Friday, March 28, 2008


Tomorrow we'll see what I've been longing to see for a while..........."Welcome to Florida!"
For some reason I'm a little more homesick. Homesick for everything. My family (of course), my church, my parents house, strolling around Patrick's parents property, Skyline, Sonny's, the sunset, and the outdoors of Florida. Today we turned on the air for a little bit. That's the first time we've used it in I don't know how long. I think one reason why my homesickness is stronger is because last time I was there Mom and Dad took care of me. I mean waited on me hand and foot, worried about me, gave me attention, loved on know all the good stuff! I realized even more than ever what special parents I have. Maybe that's why. Or maybe it's because we're all ready to go to Winkler. So many good people are there. Prayer Warriors that we've counted on time and time over. Or maybe it's because me and Patrick have our parents that are willing to watch the kids so me and Patrick can go away for a few days together. (Did you know that you're watching them, Dad?), or maybe it's because we've experienced some cold weather a little longer than we thought we would. Two weeks ago it was 45 degrees and chilly and I told the kids "This is the last time we'll be wearing these's spring!" Boy, was I wrong! It's been pretty cold! Those reasons and many more are why I'm homesick.
Can't wait to see you Florida!! One more day.

My 2 Men

I'm so lucky to have these two guys in my life...My husband (Patrick), and my son (Joshua). It's so neat seeing the two of them together. They are so much alike and love to spend time together. We've had a couple of "problems" with our motorhome lately and Josh has been right out there with Patrick trying to get things fixed. Patrick said "I need my tester." Josh knew where it was, ran and got it, then helped Patrick. Patrick said "We need to find some more fuses." Josh looked and looked and said "Dad I found some under here" They are a true father/son team. I just saw the two of them walk to the pond together to fish. Sniff. Sniff. That was one of those moments Taylin just posted about...Memories.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How many days of school left?

We decided to repeat last years tradition and make a chain to count down the final days of school. When we finished the chain we were a little shocked. The chain is a little longer than we expected. Can you tell the girls don't look all that thrilled? We're still on target to be done last week of May. It's been a great year, but the kids are ready for summer.

My Son is Growing UP

Last night before bed, Josh asked me if we could look up a new pancake recipe and let him make it in the morning. I said sure. (Actually, I was very happy because he makes pickled omelets alot and I'm not crazy about those!) So, we looked up a recipe and made it. They actually turned out like crepes, but they were delicious!! Then, he wanted to take a picture to show how tall he is. It's kind of hard to tell, but he is up to my nose now! I can't believe my guy is growing up. He's such a gentlemen and so much fun to be around. I'm so thankful he's my son. By the way, anybody have a good homemade fluffy pancake recipe he could try? (I'm starting to notice a small trend in my posts...they're about food!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fruit Basket Cake

This is my version of the fruit basket cake that we tried last night and my family loved it. We ate the whole cake in 5 minutes! We're kind of crazy about desserts. It's super easy

1. Make a regular white cake. (I made the Weight Watchers soda pop cake, we think it's great!)

2. Cover with prepared vanilla pudding.

3. Top with fresh strawberries and sliced pineapple.

4. Then top with cool-whip.

It was delicious!

Welcome to My Blog

I guess I'm going to give this blogging craze a try. We'll see how it goes! I'm going to try to update when I can...depending on when I have internet access. I'm going to try to give little tidbits of my daily life. Hope you enjoy!