Saturday, April 13, 2024

A trip down south... part one

 I miss my parents. Bunches and bunches. Even though they only live about four and a half hours south of me, it's easy to get so busy and time passes too quickly. And like I said, I'm missing my parents! I was so thankful that I could take a quick trip down south to spend a couple days with them. It made it even more fun that Beth and Brenna wanted to come along. And it made it even more and more fun that Brenna brought Asa and Josh and Tabitha let me bring Freedom! The five of us had such a great time together!!!
We decided to stop at Sam's along the way for lunch. Do you know how cheap you can eat there?

And did you know how amazing their frozen yogurt is??

After a great lunch I let one of the girls drive so I could sit in the back with my grandbabies. Of course they quickly fell asleep.
After a while it was my turn to drive again. The kids traveled so good together! 

Then it was time to get off on the exit to my parent's house!! There was quite a backup for the light to get off and we waited for a very long time in slow traffic to get off the ramp. When it was our turn to go I noticed the car started running really, really hot and Brenna noticed a stream of fluid flowing out of Beth's car. I quickly got over and we sat on the side of the road waiting for the car to cool off.

When I felt it was cool enough for us to try again, we pulled onto the road and it started getting hot all over again. So we scooted right into the gas station and pulled over. I'm so thankful we were only 10 minutes from my parents house! Isn't that just like the Lord?? My dad came to our rescue with jugs of water. But he quickly realized that there was a crack in the radiator.
He called the tow truck for Beth's car and we all piled into his truck. Honestly, the piling into his truck part was quite fun! We were just so excited to be together!

 It's amazing to see how the Lord protected us all along the way! He's so good. And we had a wonderful time with my parents , but that was just the beginning!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Easter fun

We love to celebrate Easter! The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a day that deserves celebration and reflection. He is so good to us!!

Every year we enjoy coloring Easter eggs. This year was a little on the different side. The two weeks prior we had flu B go through our entire family. It was very rough! Coloring eggs took a little more effort and our brains weren't fully there yet. But we enjoyed it!

The kids got quite creative.
I decided to do an egg marking our anniversary this year. I can't believe Patrick and I will celebrate 30 years this July!

Then it was time for Easter dinner after a wonderful resurrection Sunday. It was so good to have our family around the table together with a ham dinner.
But Tabitha and I were talking... We realize something quite odd. We put a whole lot of emphasis on Christmas. Which I think we should. There's no going back on that for sure! That is the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior. But really it's a month-long celebration all of December. But Easter? Easter may be a week-long celebration for us. But that's the day we celebrate that our Savior rose up from the dead! That's the day that proves Jesus was  the Messiah. It's a huge day! Why do we only give it a week? So next year we will put more emphasis on this day. Making plans and thoughts and now for it! God is so good to us and I'm so thankful He arose!


Friday, April 5, 2024

Scottish Tea

Beth's next book has a character from Scotland. He's quite an interesting fellow that Beth has created. She's been doing lots of research into Scottish traditions and customs. While doing this research she discovered that a Scottish tea is quite different than an English tea. She decided it would be fun to host a Scottish tea with some of her friends and experience it!
It was a beautiful setup that she created! She brought out all of her silver service wear and tried to add pops of purple which happened to be her favorite. She also added in some keys which happens to be the theme of Heart of Purity Literature. The tablescape turned out very beautiful!
Her and Lena spent several hours baking and baking and baking.
They made clotted cream and baked cream buns. She also made scones and potato tatis. There was fruit and meat sandwiches and lots of cheese. It was so delicious!
She also had trivia and conversation starters. The conversation was definitely lively and we had so much fun and giggled a ton!

It was such a beautiful afternoon, a beautiful, delicious Scottish tea, and wonderful friends!


Thursday, March 28, 2024

Farm Fun

I love having family and friends over to cuddle and snuggle with our animals. And when you have baby goats, it's the perfect time!
My granddaughters have always loved holding our baby goats. Our grandsons in the other hand, still aren't sure what to think!

And the several of my friends from church have wanted to hold the babies. So why not have a little farm party? And like that we had 20 friends stop by to hold them.

The rabbits got some attention too.

I love how it makes our goats love people. 💕

 Just another fun day on Story Farms!

