Wednesday, October 20, 2021

My Beth

It's amazing to watch your children grow from child to adult.   When they develop and steward the strengths that God gives them and use them for Him, really makes 3 John 4 come alive.

My Beth is the Sunday School teacher for 2s and 3s.  She loves it!  And they love her.  She takes her class as serious as if these were older children or adults she is teaching.  She faithfully plans, preprares and prays for her class.  She's taught them so much!  I love hearing them quote scripture, say the books of the Bible and sings songs that she taught them.

Last week I was really getting a headache during Sunday School.  I knew I needed to find a quiet spot for about 10 minutes and let my head calm down before the AM service.  Do you know how hard it is to find a quiet spot in a busy, active, growing church?  If you've been to our building you will know what I mean.  I decided the nursery bathroom might work.  Well, of course, that's when children want to use the restroom...when others are in it!  So I sat in the rocking chair and watched Beth teach her class.

On that day she was teaching on the courage of Esther.  She told them all about wicked Haman, and about Esther's plan to have a beautiful banquet.  They made crowns full of jewels and glitter and pretended to be Esther hosting a banquet.  Then, they feasted!!  Beth had prepared hashbrowns, little debbie cakes, and cucumber sandwhiches.  I'm sure that's what Esther fed the King and Haman! ;o)

And the whole time she had her class's attention as she taught them.  Yes, this is the younger kiddos class.  But, they are learning so many lessons.  And my Beth is putting a desire in their heart to be at Sunday School.  

It's really true.  There is no greater joy.  (3 John 4)

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Eyes for Pops

Who knew these Grandbabies would steal our hearts?  We never realized how attached you can be to these kiddos!  Victory Belle is growing quickly and developing her own, cute little personality.  Patrick and I tend to be pretty competitive about who is the favorite.  We were pretty proud of compromising some while we fed Victory. ;o)

Although at times it seems she has eyes for Pops.  (Hopefully he's not reading because I would never admit this in person!)

 We fed her, and then she fell asleep in my arms.  That's one of the best feelings for man by my side and a Grandbaby sleeping in my lap.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Welcome Eeyore!

Friday afternoon we noticed Kanga acting a little different.  She didn't really want to come out of the goat pen and didn't come for food.  She must be in labor!  Silas and I quickly prepared her stall with fresh hay and water and moved her to the "birthing suite."  :o)  We both agreed that we would pull an all nighter and be there for when Kanga delivered.  We figured we had a long night ahead, so, we went inside.

Moments after, Josh and Tabitha and family came home from running some errands.  I had been asking Liberty to keep an eye on Kanga for me and let me know when her babies are coming.  So, when she got out of the car she ran to the pen to check on Kanga.  And what did she see?  A baby goat!  She took off running her fastest and hollering, "Lollipops!  Lollipops!! The goat is having her baby!!!" 

Well, that went quick!! Kanga delivered an adorable little buckling that we named Eeyore.  He looks just like his Momma!!

We are very impressed with Kanga.  She has been the best mother yet to her little baby.

Life is exciting here on our little farm!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Crocheting Bug

I love this time of year!! We bring out the fall decos, we light pumpkin spice everything scents, and we pray for cooler weather!  It's my favorite time of year!!

I also usually get the crocheting bug.  And since I have several crocheters around me, I've gotten it worse this year.  I have a project going for Christmas.  I've never crocheted this kind of thing, so we'll see how it turns out!  I also made a quick pumpkin from a pattern my friend sent.  I love it!!  

 Even Tabitha has been crocheting, too.  I love the stockings that she is making!!

I'm also thinking of making some garland for around our Christmas tree.  Anyone ever tried that?

Loving this time of year and all the blessings that come with it!!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Poor Pippi

 I mentioned not too long ago that we are on goat watch again. Our Pippi and Kanga were due anyday.  If you remember, we bought Pippi, our nigerian dwarf,  last year with plans to breed her with Mowgli.  Well, she was definitely ready.  Saturday morning, we woke to find her standing alone and having contractions.  It was kid day!  Or was it?

We watched her all day as labor slowly progressed.  We moved her to a pen to be by herself with lots of fresh water, hay, and grain. 

That night I woke a few times to check on her.  I knew she should be delivering soon.

Sunday morning she was stil contracting and starting to push.  We were excited and hoping she would deliver before church.  We held off for as long as we could, but it was time to get to Sunday School. 

After church we rushed home to check on Pippi.  She was in one corner of the stall,  Her pretty large baby was in the other.  But was no longer living.  We aren't quite sure what happened.  She labored so long, maybe the baby wasn't positioned quite right and was born stillborn.  Or maybe died shortly after.

Either way, we are sad for our little Pippi girl.

We are still watching Kanga.  She bagged up with milk awhile ago and I really thought she would deliver before Pippi!  Hopefully some cute spotted kids will be born anyday.  Although she is carrying quite small, I'm wondering if she will just have one as well.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Mrs. Blankenship

So my girl officially has a new name...Mrs. Blankenship.  What a wonderful, God-honoring wedding it was!!  Honestly the day couldn't have gone any better!  We had our plan, and it worked very well.  I only have a few pictures that were snapped by others.  Our photographer and friend, Vonda Murdock, took many photos and I can't wait to get them back!  But, until then, I thought I'd share a few that I've seen that my Mom was able to capture.

Can't you just see the joy radiating from their faces?? They were so happy.  And we were, too.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Blankenship!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lots to Do!

The day before the wedding, we started bright and early with last minute prep.  Patrick finished building the arch that Brenna wanted to be at the front of the church.

He got quite sweaty.  Perfect time to give his girl a few last minute hugs!

Then, it was off to the camper to move in Brenna.  AJ and Brenna have bought 10 acres to build on.  But, until the building process starts, they aren't able to park their camper on their property.  Bummer.  So, they will be parking at a cute and quiet campground in the country.  I'm so happy for them.  When we were loading the car with some of Brenna's things, I saw Micah standing off to the side.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said, "I don't want to help.  I don't want to help Brenna move away from us."  And then tears.  Wow, this is hard!

But, the tears couldn't last long when I would watch AJ and Brenna and how excited they were.  I love how happy they are!  And how they speak a million words with just their eyes.

Then, it was off to rehearsal.  Things went so great!  AJ's parents catered in Olive Garden for the rehearsal dinner.  It was sooo yummy!!!  After that, us girls decided to head to Cheesecake Factory for a little girl time.  We laughed and laughed and had such a great time together!!

The next morning we headed out for our nail appointments.  It was so fun having us all together.  

 Then, it was off to Mexican for lunch.  

I'm so thankful my sister Tay arrived in time to eat with us. She was "Assistant to the Mother of the Bride."  We had her running everywhere! We ate and talked and laughed.  Then, we headed to the church to get ready.  Brenna went from laughing a bunch, then to being quiet and comptemplative.  I think she was getting a little nervous. I asked how she was doing and she said she just wanted to see AJ and was just ready to be his wife.  It was so sweet.  

It was a fun day preparing for my girl's big day.  Honestly, there weren't any major hiccups and everything went smoothly.  As we prepared to give our girl away we hugged and had some tears and thanked the Lord for Brenna, for AJ, and for their future ahead.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Link to watch the wedding of AJ and Brenna!

 Some have asked how they could watch the wedding.  It will be tonight at 6:30.  Our church will have it livestreamed, so you can find it on our YOUTUBE page of Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and emails.  We are so excited about this day!!  God is so good!