Friday, May 31, 2019

Just 4 Sundays

A little over a month ago, our bus brought some new children to church.  2 of them were in my class.  There was a younger boy that was full of energy.  Then, there was an older boy that was 2 months away from being in the teen class.  I wondered how it would be having an older boy in my class.  Would he think this class is too young for him and lose interest?  Would he think our games were too childish?  Would he disrupt the class and cause the others to want to do the same?  But having him in my class for 5 minutes, I knew my fears were unfounded.  This boy was different.  He was a blessing to me.  He came to Sunday School so hungry to learn and to participate.  It began rubbing off on the boys a couple of years younger than them.  They began to play the games with even more passion.  And they listened so well to the lesson!  I was thankful.

The 3rd Sunday he came, he walked into the room and said, "This is the best day of the week!!"  I cannot tell you what it did to this Sunday School Teacher's heart.  It made me want this to be the very best lesson, the very best class.  I taught with more of a joy and fervancy.  It was a great day!  That Sunday, this boy made the very best decision he would ever make....He accepted Christ as his Savior!  We were so excited!! And even though my son led him to the Lord, I knew that I had a small part in that.  It was so encouraging to me.  It was just what my heart needed.

9 days after he got saved, we received a phone call.  His Mom passed away.  Oh how my heart broke for him!  To be 12 and to lose your very difficult. 

Today is the day of the Memorial for his Mother.  We learned yesterday that the boys' father will take them in and they will be moving to Georgia.  They will no longer be coming to Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church.  And he will no longer be in my class.  When I learned that, I just kept thinking about him walking into Sunday School saying, "This is the best day of the week!"  I don't want him to lose that joy of coming to church!  He was just beginning his journey as a child of God, and I don't want him to not live for Him!

So, I knew I wanted to write him a letter to encourage him.  I knew there were many things I wanted to say and tell him.    But, what do I say?  What do you say to a Sunday School student that you only had in class 4 times?  Did I teach him enough?  Did I tell him in those 4 Sundays how much God loves him?  Was it enough?

As I began to write, the words began to flow.  I told him how thankful I was that he was in my class.  I thanked him for the encouragement he was to the younger boys. I reminded him about the day he accepted Christ, the best day ever for him!  I encouraged him to remember that day and told him how important it is to remember the good things.  Don't focus on the bad, be someone who focuses on the good.  I also told him to get into a good Independent Baptist Church and to go everytime the doors are open!  I told him to read his Bible everyday and to pray often.  I encouraged him to let Jesus be his very best friend!  Then, I let him know that the Preacher and I, along with VSIBC are here anytime he needs us.

 Then, I signed my name and the scripture passage that I put on several of my letters. Ephesians 3:14-21.  As I opened my Bible to reread that scripture again, I felt like Paul for a moment.  The letter he wrote to the church at Ephesus said the very things that my heart wanted to say to my Sunday School boy.  I understand now.  I understand the desire for God to strengthen the heart of those hurting, and the desire for someone to be grounded in the love of God.

Some Sundays being a Sunday School teacher can be trying.  Sometimes you wonder if the students are even listening.  But, don't give up.  The blessings that come, and the love God gives you, far outweighs those Sundays that are difficult.  I'm so thankful for 4 Sundays in God's Word, teaching my Sunday School kids.  It's 4 Sundays that God gave at just the right time.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Is it Summer yet?

We can feel it.  Summer is almost here!  We are winding down our school year.  Only 16 lessons left!  It's also getting hotter.  Much hotter.  In a few days we are to have temps over 100 degrees!  That's pretty unusual for this area.  I think I heard the last time it was over 100 was 20 years ago.  So it feels like summer break should be here. 

I've already started developing some summer goals for our family.  It's going to be great!  I'll share those soon.  I'm adding and refining, and looking forward to a wonderful summer!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Garden Time!

Every year, by the end of March, Patrick or I or both of us get garden fever!  This year was not any different. 

After going to our library's plant sale last year, we knew we wanted to buy our plants from there again this year.  The only problem was the sale wasn't until April.  Patrick had to put into practice his skills learned in patience.  He was so ready to plant!

We bought some really great plants and then some seeds as well.

A month later and our garden is taking off!! So exciting!!

