Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Twas the days before Thanksgiving

 I love the excitement the days before a holiday!  This year was no different.  The day before Thanksgiving, we decided to make our school day and art day.  It was so fun painting and drawing and being creative!

 Then, that night, we made hot cocoa and sat by the fire with all our comfy blankets and read stories of Thanksgiving together.  The kids love hearing about the Pilgrims and the Indians and how they shared their harvest together.  When they see the struggles they went through, it remind them to be thankful for the many, many blessings we have!

We also made some fun crafts from Hobby Lobby (I love that store!) that decorated our table on the big day.  What fun we had preparing!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thankgiving celebrationa and a fun cake to go with it!

 For our midweek services at VSIBC this week, we decided to move it to Tuesday night instead of Wednesday.  Patrick planned a special service with praises to share and the Lord's Supper.
Brenna decided to make a special cake to share.
 Her and her Daddy are quite artistic and enjoyed making it together.

 The pictures make it look a little purple.  But, her turkey cake was a warm brown color.  It was adorable and loved by all!  :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Special Memories with our Special Michigan Family

 ***Just a warning, I'm going to try to fit a million memories into this one post....so there will be plenty of pictures!

A few weeks ago I was having a rough day.  My doctors appointments weren't going too well and I was in tears.  My Aunt Robin knew it was difficult for me and called and asked if she could arrange a week for me to come to Michigan and visit family.  After talking it over with Patrick, we knew this would be a wonderful idea.  And the bonus...Callie was able to come along with me!!
So, a few days after getting back from Fort Myers, Callie and I hopped on a plane and flew to Detroit!!
To say that she was excited is an understatement.  My girl and I had so much fun and she was a wonderful travelling buddy!!
We enjoyed several family meals around my Mam-maw's table.  So many wonderful memories in this place while I was growing up!

 Callie was able to meet her 3 great-great uncles.  She loved them all!  And they loved her!

 Her Uncle Link asked if she would like a can of "Pop."  My poor Florida girl...she said "What's pop?"  My family thought that was funny.  Her Uncle Bill rescued her and got her a can of "Coke"  :o)

 We enjoyed services at Mam-maw and Robin's church and was even able to attend their revival one night.  Exciting things are happening there and people are getting saved!

 Fall is in full bloom in Michigan.  Callie enjoyed being outside some.  She was so cold!

 Making turtles with Robin.  They were so yummy!

 Reading to Mam-maw.

 I love Michigan grass!   As a little girl, I couldn't wait to run barefoot all over my Mam-maw's yard.
 We enjoyed dinner and show at Turkeyville.

 We went with Robin one day to her church office.  She is the secretary.  Callie thought it was great fun to be in a basement.  That's something we don't have in Florida!

 Callie with two of her 5th cousins.  Wow!  Not many people can say that they breakfasted with their 5th cousins!  Callie had a great time!!

 One night it actually snowed just a little.  Callie thought it was a blizzard.  Oh how excited she was!! I don't think our Michigan family was quite as excited as her about the snow!

Callie made Robin a to-do list.  I like #5!

 The colors were absolutely breathtaking!  Wow, our God sure is the greatest artist!

And in a snap our trip was over.  Too quick.  Although it's always good to get home, we sure do miss our Michigan family.  They spoiled Callie and I and we made memories to last a life time.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shower for Tabitha in Punta Gorda

 On our last day of vacation, Tabitha's Mom, Dee, hosted a shower for her.  I was so thankful that it worked out for us to go to it!  Dee did such a cute job decorating!  I loved the woodland theme!

 Lots of proud Grandmas!

 So glad my sister Taylin could make it!  We giggled and enjoyed every moment we had left together!

 So  thankful for family that could come with us!  Kaylie and Kiara were able to come.  They've turned into such beautiful, sweet young ladies!

 Tabitha had to judge which playdough baby she liked the best.

 2 of Liberty's Great-grandmas.  Don't they look happy? :o)
 Even though it was a girl party, the boys snuck in during gift time to watch Tabitha open her presents.

My Mom made Liberty such a cute quilt!

That's my Grandbaby in there!  We are all getting so excited!  About 5 weeks to go!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stuck on Vacation

Never a dull moment in this family.  That's for sure.  While enjoying a nice vacation at the park, and talking with Denise and Dee, the boys came to me and said that there was an emergency.  I looked over and my poor Callie was on top of the slide and was stuck.

 I climbed up the slide and tried my best to get her foot out.  I had Dee come help me hold her up.  I was worried that if she fell off that she would break her leg.  I couldn't get her foot to budge.  Then, we tried lotion and rubbed it all over her ankle and the bars on the playground.  Still stuck.  After doing our best to try to get her free, and having a few tears and a few "I want my Daddy" moments, I decided I had to get help and called 911.

They said they would send someone over.

So, we waited and tried to encourage my sweet, upset Callie.  As I heard the fire engines in the distance I told Callie to try and wiggle it one more time.  What do you think happened???  Yes.  Her foot came free!  I hurried and called 911 back before the firefighters came out of the truck.

I'm thankful my girl was safe and didn't fall!  On the other hand, her sisters and Grammy were quite embarrassed!  It made for a memory that we won't forget!