthday she wanted to stay home, be together, and play bunches of games.  We had a competitive game of Ticket to Ride.  And several rounds of Dutch Blitz.

 When Josh got home from work, it was time for gifts.  I love to watch the giver.  The kids are so proud of the gifts they pick out for the special person.  I love to see their giving heart!

 As Patrick and I were trying to decide what to get for Brenna, we came up with the idea to use her Pinterest account.  I looked at her crafty board, and chose 5 things she had pinned.  Then, I went and bought the supplies and printed out the page she had pinned.  It's been fun to see her create the things she has had her eye on!

 For her "cake" she chose apple pie.  (again)  My girl is a pie lover!! (just like her Momma!)
 We also decided on a new tradition for birthdays.  We decorated the mantle with all the birthday girls favorites and things that remind us of her.  That was fun!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl.  Time is going too fast!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

22 Years!

 My sweetie and I recently celebrated our 22nd anniversary!  We spent a romantic weekend away together exploring small towns and driving down roads we had never been on.  Then, we enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner and walk on the boardwalk of the St. Johns river.  What a wonderful time!

So thankful for my sweet man and how he loves me.  I truly have the best!