Thursday, March 22, 2018

Estero Bay Preserve State Park

While in Fort Myers we had a great time visiting a new-to-us State Park!  Another one crossed off our list!

  This park was very different from the other ones we've visited.  We had to park on the side of the road and then enter through a fence to get to the park.  There was a handwritten map on the bulletin board of the different trails.  We tried to memorize the one we wanted to do and headed off in what we thought might be the right direction.  What an adventure!

The bulletin board also said to watch for the wild hogs.  Oh dear.  That scared me a bit.  Especially when we saw some areas that looked like they had been rooting around for food.

We were glad to take Grammy on our adventure!

It wasn't steamy hot like it normally is in SW Florida.  But, it was warm with a very nice wind.

Then, it started to look quite dead!

After a while the trail opened up to a large prairie looking area.

We started to see places where small crabs had made their homes.

And even saw a crab!

Then, we saw lots of mangroves and mangrove seedlings.  The kids loved how it sounded as they walked through the mangrove "forest."

Then, we entered a large sandy area.   The wind was so loud and strong that we had a hard time hearing each other.  It was very interesting.

Then, it was time to hike back.  I told the kids to look tired.  They did a pretty good job!

This was a really neat park!  So diverse with lots of great things to talk to the kids about.  What a wonderful world that God made for us to live in!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

3 Years!

This past Sunday we celebrated our 3 year anniversary for VSIBC!  What an exciting 3 years it has been!  I remember the nervous feeling on opening day.  We had family come to support us and 2 men from Macedonia World Baptist Missions come as well. But as far as people from the community...we had no idea who would come!
It was exciting to see people pull in the parking lot to come for church.  4 of those are still with us today! 
 3 years later our attendance has increased a good bit (we need a bigger building!), we are all growing spiritually, and we have become a family.  I love my church family!

I am so thankful that God sent us to North Central Florida.  The people He has called us to are so precious.  It's a joy to serve Jesus!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Trip to Fort Myers

Since my Aunt Robin and Mam-maw were in Fort Myers for a bit of warmer weather, I knew we needed to take a quick trip down to Fort Myers to see them.  A week before we went, Tabitha said she wanted to surprise my family and go down with us.  It was time for Liberty to go to Grandma's, Grandpa's and Grammy's house!

 It was a busy couple of days trying to see as many people and sights as possible.  It was so fun!

We went to the beach, the park, a few restaurants, a soccer game.
We laughed and talked and reminisced.

Cousin Time.
Aunt Time
Grandparent Time.
It was a full trip.  And so blesseed!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy 20th Birthday to my Elisabeth!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Elisabeth.  What an amazing daughter that God has blessed me with.  She is so caring and loving towards me as her mother.  We love to spend time together and I cherish these moments!  It's amazing how relationships gradually change.  I am still the Momma, and always will be, but a sweet friendship has developed and I'm so thankful.  We seek each other's council and input.  And what a joy she is to me!

Beth is so diligent in her studies at Virginia Baptist College.  Taking online courses can be difficult.  There are still so many other responsibilities calling her name!  But, she has been diligent in her work and often burns the midnight oil (literally) 

She also does an amazing job being our church's secretary.  She has learned so much this pass year about balancing checkbooks and entering in all the different offerings into different accounts and subaccounts.  She pays all the church's bills and makes sure the missioanaries we support receive their monthly money.  Many responsibilities, but so diligent!

As usual, Beth is also an amazing help to me.  She helps at a moment's notice with cleaning, meals or schooling our little ones....I truly am so thankful for this girl.  Or should I say lady.  How can my baby be 20??

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Family Time!

We were so thankful that family could come for Liberty's dedication.  I wish I had taken more photos of all the fun and memories we made.  It was great.
Here is Liberty with her Great Great Grandmother ~ Mam-maw.  How precious!

My Mom's brother, Ron and my cousin Natasha came as well.  I know they like the outdoors (just like me) so I thought it was perfect to take them to Blue Springs State Park for a hike!

We loaded up in the church bus so we could all ride together.

My Mam-maw, my Mother, and my Uncle.  3 wonderful people that I love to be with!

The park was beautiful and we enjoyed our hike outdoors. Beth and Brenna enjoyed getting to know Natasha better.  She's a sweetheart!

I just love my love.

We saw tons of tiny frogs along the way.

I'm not a big fan of frogs.  But, two of my girls are!

5 generations.  It seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was the Momma of a baby taking a 5 generation photo.  Time is swift and goes by too quickly.

Liberty with her Grandma

Time with family is always so special.  Cherish each moment.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Liberty Anne's Baby Dedication

We had a great dedication service for baby Liberty! Joshua and Tabitha asked if Patrick would be able to have a service where they could dedicate themselves, as parents, to raise Liberty to serve the Lord.  We started off the service with the song, "I Have Been Blessed."  It was so fitting, we have so many blessings!

Then, Elisabeth and Brenna sang, "I Have a Goodly Heritage"

During the service, Liberty started to fuss a little.  I have a slight confession to make, although I don't like for my grandbaby to be sad, I think her cry is so adorable!  So, Joshua had to stand and hold her.  She watched Patrick the whole time.  It was so cute!

A cute pink Bible for Liberty!

Then, the ladies of our church gathered around Tabitha to pray for her.  Dee, Tabitha's Mom, led the prayer. It was so sweet to hear her words for her daughter that is now a Momma.

Tabitha's Pawpaw led the prayer for Joshua.
Our church is so blessed to be a praying people.

Then, a certificate was given that Joshua and Tabitha signed.  It was such a sweet service!

Of course, we fellowshipped afterwards with goodies and cake!
So thankful for this precious baby girl in our lives.  God is so good!