Monday, August 19, 2019

Are you ready for some football!?!

For Father's Day this year, we all grouped our money together and bought Patrick and the 3 boys tickets to the Jacksonville preseason game.  He was so excited!

It was going to be a great match up with Carson Wentz vs Nick Foles.  But, unfortunately, the coaches decided to let them sit this one out since it's preseason.  Our guys still had a great time!

The seats we bought had a very nice (although far away) view! :o)

 The boys came home with so much excitement about the food, the players, the was a great experience!!

Since the boys had their night out, and us girls are Eagles fans, too...we decided to do a girls night and make t shirts!  It was so fun!
Brenna found some neat ideas on Pintrest.  We used painters tape, spray paints, freezer paper and acrylic paint.  It was so fun!

We even watched the game and tried to spot our guys up in the nosebleed section.

The shirts turned out great!  We can't wait to wear them on opening night! 
Fly Eagles Fly!!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

10 More Days!

Our homeschooling books came in yesterday!  To say we are excited is an understatement!  I love this time of year....we've had an amazing summer, but it's time for school and we are ready!  10 more days!!!

Friday, August 16, 2019

We've been invaded!

You'll never know what you wake up to around here!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

God Is providing for VSIBC!

God is doing some amazing things at Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church! Not too long ago we applied with the Jehovah Jireh Foundation. It is an amazing organization that gives away money to Independent Baptist churches that are looking at renovating or building a church building. How amazing! They have such a heart to help churches! We are so thankful that they have given us $70,000 to go towards our building! Things are moving along and we're getting ready to break ground. Of course more pictures are to come :-) So thankful for all that God is doing!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Trying not to decorate for fall!

I've always been real big into waiting to decorate for a season until it is that season. But each year it gets harder and harder to not decorate for fall too soon! It sure is my favorite season and I love all of the fall decorations! I found this really cute sign at Dollar Tree. Anyone else loving all their fall stuff? I'm trying to hold off until October 1st to bring out all of my Autumn Decor. Trying.

What about all of you? When do you decorate for fall? And when do you start lighting candles with fall scents?

Friday, August 9, 2019

Staycation Fun!

This year, for our summer vacation, we decided that is was just a Staycation type of year.  So, Patrick and I put our heads together and came up with some pure family fun for 3 days.  We stepped away from everything and just spent lots of time together!  we started the vacation time with a trip to Checkers!

Then, for dinner we decided to do a crawfish boil (with mussels and shrimp thrown in)  It was so delicious!!

My kids are definitely seafood lovers!

We played lots of games of Sorry, Settlers of Catan, Connect Four, and taught our kids how to play O Shaw.  It was so fun and these kids are good! 

We had a craft night and dyed and created coffee filter flowers.  They turned out so pretty!! I love the look on my artsy husband's face. :o)  What a cutie!

Aren't they so pretty!?!  We followed most of the instructions on this video.

I love these expressions....what's running through each of their cute heads?

We ended our Staycation with a trip to a new-to-us State Park, San Felasco Hammock Preserve.  They have lots of trails!  We picked our route and started walking!

We saw pretty flowers and a few deer.

 We even found some wild muscadines!

 We came across many huge trees.  I love Florida!!

We walked and walked and walked. lost.  We went round and round in circles and sweated galore!  But, we were together and we had fun!  And when we finally got to our car we were so thankful for air conditioning!! (And drive thru McDonalds!!)

It was a wonderful time together for our Staycation.  So thankful for this great family of mine!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Changing Up Our Laundry "System"

 Laundry.  At times it can be quite overwhelming!  I recently heard someone say that if you feel like laundry sometimes takes over your home (whether it's dirty, folded, ready to be hung, or in a pile on the couch) then it's time to redo your laundry system!  And what better time than summertime, right? 
I watched a few organizing and minimalizing videos on youtube.  I learned a lot from the Minimal Mom (again) on how she does laundry.  I decided to put into practice some tips from others, and some things I'm learning.

