Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas Morning...

Christmas morning...what an exciting time!  We wake up early, get the coffee going, and start passing out the gifts.  Everyone loves to get gifts, but one thing Patrick and I noticed this year is the look on the person's face that is giving the gifts.  Our children save all throughout the year to buy one another a gift for Christmas.  They do a great job thinking of what the person would like.  Then, the joy of giving.  It's the truth of Christmas in action!  God gave us the greatest gift, Jesus.  And I am so thankful!  So, here's tons of pictures from our wonderful Christmas morning!

 Think about how confusing it is to a toddler.  For a month we tell them, "No, don't open that present."  Then, Christmas morning we tell them, "Open them all!"  Micah was so cute.  When it was his turn to open, he would bring someone his gift and say, "Open!"

 Lots of thank you hugs!
 This year Silas and Callie earned "money" in King's Kids (our church's Wednesday night program) and was able to spend it in the Christmas store.  They thoughtfully picked out gifts for their family.  I love what they gave Josh!  Callie gave him this Penguin cup.  I guess Silas had the same idea, because you can notice in the backgroung the snowman cup he just opened from Silas!  Ha!

 Patrick loves anything Eagles!  Beth was excited to give him this trashcan with the Eagles emblem.

 Josh loves Alvin Martinez and was excited about getting his new CD!
Then, it was playtime!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Wonderful Day!

Busy, busy wonderful day!  Made Potato Casserole, Corn Salad, Pea Salad, Dressing/Stuffing, and we're trying a new one...Figgy Pudding.  The turkey is in the oven and the kids are nestled snug in their beds....
 ....well, almost.  It must be all the fudge, cookies and wassail we've had today!   Shoes are now lined up ready to go for tomorrow morning!
We enjoyed our church's Christmas Eve service!  Beautiful singing and wonderful preaching.  It's been a great Christmas Eve!  Looking forward to tomorrow as we celebrate the greatest gift ever given, Jesus!

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

 Having 4 girls that each decided to have bunches of kiddos, my parents like to do Christmas with each family separately.  Of course they love to get together on Christmas for a big lunch with everyone there, but as for exchanging gifts, it works out a little easier for each family to come and share that time.  Our time was Christmas Adam.  (You know, the day before Christmas Eve)
 First we shared a dinner of Chinese Food.  I'm loving Chinese Takeout!  Then, we gave Mom and Dad the gifts we got for them.  Then, they started passing out gifts to us.  You could tell they thought and planned ahead to what each person would like.  They are so thoughtful!

 Silas, Callie and Micah are so excited about every gift opened.  Whether it is theirs or not.  Love their excitement!
 We're raising our kids right.  Silas was super excited to get an Eagles shirt!


 When Mom asked Josh what he wanted for Christmas, He joked that he wanted a hippo.  Well, that's exactly what Mom got him!  He loved it! 

 Brenna loves to hear Erin Bates play the piano.  She even has put up post it notes reminding us she wants these 2 CD's for Christmas.  She was thrilled when she opened them!

 My Silas loves anything cowboy!  He now thinks he's Gil Favor...trail boss.  Oh dear.

 When it was my turn to open gifts, I opened the heaviest one.  I was shocked.  They bought me a sewing machine!  I started to cry.  I guess you would have to love to quilt to cry over a sewing machine, but mine is still in a box across the ocean.  So, to have one to be able to sew with here makes me ready to sew until dawn!  I can't wait to have a quilt day with my Mom!  Love my gift!!!

 What a great evening.  We were truly spoiled.  So blessed to have my Mom and Dad for my parents.  They are pretty terrific!  Love you Mom and Dad!!

"The Promised One" Christmas Cantata

Josh, Beth and Brenna have loved singing in the choir.  When they joined, they were already working on Christmas music for the Cantata.  Last Sunday night they sang in "The Promised One."  It was a wonderful Cantata with a wonderful story of how two children responded to the news of Jesus' birth.  The acting was wonderful and the singing beautiful.  This Momma was so happy to sit and watch 3 of her babies singing for the Lord.  What a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Crafts with Daddy

Sometimes it's the little dollar store gifts I pick up that seem to make my children the most excited.  I picked up a grow your own Snowman and Christmas tree.

Patrick helped Silas and Callie make it and then, we waited.

 The next morning, they had grown!  How neat!