We've already harvested some giant sweet peppers and some golden zucchini.

Being a good steward of the property God has given us has been our desire.  So thankful to see the garden producing!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Any day now....Freedom Joy will arrive!

We are officially on baby watch!! Freedom Joy is due May 24th, but Tabitha is starting to show signs that any day Freedom will arrive! We are so excited!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Callie's Day

We love birthdays around here! And since Callie's birthday was on a Sunday (and Sundays are super busy for us) we decided to turn it into a 2 day celebration.  She loved it!

I started off Saturday taking her to a tea room in Alachua.  Just her and I.  She was so excited!! We drank lots of yummy peach hibiscus tea.  It was so good!  Callie was thrilled to see sugar cubes.  She added quite a few to her cup. :o)

We enjoyed egg salad sandwiches, scones and girl talk.  I love moments like these!  And she still has her big beautiful brown eyes!

Sunday morning she was up bright and early ready to open her gifts!

One of the gifts we bought for her was a tie quilt set.  We bought Beth one that was similar when she was about this age.  Callie loved it.  And she loved help from her sister Beth!

That night after church we had funnel cakes.  That's what she chose for her cake.  It was very yummy!

Happy Birthday to our baby girl that is turning into a wonderful young lady!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Happy Birthday to Callie!

My sweet Callie Grace just turned 9 years old!

She is really growing up into a wonderful young lady.  She is a very diligent student and very faithful to have her morning devotions.

She loves to read.  I  mean really loves to read!  And devours books in record time.  She also loves art and you can often find her at the table coloring or drawing a masterpiece.

She's also stuck between two brothers, so this girl knows how to play and be rough...sometimes. :o)
So thankful for our baby girl!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Quilt for Freedom Joy

I had such a great time making a quilt to give to Tabitha for Freedom Joy's baby shower!  It was fun looking through my stash and finding adorable baby colors in purples, pinks and blues.

And with an adorable name like Freedom Joy, I knew I wanted to applique it on the quilt!

I mistakenly bought high loft batting, so this is one thick quilt!  It's quite puffy!  It will be perfect for cuddling.

And it was a success because Tabitha loved it, and so did Liberty! ;o)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Some days you just blink

Some days it seems I just blink and see that my children are growing so much!

It has been this way with my sweet Silas.  When I started this blog he wasn't even born yet.  But, now he is growing into a fine young man.  I love to see him sitting on the front row while his Daddy is preaching.  He has his Bible, notebook, and pen and is ready to hear the Word of God preached!  I love it!

The way he treats me as his Momma is so special.  It reminds me of my Josh.  Silas makes sure I'm taken care of.  He often tells me he loves me and looks to me to see if I'm smiling.  Being this boy's Momma is a treasure.

The days are going by so fast.  I wish I could stop time.  But, I can't. So, I'll just treasure every precious moment instead.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I know we said never, but...

...we got another pig.  Then another.

At the end of last spring be bought a pig.  Then, in the fall, we took her to the butcher.  We said we would never ever buy a pig again.  She was a pain to take care of and stunk soooo bad!
But then we picked up all the meat from Nettles Sausage ( an amazing local butcher) and we were amazed at how much we had and the cost!  It was really great for us. So we decided with a few alterations to the situation, we would buy another pig.

1st change was Patrick put some fencing up in the goat paddock  not being used, and created a new pig area.  He even built them a little shelter.  So adorable.  He also rigged up a new watering system that is amazing...I'll post on that soon.
So they are away from the house and we don't smell them.  Yay!

So we bought our little pig.  I told the kids we'll name her Josie Pie.  Just like our last pig.  Then, my sister decided to join us in the process and she bought a pig that we are raising for her.  They named her Sweetie Pie.  Isn't the name fitting? :o)

The first few days were interesting.  And that's putting it nicely.  Even though both pigs were from the same litter and both were females, they fought.  A bunch!  It's not fun to watch pigs fight!  They tear each others ears and bite each other and make each other bleed!   After 3 days they were done.  Now they get along great and you can see them resting in the sun together!

They are enjoying any scraps and leftovers we give them.  They're not picky that's for sure!  They're growing already and by late fall we should have a freezer full of pork!