Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The work continues...

 We are seeing lots of improvement as the work continues on our new house.  Christmas is fastly coming and we are trying our hardest to be moved in before the 25th.

 Even though we are working hard making this house a home, we have made many fun memories the past couple of days.  There has been picnics in the front yard, campfire and smores, fierce games before bed (Me and Beth are tied for the most wins at Sorry Revenge!), building a treehouse....lots of fun things happening over here!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Together under one roof

What a week we have had!  We had to make a quick decision last Saturday.  Brenna and I were going to leave the fixing of the house project and head back to Fort Myers to finish packing and to  be with my little ones.  Well, Beth was having a terrible time with her allergies in High Springs, and leaving the windows open because of the paint wasn't helping.  So, we had to make a last minute decision for the girls to trade places.  They were both a little disappointed about the change of plans, but we all realized it worked out for the best. 

 As I left High Springs, I realized my family was in 4 different places.  Not such a great feeling for a Momma!

Beth and I accomplished much during the week and Patrick and Brenna worked so hard on the house.  Everything was going great, but we were all missing each other, that's for sure!  Thursday Beth said, "I know Christmas is about Jesus' birth, I'm not getting that confused.  But, it's also about family being together, and we're not."  Oh how that hurt my heart!  Patrick and I talked Friday morning about switching up our plans.  We were going to wait for the house to be ready to move in before we came back, but we decided we wanted to all be together when Josh flew in from college.

Saturday morning Beth and I rented a car and began the drive with Silas, Callie and Micah back to High Springs.  We arrived at 5:30 with time to see all the progress on the house.  It's looking amazing!  Then, it was time to go pick up Josh!  I was so excited, thrilled....there's just not a word to describe it!  I missed my boy!  When he got off the plane he was surprised that we were all there to get him.  That night I realized that we were all under the same roof.  Something I didn't realize would be such a treasure.   It truly is!


So, now, we are finishing up the house, being together, hearing lots of fun college stories, and starting the latest project, Mission Fatten Up Josh!

Shopping with my boy

Silas has been wanting to take me out on a date.  His piggy bank was full and he wanted to buy us a McFlurry.  Love those!  I thought it would be a perfect chance to do his Christmas shopping.  We planned the day and were so excited!

About 30 minutes before time to leave, I was putting my makeup on.  We had a cute conversation.

Silas:  What are you doing Momma?
Me: Putting on my makeup.
Silas:  Why?
Me:  Because I have this cute guy that's taking me out on a date, and I want to look beautiful for him.
Silas:  Is it Daddy?
Me:  No, silly, it's you!
Silas:  But, Momma, I already think you look beautiful!

How sweet!  Or he was just ready to go!  We had a great time on our date and made lots of special memories together!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Nothing says love like....

 Your letter painted in the ceiling!  Patrick has been working hard on getting our new home livable for us.  I love the results we are seeing!  In our bedroom he painted a 'K' for me!  The ceilings are so yellowed!  The bright white makes it looks so good and clean!

 Tomorrow Brenna and I will leave to head back to Fort Myers.  Patrick and Beth will keep working until it's ready.  Then, they will come and pick all of us up and our things and we will make the big move!  Thanks for praying!

Busy Bees

 My girls have been amazing workers in our new home!  Amazing!  They are learning how to do many new things.  Like....

 Vacuuming dead bugs, dirt and grime...and not be icked out by it (only just a little!),

 removing cabinets even if the screws are stripped,

 sand down old cabinets to prep for painting,

 remove sticky tiles that are very stubborn,

 remove nails and screws and spackle the holes,

paint, paint, and more paint,

survive off of microwave only meals  (survive, not enjoy :o)

And they have such sweet spirits about the hard work.  They are so excited about our new home and are loving seeing completed projects.  They are also loving having a porch with a beautiful view to do their devotions in the morning.  So precious!

It's Official! High Springs here we come!

 Tuesday we closed on our house!  We were so excited!  Here we are with our realtor, Sue Campbell.  She was wonderful and such a blessing to us!
She gave Patrick a very appropriate gift....a bucket and sponges.  How fitting!  Now, it's off to cleaning we go!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

And We're off!

In the morning we will be leaving to head up to High Springs for the closing of our house on Tuesday!  Yay!  To say we are excited is quite an understatement.  Brenna and I will help Patrick and Beth with cleaning and fixing for a couple of days, then will head back to Fort Myers until the house is ready.  If you have a moment, it would be a blessing if you could pray about a few things

~The closing will go smoothly with the house.
~We won't find too many surprise with the house.  We're especially praying that the A/C, Septic and Well will be functioning
~For safety for us as we are travelling back and forth and for our little ones staying behind with Grandparents.
What an adventure we are on!  It sure is fun!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Part Three

One of the highlights of our day was being able to Skype Josh.  It was sad being away from him for the first time on Thanksgiving.  But, I am thankful for all the great things happening at Golden State.  He had a great Thanksgiving!

 It was fun gathering around the computer to talk to my boy!  He showed us his room and introduced us to his roommate.  Great touch to top off a wonderful day!

 Then, while Micah and I took a little snooze, the rest of the crew went to the tree lot to help Grammy pick out her Christmas tree.

 It has always been our family tradition to put up our tree on Thanksgiving night.  Since that just isn't possible with our family moving in a few days, it worked out perfect to be able to help Denise.  The kids only broke a few ornaments ;o)  Sorry Grammy!

 Patrick watched his Eagles game and tried to recruit Marc to be a fan.  I think his Mom was a little shocked at how vocal and loud Patrick is during the game. It was fun!

 And the finished tree turned out beautiful!  Now it just needs presents underneath!

It was a full day spent with family, food and fun.  Great memory!!