Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yard Sale Time!!!

We helped Denise with her Yard Sale. It was hot, hot,hot. We had a good turn out and she made a little bit of money. Best of all she was able to get rid of some things she wanted out of the way before the move. Hopefully she'll be getting an offer on her place anyday now. She's done so much packing and removing wallpaper and painting....she's ready for a new smaller place!

Cake Night at Moms

We had a great time at Mom's house for Cake Night. The only rules were you can't spend more than $5 on extra stuff for your cake and it wasn't a competition, just for fun...we had fun!! I don't think any of us adults are going to be professional cake decorators, but we enjoyed it anyway! Dad told me mine looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Goals

Summer is here! Yipee!
I decided it's time to set some summer goals before the time slips away. Maybe a little accountability will help. Here's some of my goals
-Finish reading "Football for Dummies" (Football season will be here soon and this year I want to be more knowledgable about plays to call, positions and penalties. I also want to learn the different motions for penalties so I'll know what the refs are saying with their arms!
-Finish completely Brenna's quilt
-Finish Marc's crocheted blanket
-Completely update Albums as well as kids albums
-walk 5x a week for 20 mins a time
-find a creek while in North Carolina for the kids to play in
-have the song "Unclouded Day" ready (this is a song the kids play with their instruments)
-Finish my Proverbs study on the tongue
-Write to a friend or a family member at least once a week
August 15th I'll try and post which I completed!
What are your goals for the summer?

Macadamia Nuts, Anyone?

Patrick and I went to Miami for a two fold purpose. #1 a little time away together before we leave Florida again (I told the kids that having a date with their Daddy is one of my favorite things to do :) #2 to start the French paperwork/citizenship process. Tuesday while eating a nice romantic lunch together Patrick said "I feel like my throat is closing up". In a matter of 10 minutes he was bright red, swollen (even his ears and feet were swollen), and having difficulty breathing. He said his insides didn't feel right. We realized he was having an allergic reaction. We think it might be from the Macadamia nuts on the fish. (last time he ate a bite of these nuts he started to have mild symptoms) I'm so thankful the Lord pointed us in the right direction and we found a walk in clinic. By the time we got to the clinic he had hives all over. Especially the palms of his hands were itching. The Doctor was so good and gave him a shot and pills and watched him for quite a while. I'm glad we found somewhere to take him so quickly! That night he felt like he had the flu, just really achy. So much for a romantic evening!! :) The next day we went to the French Consolate in Miami. We were told we needed more paperwork, so we got a list of all we need (again) and hopefully we'll get this done when we come back for a couple of days in September. The good news is that we can get the whole family's citizenship papers done at one time! That's great! So, pray for Patrick. He's feeling so much better, but still just a tad weak. Praise the Lord! He took care of us again!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Sorry Tab, I know it's Thursday, but I just got internet. Here's my picture:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swap Night

My sister, Keela, came up with the coolest plan. Everyone in our family was supposed to bring 10 things to her house we didn't want. Then, we placed it all on a table and we drew numbers and picked what we wanted from off the table. It was so much fun! Here's Keela giving all of the directions... I got jumper cables, and a tool set for Patrick, a new book, a baby bath, and a cute baby swing. It's so different than the kind I got when I was pregnant with Josh. Baby things have changed in 12 years!! My Dad picked this yellow toy for Logan. Dad had to show he can still play with toys too! He's such an awesome Grandpa that really plays with his grandkids.
Keela also explained a Sunday lunch plan to have Sunday lunch at a different person's house each month. Great ideas Keela! I'm already thinking about when it's my turn! Maybe November? or the beginning of December? or February. Let me know which is mine! I have to borrow Mom's house too. What great ideas you have! You're such a great big Sis.

Tere and Carl

Patrick's sister, Tere, and her husband, Carl, came to visit. They were only there Wednesday night and had to leave Thursday morning, but we enjoyed our time with them so much. When Josh was little Carl showed him a rope trick. Josh got some more pointers from Carl again. They are such neat people, we wish we could see them more! We're already planning on stopping by in September when we're in their area.

Baby Update

We had our Ultrasound appointment and Midwife appointment this week. Everything went fantastic. At the ultrasound we were able to see the baby's heartbeat. It's beating a strong 158 beats per minute. We were thrilled for all of us to see the heartbeat. It was a very memorable moment for our family. The next day we saw our midwife, Dawn Rachman. She is an amazing lady and it's so amazing the bond we feel with her already. She takes so much time with her patients.....we were with her almost 2 hours. She had just had a 12 hour birth and another was on her way to the office. I said to her "You must be exhausted!" She said, "Yes, but I'm so glad these women are having there babies, I knew they would be calling any minute." I love it that she knows me by name, and treats me as her friend. She said everything is looking very good with baby and Momma. She wants us to come back in a week in a half to see if we can hear a heartbeat with a doppler. It's a little early, but she would like to try anyway. We are 8 weeks and one day today! We are leaving in a week in a half to head north for meetings. We're planning on coming back for a week in September and then we're booked until December 17th. I'll have to schedule regular midwife appts according to what state we're in, so I can receive all of my prenatal care. We asked the midwife when I have to be back and done travelling. She said by the 28th-32nd week, which is late October or early November. Please be praying for us as we make decisions for when to come back. I might come back to Fort Myers a little earlier than my family, so we can continue with some of our meetings. It's an exciting time!

