Saturday, October 28, 2017

Back in to crocheting

 While we were on our vacation to Blue Ridge, I decided to start crocheting again for a special baby girl on her way.  I've enjoyed it so much. 

Although it did take me a little longer than normal.  My wrists don't seem to hold out that long.  But, I think it turned out soft, cuddly and adorable. 

Now, I'm in the mood for another crafty project!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Date Night at the Bookstore

I love date night with my sweet hubby!  One of the blessings of working in the ministry together is running to do an errand or two make a hospital visit or picking up supplies.  Sometimes we will also grab some lunch together, but it's nice to be together  We eventually talk about the ministry and upcoming events.  We talk about the kids.  We go over schedules.  I love those times!

But we realized that lately we have been substiting those times for an actual date night.  We spend a lot of time together.  I should say "minutes together."  I pass my hubby in the hallway while I'm grading school and he's on his way to the office to study.  He may be finishing a project and I am teaching Phonics.  We are in the same place, but not truly together.  I knew I was needing some time to dress up a little, plan a fun time and it just be us.  No errands, no visits, no planning futures...
 just us.
So we did!

 Our first stop was the bookstore.  I gave my husband a list of a book that he must find from each category.  I would do the same and we would meet at the coffee shop in the bookstore, drink coffee and talk about our books.  We were to get a book from our childhood, a book with a destination that we would like to visit, a book with a funny joke and a book with a recipe we would like to try.  It was so fun seeing what the other came up with!

Then, we headed out and bought dinner AND dessert.  So yum!

I love time with my sweetie and so thankful for the man that God has given to me!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hens? Maybe not.

 Patrick and I have been talking about getting some more hens.  Our 7 hens are laying well and our Rooster is fun to have around for the cock-a-doodle-dooing, and he protects our hens, too.  But we thought it would be nice to add some younger ones to our flock.  We had been looking on craigslist and found a good deal for some young hens for $10 each.  Maybe we should get those. 

But, then, while at a community yard sale, I saw a farmer with hens, roosters and  pullets for sale....$4 each. Yes!  What a deal!  While my sweet friend that was with me laughed (hi alicia ;o) )  I picked out four great hens that would be future layers for us.

 When I brought home the crate, Patrick peaked through and said, "I don't think all those are hens.  You've got a rooster!"  I laughed and said, "No way.  I bought hens!"  Sure enough, just then my new hen started cock-a-doodle-dooing.  wonderful.
What are we going to do with another rooster?
The other 3 are keeping quiet and I'm hoping they are really hens!

 My Callie Grace was excited to have some new chickens!  She loves taking care of them!   She has already spent some time with our new flock and is trying her hardest to hold them.   She's only ended up with a few extra scratches!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

He's learning!

There was a lot of excitement in the Gimenez house this week.  Micah finished reading through his first book!  He was so excited and was jumping up and down and then ran to tell each of his family members.  I loved it as they shared in the excitement with him!

I just love the A beka phonics curriculum.  For kindergarten, I buy the phonics charts, beginner books, and workbook.  I begin by going at their pace starting with the alphabet and the sound each letter makes.  Then, we move to the blends and then the words with one vowel.  Each pace has been different for each of my kiddos, because I don't do any K-4 or a whole lot of earlier practice with them.   By the time they enter school, they are ready and have already naturally picked up on some of the letters and their sounds.  It has worked very well for us and they seem to take off and love reading!

We are on to the next book and he is doing so fabulous!  I love homeschooling my blessings and my favorite is teaching them the love of reading!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stormy or Peaceful

We all have good intentions.  We wake up ready to start a wonderful day that God has laid before us.  Many duties call our name, and we prepare to get much accomplished and make many memories.  But, then, something disrupts us.  It may be that the breakfast pancakes somehow burn.  Or shoes that can't be found because they weren't put away.  Or we feel a headache coming on.  Whatever it is, something small and minor creeps in, and before we know it we I say it?....grumpy.  Oh I hate that word!  But, it does happen.  And when it does, the attitude of grumpiness catches like wildfire and before we know it everyone is unhappy and complaining.

"For I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you."

As I read this verse in Jonah 1:12, I thought about how we can be like that.  What was going on in Jonah's heart, something no one else could see, had an effect on those around him.  It made the surroundings stormy and tempestous.  It brought turmoil to everyone in the ship.  Just like Jonah, when we have a heart full of turmoil (whether the aggravating factor was big or small) we can bring a stormy, cold atmosphere to the very place we are trying to bless and build.  When our spirit is not right, it quickly spreads to our homes and those loved ones in it.

Am I being a Jonah in my home?

A quick test to find out is to ask, "Are the fruits of the Spirit evident in my home?"

Love-True love gives.  Is selfishness prevailing? Or a heart to give?
Joy-Look in the eyes of your kiddos.  Is real joy seen in them?
Peace-Or is it contention?
Long-suffering- Or quick tempered?
Faith-Are we ready to trust God with the unknown, or clamour about trying to fix it ourselves.
Temperance-Are emotions out of control like we are on a rollercoaster?

