Monday, December 10, 2018

Micah's Offering

Micah is our rambunctious 6-year old. He is so adventurous and at times, he has no fear. Over a year ago, Patrick and Micah were watching a motocross race with dirtbikes. Micah instantly said, "I want a dirtbike and I want to jump through the air like that!" It makes my heart tremble in fear when I think of my boy flipping through the air on a dirtbike!  Patrick says, "Kam....let him be a boy!"

So, for the past year, he has been doing odd jobs for a quarter or stacking firewood for $1. He finishes a job and quickly figures his tithe and puts the rest of the money in a jar. With working hard and adding birthday money and special money given to him, he was up to $33.05

This week, at our revival, Micah asked, "Momma, can I give my dirtbike money to the building fund to help the church buy the land so we can build the church building??!" My first thought was, "No sweetheart, you keep your money and let the adults handle it."  Where is my faith for my child?  Then, I realized that God wants to work in the hearts of the people of VSIBC.  All of them.  Even our children.  Some may have little gifts, some may have big, but God is looking on their heart. A lesson I have learned before and God is reminding me of, is that God is always faithful.  And He always blesses when we give.

 We did decide to wait a couple of days to talk to him about it and make sure he knew it was his decision.  We made sure that he understood that by doing this, he would not be able to get his dirtbike unless he starts all over again. Even though he still wants that dirtbike, he was undeterred in his promise to give that money to the building fund.

So last night, my little boy put his jar into the offering plate with all $33.05 of his dirtbike money. He  is so excited to do something for God. We told him that God will honor this gift...Micah didn't just give a portion, he gave all!

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  1. Awesome young boy with a big heart for the things of God ♥