My Five Smiles

My Sister, Tabitha, posted a challenge on her blog. You're supposed to post five random things that make you smile. It was hard to limit to five. But, here are five of mine... This is Patrick and his brother Marc putting in a new microwave for their Mom. It's so fun to watch these two together. In some ways they are so much alike and some ways so different. They finally got the microwave installed and it works great.
This is my beautiful children reading their Bibles. I'm so proud of them. Every morning they read in their Bible. All of them have a Bible schedule and they're so faithful and a good example to me.
These are three of my yard sale finds. I love going yard saling! Me, Mom, Beth, and Brenna went. I found this Coldwater Creek skirt. It had 2 rips, but it took no time to fix. I also bought the 3 tiered platter that will be perfect for tea parties. Then, we found this cute baby hat for a quarter. Who knows if our baby is a boy or a girl, but I just had to buy this hat, it was adorable.
For my birthday Mom took me to paint misbehavin'. I picked out this plate to paint. When Josh was little I read in a book about having an I'm Special plate. I was so excited to finally make one. This plate will be reserved for dinner times for a "special" person to eat on. It may be when they get a good grade on a test, schedule a bunch of meetings, just anything that is special. It might be pulled out every month, who knows? The only rule is if they ask to use the plate that night, then they won't. Momma decides. So, be looking for a "I'm Special" post soon.

This one really makes me smile...a set table. My children (even more my girls lately) are such a big help at dinner time. They set the table beautifully, they chop vegtables (their favorite is garlic) stir everything, take things out of the oven. You name it, they're great in the kitchen! It's my dream come true, me and my girls workign together in the kitchen.
Thanks for the challenge Tab, this was fun!

Our Day at Epcot

For our family summer vacation/ Marc's birthday/Mother's Day/we need to get away day...we went to Epcot! We took with us my Mom, Patrick's Mom, and Patrick's brother Marc. It couldn't have been a more perfect day. The weather was gently 80s with a cloudless sky. The lines were very short. We just had such a good time. See the man in the picture with us? Who knows who he is. He just walked up and posed as Mom was snapping our family shot.
Waiting in line for Spaceship Earth. We think the group favorite was Test Track and Soarin'.
This was our Mother's Day gift for our Mom's. It was so neat to give them a gift we could watch them experience. We ate in Mexico. It was delicious, but the atmosphere was the best! We felt like we were outside, at night, in Mexico! (although I've never been there)

In America land we listened to a group sing patriotic songs. This was one of the ladies. They did an awesome job singing. This was one of my favorites.

My 32nd birthday

May 9th I turned 32. My oh my, how time flies. Patrick and the kids showered me with so many gifts. I asked for a certain kind of clinique blush that Robin gave me from one of her "freebies" that she gets from clinique. Who knows how long ago she gave it to me. I used it until the brush was scraping the bottom. I love that blush! Patrick and the children went to clinique and took the empty blush container and said "We need this". The lady at the counter said "This is very old" "We don't make this anymore!" She was very sweet and helped them match the color as best as they could. I wish I could have been there to see them at the makeup counter! Ha Ha. Patrick also bought me 3 pearl bracelets. White, pink and my! They also bought me a fruitbasket cake (which is one of my favorites). My family is so good to me. Thanks, guys. You made my day special.

Crafting with Grandma

My Grandma is one of the craftiest persons I know. She is so talented in so many different crafts. She's done everything imaginable, Ceramics, basket weaving, beaded jewelry, rubber stamping, card making, quilling. I could go on and on. I asked her which is her favorite...she thinks she likes making beaded jewelry the best. I asked her if I could come over and make some cards with her. She had everything laid out for me, so it was so easy. She's learned so many neat techniques. We made several cards and I had such a good time with Grandma. Afterwards we went to First Watch for lunch. I love their Fruity Chicken salad. MMMM! Thanks Grandma, I sure had fun!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Playing with the Huxleys

We had a great time at the Huxleys! The children have been dying to have some playtime there and it finally worked out for both families to get together. Josh needs this "boy" time with Noah! They both are surrounded by sisters! I really enjoyed my time with Kelly. She's the type of friend that is such an encouragement and Godly example. We were talking about our kiddos, and she took a book out of her desk called "Parenting in Proverbs". It's a great book. We were able to look up specifics about needs we have as parents and for our children in Proverbs. It's like a concordance for Proverbs. Anyway....we had such a wonderful time with our friends. Thanks, Huxleys, the brownies were mmmm good. Kelly, have you been reading your book? I'm going to look for mine today!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Suite is Sweet

That's what Josh said tonight...Our suite is sweet! The church we have a meeting at tomorrow reserved this suite for us at LaQuinta Inn. It is such a nice hotel room! The kids were thrilled and jumping around "A Suite, a suite!!"

Hey Mom, I'm.......

...going to have another baby!!! We were thrilled to discover that I'm pregnant, about a week ago. Mine and Patrick's plan was so keep it a secret for a couple of months. But....Patrick began dropping hints to people the next day and we realized we're not very good at keeping secrets! So we told the kids by playing Charades with them. They each had a turn, then I went up and they had to guess.."I'm having a baby". When they finally got it they all jumped up and hugged me and were so excited. The video is priceless. As of today we are 5 weeks and 1 day. Please pray with us about the health of this baby, and more importantly pray that the baby will know Christ as Savior at an early age. In a week in a half I have an ultrasound, then a few days later an appt. with my midwife. We'll keep you updated!

King's Kid's Jamboree

I was so proud of my kiddos today. They did awesome at the Jamboree. They placed in so many different events. I was so proud of them! Josh placed 1st in Preacher Boy and Story Telling. He used his puppet, Yogee, and did a cute Bible story about Zaccheus. It was so funny. The girls did very well playing in the relays. They were glued to their cousins for the day and loved doing cheers for Winkler Road. Can you tell I'm proud?
Way to go Josh, Beth and Brenna. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of you today. You participated and did your best and had a great attitude. We love you!

Playing at the Carlot

The kids enjoyed playing a few moments of tag at the Carlot while I was leaving the other day. It's so neat to see them savour every play time they can with their cousins!