Saturday, March 23, 2024

The hard times. The good times.

It's easy to have on rose colored glasses when you're looking over the fence at a someone else's life.  I remember as a little girl when I would see Pastor Strange out in public. It would amaze me if he wasn't wearing a suit and tie. He used to run and jog in our neighborhood and I was just amazed that our pastor knew how to do that. Silly I know. But I guess I never realized all that a Pastor went through. As a kid. I thought he preached. That's it. He preached. 

As I grew older and went through difficulties, my Pastor was there for me. He would sing "Don't give up on the brink of a miracle" at the right time and cheer my heart and cause me to have faith in the Lord. I realized he did more than just preach. 

Then, as I entered adulthood, and Patrick was called to preach, I recognized more and more what a Pastor did. 

But I guess you could say it wasn't until 9 years ago, when we planted Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church, that I recognized exactly what being a Pastor meant. In fact, I learn more and more everyday.

I'm learning that a Pastor is to be there in the hard times. And in the good times too. It's funny how those times don't always take turns. Sometimes the hard ones group together. 

It's been that kind of couple months for our church and for my Pastor, aka my husband. We've sat with families in some of their most difficult times. It's in those moments that I feel so unworthy of being there for that kind of moment. My heart breaks for those that sit beside me and the burdens they are bearing. I cry out desperately to the Lord to help me to be the blessing they need me to be. 

But then I look at my husband, my pastor, and I see God working through him mightily! God has given him a gift just like he gave to Pastor Strange. It's the gift to be a comfort. I watch as he helps families through difficulties, like praying through as a loved one is being extubated and entering into eternity. I've watched him have to be the one to deliver the news that a child, a loved son, is no longer with us. I've watched him have to have strong shoulders to carry burdens. 

It's not always easy. And it's not always the fairy tale that I thought as a little girl it would be.

But then there are good times. Times like this past week when Pastor Strange came through our area. He was so excited to see the work done on our building. I watched as Patrick showed his preacher everything that God is doing. The two of them walked around with the Pastor's heart dreaming with excitement of everything that will be done within the walls one day. That was one of those good times.
And then there are the times when an adult man recognizes his need of a Savior. That truly makes it all worth it! Then you hear of strides of growth amongst the people in your church and you see the Lord working. You hear from others that pass through of the wonderful spirit and friendliness at our church. Those are good times.

 That truly is the Christian life, isn't it? Hard times. Good times. This sin filled world can sometimes cause us to keep our eyes on the difficulties. Our eyes shouldn't be on the difficulties but they should cause us to keep them focused heavenward because eternity is just around the corner!

I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father that walks with me. He's there with me through the hard times. And he's there with me through the good times. And he's always always faithful.  And I'm thankful for my Pastor. And the gift of comfort that God has given to him.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Calliope's Two Babies

 Last year we made the choice to be a little more specific in our farm endeavors. We decided to move into registered Mini Nubians. It has been so fun! When we picked out some registered goats to start with, I knew I wanted lots of spots and beautiful color. Calliope Jane was the first we bought.

We were so excited when blood tests came back that she had been bred to our Crusoe!! When it became apparent she was getting closer, we became on constant goat watch. I think I padded down a path to the Stork's Nest!
Then Patrick put up a camera for me to keep an eye on her.

It was during Sunday School that I noticed she was in active labor. I hoped she would like with for us until after church.
And she did!! Silas and I came home and went right to the pen with her. 
We watched and waited.

And then she was in the zone of concentration. She was getting close!!
A big storm came up about that time too!
It began to pour, and her babies began to be born!!
She delivered a buckling and a doeling! And just in time, we had to hurry to choir practice!

They are so adorable!!
And just like their mother and father...they are covered with moonspots!!
The doeling has an adorable upside down heart on her face. It's so cute!!

The buckling has a buckskin face a s frosted ears and mouth. So cute!!

I posted pictures of them on Mini Nubian Facebook groups, and in 2 days had a deposit for her. 

When they were almost 2 weeks I received a deposit on the buckling. 
They are just so cute!! It was hard to not want to keep them both!

Lots of fun Storybook Farms goals are being met and it's so exciting!!

It looks like this is going to be a busy summer for us with more beautiful goat babies due!