Monday, December 31, 2018

One more Christmas Post

Christmas afternoon was so fun! We bought Callie a cupcake kit.  It had everything she needs to be the cupcake baker of our family....hat, apron, hotpads, hand mixer, cookbook, you name it!
I showed her how to follow the instructions on the box, and a few tips and she was off!

She did great and they tasted yummy!  She's enjoying her title of cupcake baker of the family.  She's made a couple batches since then and is planning on baking again today. So much for weight loss in 2019 for me! ;o)

We had a nice meal together featuring Josie Pie ham.  We have loved all the pork meat we have gotten from butchering our pig.  Except for the ham.  It wa smoked, so it wasn't really like a typical ham.  I have three more, so I need to figure out how to cook it so it's not so dry.  Any ideas would be wonderful!

Then, Josh, Tabitha and Liberty came over to exchange gifts.  Aren't her new slippers so adorable?

She was so excited to unwrap gifts and kept saying, "Whoa"  So adorable my granddaughter is!

What a fun Christmas we've had!  But, it's not over for us!  My parents are on their way to celebrate New Year's with us.  I love it that they come this time of year.  I'm usually a take-down-the-tree-the-day-after-Christmas kind of girl.  But, this year (like last year) I left it up so we can enjoy Christmas decos one more week with my Mom and Dad.  It's going to be a great visit!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

2 Big Surprises on Christmas Morning

So after the boys opened their helmets (which they thought were for using when they ride their bikes) we told them they had a big gift outside.  We made them wait on the porch and said that this gift is primarily for Silas, although he will share it with everyone.

When Patrick uncovered the 4 wheeler Silas was shocked!  He was so excited!!! Just so everyone knows, this is a smaller, youth sized 4 wheeler.  Still pretty hefty, but not so big that Silas can't handle it.

Silas is definitely our cautious one, so after lots of instructions, he was ready to ride!  He's done fabulously!! And he's being very careful, as we have explained to him to precautions to take.

Then, we told Micah he had a surprise, too.  We had him stand at the back of the trailer, and Patrick opened the door...

Remember from my previous posts, Micah has wanted a dirtbike for over a year.  He began saving in his jar to buy one someday.  With all the talk about the building, he knew he wanted to give and felt God was telling him to give all.  So he did.  I was so proud of my boy's faith.  When someone at church heard his story, they approached Patrick and I about giving him a dirtbike that their nephew had about 5 years ago.  This nephew had been about Micah's age, rode it once, fell off, and never got on again.  They had been trying to sell it, but didn't get an offer for what it was worth.  They felt it would be better to just give it to Micah.  We were so excited for him and decided to save it for him for Christmas morning.  It was so exciting to watch my boy walk by faith, and then see God blessing him for it!

While Silas is my cautious one, my Micah is not.  He is the one with the most scrapes, bruises and scars.  He seems to have no fear.  So the next chain of events I feel were orchestrated by God.  Patrick gave Micah LOTS of instructions.  We put on his elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, helmet and gloves, then he was ready to start.  Patrick showed him the way to start it.  Micah revved it a little too high and away went the bike....scary moment.  Micah stood back and started to cry.  He was done with dirtbiking!  Patrick, being a good father, reminded him that it won't come easy to learn, but he will be glad when he does learn that he put so much effort into it.  So, they practiced with Patrick running alongside.  The next day they practiced.  The next day they practiced, and by the 3rd day Patrick was able to let go and Micah rode all by himself.  My daring boy is now very cautious and careful.  I'm so thankful for that!!

What a Christmas morning!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Memories

If I were to make a post for all the special things we've done this Christmas, this would turn into a Holiday Blog!  So, I decided to condense most of it into one long, picture-filled, joyful post!

Once again, the Christmas Party at VSIBC was a success!  We ate, laughed, played games...I love my church family!

In Sunday School we had a birthday party for Jesus.  The kids enjoyed sprinkles, red velvet cake and their Preacher joined our class for the day, and taught us a lesson on giving Jesus your heart this Christmas.

Then, it was time for the Christmas store.  The kids had been earning $$ all month to be able to buy gifts for their family.  VSIBC bought some amazing things for them to buy.  My kiddos enjoyed it and came home loaded with gifts to give.  I love watching their faces as someone opens the gift they purchased for them!

This year for Christmas Eve I bought everyone jammies.  This was something that my Mom always did when I was little.  My family was pretty excited to have some new comfy clothes for Christmas Eve!

This year, as Patrick read the Christmas story from Luke 2, he had Silas help him read.  My Silas is growing and maturing so much.  He's like a mini-Josh, mixed with a little Beth.  I just love that kid!

It was fun having puppies at Christmas time.  We're trying our hardest to not get too attached.  Not too sure how that is going though!

Lots of hugging Christmas morning.  So thankful for grateful hearts!

Patrick was pretty excited about his gift.   A friend of mine sent me the newspaper from Philly the day after the Superbowl.  I framed it for him, and he loved it!

A couple of days before Christmas Micah found a gift.  It was a Black helmet.  What he didn't know is that is was Callie's.  He didn't know that I knew he accidently saw the helmet.  He just kept saying, I would really like a black helmet for when I ride my bicycle.

He was pretty surprised when he opened a green helmet.
And what happened next for my boys was pretty amazing.....they were surprised and thankful!  I'll post on it next!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas!

From the Gimenez Family to You....Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Puppies are here!

 We knew it was just about time.  Peaches was clearly aggitated and going into labor.  She kept trying to escape the laundry, the place we set up for her.  Once we finally had her secured we went back to bed.  Within 30minutes we heard the first whimpering and her first puppy was born. 
We watched for a bit, and by 7am we had 7 puppies!  The last puppy seemed to be struggling.  It wasn't breathing so good and had its tongue out.  It didn't act at all like the other puppies.  It seemed Peaches had given up on it, that's when Beth took over.  She rubbed it with a towel for about 30 minutes, then put it back with its mother.  And all of a sudden, he was doing great!  He's the biggest puppy, so I call him chunker. :o)

 We have 3 black, 3 brown, and one a tan/gray color. 
Peaches is an amazing Momma.  It's so wonderful how God created them with a knowledge of how this all works.  She just knows what to do!
And she doesn't mind one bit having all of us come and meet her puppies.

So much fun!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Cookie Exchange

 I love having get togethers in my home.  I especially love to have the ladies of VSIBC come over.  We have so much fun together!!  This year we decided to do a cookie exchange.  It was a success!

 I told the ladies to bring 3 dozen cookies to exchange and I would make the goodies to feast on that night.  I decided to try this recipe for a Sparkling Cranberry Cake with a White Chocolate Ganache.  Oh me Oh my it was amazing!! Definitely making that again!!

 I also asked the ladies to come dressed "Festive."  And boy they did! It was so fun!

We also played some fun games.

 Then, it was time to pass the cookies.  There sure were plenty!

Round and round we went filling up our containers.  We had every kind imaginable and they were all so yummy!

 My Brenna was the cutest elf, and I went as Mrs. Claus.  I have a confession...I sort of liked the gray hair!

So much fun!  So thankful for the ladies, for fun Christmas activities, and for cookies!!