1. We really don't need that many clothes.  My kiddos drawers were overflowing and it was getting difficult to put things away for them.
It made me think of 2 summers ago and our time at the cabin in Blueridge.  What a vacation!  On that vacation we brought just enough clothes for everyone.  We knew we'd have access to a washer, so I wasn't worried we wouldn't have enough.  At the end of the day, I put all of our clothes from the day into the washer.  Usually it fit into 1 or 2 loads.  You know vacation....swimming, hiking, end up wearing a good bit of clothes.  But knowing everyone had just enough, it made me not dread the laundry process.  Even on vacation!  It made me want to put in a load real quick.  Fold when done, and Voila, laundry was easy!  Could it work that way at home?  Oh yes!  That's the plan!
Since Camp was coming I knew it was the perfect time to figure out the right amount of clothes according to what they would need for a week at camp. 
They needed:
5 play clothes
3-4 nicer clothes
2 sets swim clothes
2 sets of jammmies
As far as church clothes, I didn't limit the number of outfits for my Callie. (although some of her "nicer clothes" were fine for church)  For my boys, I had them pick 3 bottoms (which some of them were already in their "nicer clothes" pile) they liked. 3 suit coats (if they had them) and about 5 dress shirts.  Since they had bunches of ties, that made church clothes options almost limitless.

I know this is actually a good bit of clothes.  But, for us, it was what I felt we could go down to easily.

After we picked what they needed, we dumped the rest of the clothes left into a rubbermaid.  This was the change from my normal going through clothes routine.  Usually I would look through their drawers and try to eliminate.  But with this way we picked out we needed and put the rest away.

 2. Pay attention to what your kids actually wear.  Usually my kiddos wear a lot of the same things over and over because it's what they like and what is comfortable.  I had bought Callie this jean skirt about a year ago.  Every girl needs a good jean skirt, right?  Well, she wore it once and pronounced it "uncomfortable"  A couple months later I would find it and try to get her to wear it.  She would, but you could tell she didn't like it much.  It was never something she picked out so it sat in her drawer.  Why were we keeping it?  So, this was one of those that went into the rubbermaid.

3. I have veto power.  Even if they like something and think it's comfortable, I'm still the parent and get to ultimately choose their clothes.  This particular dress Callie likes to wear.  But, as she's grown, it doesn't fit her too well anymore ( she's worn it plenty) and the shirt she wore under it didn't lay right.  I chose to override her decision and put this one in the rubbermaid.

4. Do you really need duplicates?  We live in Florida.  Even though it's North Florida and does get cold in the winter, does Callie really need 2 vests?  These were adorable!  And she did wear the pink one a couple of times last winter.  But, she didn't wear them enough to keep 2.  So, it was time to pick one to keep in her closet.  Want to hear the sad part?  Neither fit!  So both had to go into giveaway box.

We then ended up with a rubbermaid full of clothes.  Good clothes!  These were the ones that we just had too many of, weren't the kids favorites, were duplicates and didn't fit well.  What do we do with them?  What if we got rid of too many and we needed more clothes?  I decided to let this lovely rubbermaid sit in my room for a month.  If it wasn't touched, then it was time to donate to the thrift store. Do you know what happened?  We didn't touch the rubbermaid!  So all those clothes will find their way to the thrift store so they can be a blessing to another child.

So it's been a month since we've adopted this new laundry system.  I have found that the hampers usually aren't overflowing because I just do a load every night, and it's done!  It's taught the kids to remember to reuse their towels at least 3 times to make less laundry for Mom.  It's taught them to put their jammies under their pillow and wear for 3 nights in a row. It's taught them that it's not so hard to put clothes away in the right place when there is room for them in the right spot and they don't have to jam everything into the right place.

I'm thankful we've got a better handle on our clothes and laundry.  Just in time for the school year to begin.  It's just right around the corner!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

It went well!

Thank you so much for the prayers for me yesterday.  Getting the port placed went smoothly.  Although, I have to say, it's not on my list of fun things to do!  Praise the Lord they were able to get a good vein for an IV after only 2 sticks.  I was so thankful.  The poor Physicians assistant that decided to tell me -everything to know about ports while they found my vein- was slightly ignored.  I tried to pay attention!  They asked Patrick and I if we'd ever seen a port before.  We told them no.  So, they brought one out for us to see.  Patrick thought it was enlarged so we could see it better, but no it was actual size and it was purple.  For some reason hearing that the port would be purple made me laugh.  I don't know why.  I'm thankful for joy even in the midst of being nervous!

As far as conscious sedation goes...I remember just about everything.  The procedure took a little over an hour and half way through I asked if there was someone that could hold my hand. (I was quite scared) I'm thankful for the nurse that took a few minutes for that.  Then she had to get back to taking care of me!
They made two incisions.  One small, and the other bigger than I thought it would be. 

So, it was a little nerve wracking.  And I am quite sore.  And since every blog post needs a picture I thought the one I took of this tortoise at the Santa Fe Zoo would be perfect!  Because, that will be me today....moving slowly! :o)  So thankful the port is placed and yesterday is history! Thanks for praying!