Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quite a while

Yes, it's been quite a while since I've posted, and until we have home phone, I think my posting will be a little less frequent.
Our phone should be hooked up anyday, but we shall see!
I thought I would give a quick update on some happenings in our life. Just look at it as a Sneek Peek from me, because you know I have pictures to come with a blogpost to go with it!
~The girls and I took a quick trip to Florida. I felt like we were on lightning speed the whole time! We really accomplished a lot of things like braces, glasses, midwife apppts.... but it was a lot of fun to see some family, too!
~Our next, and final, shipment comes this week. (If it didn't meet up with the storm, Maria!) So, this is officially our last week of summer. The kids are so ready to start school!
~I've been experiencing some fun morning sickness. It has been stronger with this baby than with any of my others. Maybe I'm just a tad bit older. But, I sure am sleepy! My family has been picking up the slack. They are such a blessing to me! We met a homebirth midwife while I was in Florida, and we are looking forward to having our baby at my parent's house. Our official due date is April 17th.
~Thank you everyone that prayed for us as Tropical Storm Maria came through. It was very uneventful, but we enjoyed being stuck in the house all together. I feel another Skip-Bo tournament coming on!
~Patrick is officially a french citzen with a passport to prove it! Silas's should be here in 3 weeks. (We had to complete his paperwork next because he was born in Florida) Please keep praying that the Lord will work out the timing for everyone to be registered and to become dual citizens. As for me, they said it should be at least another year, so I will be applying in Miami in October for a Long Term Visa. I'm nervous already!

Until next post, keep serving the Lord!