Today I choose to set a right temperature in my home.  My family deserves my best!  I want to build a peaceful, calm setting that draws my family close to our heavenly father.  It's a joy to serve Jesus!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Saying 'bye' to Peggy

 I posted about a month ago about our Momma goat, Peggy, not wanting to nurse her babies.  It was sad to see Paddington and Suzy try to nurse and her not wanting them to.  That's when we decided to start bottle feeding them.  That was an experience.  We were diligent and it took a lot of effort.  We noticed by day 5 of still trying to give them a bottle that something strange happened....Peggy started letting them nurse again! We kept with the bottles a couple of more days, but they were clearly getting enough from their Momma.  Whew!   We were glad for that! :o)

As the babies grew and grew, we knew it was almost time for us to start milking Peggy.  Silas has been so excited to learn how to milk a goat!  I was excited with all the possibilities of what we could do with goats's milk....cheese, butter, ice cream!  I even was wanting to try making some soap and beauty products.  Fun!  Well, after buying all the supplies, having my sweet hubby build a milking stand, and watching tons of videos on how to milk a goat, we were ready!

...but our Peggy was not.  We had noticed that over the past week she was growing weaker and weaker.  We asked for advice and followed it to a 't'.  We dewormed her, gave her sugar, helped her get up, made sure she had plenty of hay, greens, name it, we did it.  It was evident the morning of milking that Peggy was not going to make it.  My poor Silas.  This is the hard part for him.  He really does love his goats and enjoys taking care of them. 
All the signs were true and Peggy died about noon.

So, what do we do with our baby goats?  From what we've read, they usually wean between 6-8 weeks.  They were only 5 weeks old.  We started bottles again, but they were strongly rejected.  We knew they were drinking water from a bowl, so I started mixing milk powder and giving it to them in a bowl twice a day.  They love it!  They are eating plenty of hay, grass and grain.  They seem to be doing well!

My Silas is learning much about this goat farming adventure.  I'm thankful to see his tender heart through it all.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Meat in the Freezer

 I sure do love this hubby of mine.  He says that he likes to put meat in the freezer for us.  I personally know he just loves to hunt.  But, having a freezer full of meat is a blessing! 

 This year I decided to get a meat grinder attachment for our kitchen aid so that I could grind some of the venison.

It was very easy to attach and did a great job grinding up the meat.  It was very easy to clean too!  That's a bonus!

The end result was many pounds of ground venison (with some beef added to it for fat), Venison roasts and Venison steaks.  Yay!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Rechecking Micah

It has been over a month since my Micah Roo had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  The Doctor was right.  The first 10 days were absolutely horrible for him.  He laid around and whimpered for almost the whole 10 days.  It seemed like days 7-10 were the worst and he took up permanent residence on the recliner.  He would snooze on and off throughout the day and cry as soon as he woke up.  His throat hurt so bad and we had to force him to eat or drink.  It was so sad!    But, right on time, (and right before this Momma's heart broke completely in two) day 11 came and it was like night and day.  He wanted to play outside and jump around and EAT!  It was amazing and I was so thankful!
So, last week it was time for a recheck to see how his throat was healing.  I told him to pack a bag because there might be a wait.  On the way to the doctor I asked Micah what he packed in his backpack.  He said, "I packed a rock and I'm going to look at it!"  Sure enough, that's what he packed!

His appointment went great and I was able to brag that my boy is not snoring anymore and he sleeps more and more with his mouth closed.  Huge strides!  So thankful that my boy is doing better!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Welcome Shower for Liberty Anne

Time is getting closer for our little Liberty Anne to arrive!  Early on in the pregnancy, Beth told me that she's claiming doing Tabitha's shower.  She planned and planned and scoured Pinterest for ideas.  She went with a floral theme and it turned out so beautiful!

We had fun rearranging our furniture so that we could accomodate 30 dinner guests.  There were flowers and pink everywhere! 

 Brenna took the maternity photos for Tabitha and Josh.  She put them on a slide show and played them (along with Erin Paynes Lullaby CD) for the entire shower.  It was adorable!

 Beth also planned a cute diaper game/ guest book.

 The sign says:

Words for the Wee Hours
A word of encouragement, a chuckle or two, give the new mom a note just from you.  
Pick up a diaper and write on the booty.  Something to take her mind off the Doody!

So adorable!  I love the words of advice, encouragement, and silliness that the ladies wrote on there!

 We also had a sweet time of prayer for Tabitha and for Liberty.  It's such a blessing to hear ladies pray!

Beth also planned the "Dirty Diaper Game"  This is where she melted a different candy bar in three different diapers.  The ladies had to figure out which candy bar was in there.  It was quite hilarious!

 So thankful that my Aunt Florence could come for the shower!  I love any time that I get to catch up with her!

 I was so thankful that my friend Sarah was able to come all the way from Ocala.  Now, this girl isn't exactly an Eagles fan.  She's a fan for an enemy team.  You know you have a real friend when they buy what you want! :o)

 Sure do love the Fisher family and so thankful that the Lord has brought our families together!

 Me and my girls.  Can't wait for another Gimenez girl to be added to the picture soon!  I am loving this season of life!!