Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Biggest Tree Ever

Thanksgiving Evening we wanted to continue our tradition of decorating our Christmas Tree.  A couple weeks earlier we realized we wouldn't have our boxes of decorations.  That was a sad moment for us.  But the Lord is so faithful and gives us the desires of our heart over and over.  One of our supporting churchs has a thrift store and had us go through and get all the decorations we wanted!  We got stockings and a Christmas village and candle holder, soooo many things!  Then, a friend of my Dads decided he had too many decorations and has given us many more things.  Our house is going to look like a Christmas Wonderland!  When we began talking about where we would put our Christmas tree, we realized that the sunken living room can fit an even taller tree.  We all got so excited about having the biggest tree ever!
Lots of excitement on the way to the Tree Tent!
Micah felt like he was in a forest and ran between all the trees. I loved hearing all of his giggles with the Christmas music playing in the background.  And to make it even more special, there was a chill in the air!

We searched and searched looking for the perfect tree.
After several votes we finally settled on one.  It was perfect!  And our biggest tree ever!
Looking forward to this holiday season and this time God has blessed us with, together.


  1. So exciting to get a big tree. I'm sure your entire family will make a fun evening out of decorating it :-) Have fun!

  2. We have yet to get ours! The kids are of course hoping for a big one but we will see:)