Monday, December 31, 2018

One more Christmas Post

Christmas afternoon was so fun! We bought Callie a cupcake kit.  It had everything she needs to be the cupcake baker of our family....hat, apron, hotpads, hand mixer, cookbook, you name it!
I showed her how to follow the instructions on the box, and a few tips and she was off!

She did great and they tasted yummy!  She's enjoying her title of cupcake baker of the family.  She's made a couple batches since then and is planning on baking again today. So much for weight loss in 2019 for me! ;o)

We had a nice meal together featuring Josie Pie ham.  We have loved all the pork meat we have gotten from butchering our pig.  Except for the ham.  It wa smoked, so it wasn't really like a typical ham.  I have three more, so I need to figure out how to cook it so it's not so dry.  Any ideas would be wonderful!

Then, Josh, Tabitha and Liberty came over to exchange gifts.  Aren't her new slippers so adorable?

She was so excited to unwrap gifts and kept saying, "Whoa"  So adorable my granddaughter is!

What a fun Christmas we've had!  But, it's not over for us!  My parents are on their way to celebrate New Year's with us.  I love it that they come this time of year.  I'm usually a take-down-the-tree-the-day-after-Christmas kind of girl.  But, this year (like last year) I left it up so we can enjoy Christmas decos one more week with my Mom and Dad.  It's going to be a great visit!


  1. I see Tabitha in Liberty's smile. Enjoy your time with your family! Praying for you today.

  2. Callie looks like a pro in that hat and apron and by the way she is cracking those eggs :-) I love her nail polish too. As for a moist ham, I usually add an inch or so of water to the pan and slow roast it on high heat. I've always found this works. The one time I didn't do this was last NY and the top of the ham was quite dry. I am not sure how you cooked it but if you did it differently, try my approach. My mom always used to cook turkey and ham this way. This way the meat is being steam cooked basically and at the end you take off the roaster lid and brown the meat as much as you want. Then you also have more juice if you're cooking turkey, to make gravy. If making ham I often like to make a glaze. If no glaze then a mustard sauce to glaze it.

    I usually like to take my tree down the day after New Year's but this year I was ready to take it down much sooner. It is still up though I took down a few decorations. It won't take much time to take everything down. I wish decorating would go as fast as undecorating, lol. Have a great visit with your parents. xx

  3. Fun memories!! Enjoy Christmas with your mom and dad!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Someone gave us a ham from one of their pigs. It was the best ham I ever made. It was less salty than store hams & flavor was delish! I think I cooked it in my cast iron Dutch oven. Maybe it was your meat processor's fault that you weren't impressed?