Thursday, April 16, 2015

Micah's Day

We all enjoyed Micah's 3rd birthday so much!  He woke us all up quite early (before the sun!)  so he could open his gifts.

When we were asking him what he would like for a present, he kept telling us he wanted Reese's.  So, that was definitely one of his gifts!  He loved them!

He was very happy to have a whole new set of playdough with lots of colors!

And new cowboy boots were a big hit, too!

For his birthday cupcake we made Reese's Cupcake that I found from this site.  The Peanut Butter Buttercream was sooooo yummy!

There was plenty of time for play...

shooting waterguns...

and playing with new toys. 

A day filled with wonderful memories.  

Happy Birthday Micah Roo!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Micah!

 Today my Micah turned 3.  Wow.  3!  What a sweet baby he has been, but I guess now it's time to call him a little boy....well, maybe eventually!

 This little guy has our hearts for sure!  His adorable dimple just gets me!  He has that I-know-I'm-cute look!

 He is doing very well sitting through most of Silas's kindergarten and he's learning so much!  We were doing all the special card sounds and Micah knows every one!

 His new favorite thing to play with is play dough.  It's a daily event for him.  He loves the little tools in the set and he makes a lot of cookies for me with them!

 He's enjoying being in the nursery at VSIBC and is so glad to have his new friend, Carter.  They play so well together!

 Told's that dimple.  It got you too, didn't it? :o)

 He's definitely very good at making his wishes known.  Of course, we are still working on his manners, as is typical for a 3 year old, but he is very polite!  He's so proud of himself when he remembers to say his "Yes, Ma'am"  He will say, "Did you hear that Momma?  I said Yes Ma'am!!"  He thinks it's super funny to tell me, "Yes Sir!"  Little Stinker!

 We have a snake (very scary for me!) that we have seen around our yard a few times.  I am not a snake lover.  I get nightmares. Even if it is of the harmless variety. But, Micah thinks it's a pretty cool thing that we have a snake in our yard.  He's named him Mr. No Feet.

 Micah knows how to get to his Momma's heart.  Quite often he will tell me that I'm beautiful, gorgeous, pretty and precious.  And usually tells me all 4 at a time.  Love this kid!

 What a sweet little guy we have!  He brings so much joy to our home and many giggles, too.  He still likes to snuggle and I'm loving every second I have of that.  I pray that he will one day make the best make Jesus His Savior.  That will be a wonderful day!  But, until then, I will keep praying for my precious boy.  And keep pointing the way to Jesus.  I sure do love being His Momma.  There's no greater job than that!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's new on our little farm

Much has happened on our "Family Farm"  this month!  It's exciting to watch our work pay off!
 Our chicks are growing and getting their feathers.  When they started roosting on the side of the rubbermaid, we  knew it was time for them to get a better home.

 Patrick and Josh built a really neat mini-coop for them.  They love it!  It's going to be about 5 more weeks before they can move in with the "big girls"

 My roses are blooming.   I am in shock.  I am horrible with plants, but this one is doing well!

 Patrick's blackberry bushes are making a second chance sprout.  We're hoping they will produce well so we can make some pie and jam!

 Several weeks ago we had a large area tilled and Patrick began planting.  I think we're planning on feeding an army or something!

 Even in our sandy dirt, vegetables are sprouting and growing!

 We have a baby acorn squash growing!

 Our banana peppers are blooming!

 Our tomato plants have beautiful flowers!

 Our strawberry plants are healthy and growing!

 Our beans are getting taller!

 Even my hydrangeas are growing!

Surprisingly, that' not all that's growing....

Even our family is growing!

Are you shocked?  Yes, we are too.  Extremely!!  But, we are so blessed!  Much prayers would be appreciated as we approach this pregnancy with a little more thought towards my health.  The Lord is good all the time!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cook-A-Doodle- Doo!

 I've mentioned before that we LOVE to go to the Library!  And we LOVE to find books that make us want to GO and DO something!  Like the book we found about the history of bagels....oh those were so yummy!

Callie was excited when she found the book, "Cook-A-Doodle-Doo!" by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel.  It was such a cute story about a rooster wanting to bake something.  He gathered his friends and they made a beautiful Strawberry Shortcake.  Then, the book shares the recipe.  Callie was so excited to be able to make it!

 Everyone helped gather the ingredients and and measure it all out.  Callie was so happy to stir and put on the strawberries!

 And, of course, there were 6 hungry cuties ready to sample the yummy-ness.

 And yummy it was!!! It was excellent!  Now, to the library to find another fun DO book!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A surprised Momma and belly laughs from my boy

 Imagine my surprise when I went to tuck in my Silas.  He sleeps on the top bunk, so I must stand on my tip-toes to tuck him in.  As I was doing this, I was eye-level with some little orange eyes.  Scared me that's for sure!  After I gasped, I heard the biggest laughs from my innocent 6 year old.  He was laughing so hard he was holding his belly!  I think this little man is going to take after his Daddy and older brother and be a jokester.  The girls of this house sure do need some prayer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Grand Opening Day!

 The Grand Opening of Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church went very well!

 We had some family and friends come to help us celebrate (and prepare and work!) for the day.  It was such a blessing!!  We had fun watching as cars pulled in and seeing visitors come.
We had 20 from the community to come!  Praise the Lord!  And the greatest news is that one man accepted Christ as his Savior!  Praise God!

We're so excited to see God work and so blessed to be in the ministry.  Now, it's off to prepare for next Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

In This Place...

 We pray that in this place the Lord will be magnified and that people will come to know the Almighty God that loves them.

 We pray that in this place people will hear the Word of God, that lives will be changed and needs met.

We pray that in this place the missionary plaques on the back wall will be a visual reminder of the lost and dying world around them.  We pray that boys and men will be called to preach and all will heed the call to serve.

 We pray that in this place music will be used to bring glory and praise to the Lord.  We pray that we will honor Him.
 We pray that in this place little ones will hear stories of Jesus and that they will know that He loves them.
 We pray that in this place babies will be nurtured and cared for as their Mommas are nurtured and cared for in Sunday School and the Preaching Service.

 We pray that in this place children will come to know the God of the Bible and will make decisions to give their life to Him at an early age.

In this place we pray that God will bless and that He will be glorified!