Saturday, December 23, 2023

More Boxes to giveaway

Even though we gave away a bunch of boxes at the Gospel in the Park, we still had over 800 to give away.  That's a bunch. We gave some away at a food line.  Then, we asked Winn Dixie if we could set up there and hand some out.  It was fun to give away a bunch of boxes along with a gosple tract.  It's so fun to serve Jesus!!


Friday, December 22, 2023

His First Duck

It's amazing to me how all of my children are so different and have many interests.  All of my kiddos love to hunt, but Micah probably loves it the best.  He has been begging his Dad to take him duck hunting.  Patrick figured that Christmas break was the perfect time!!

Micah proudly shot his first bird.

My reaction?? Micah, it was so cute, this is so sad!

But, I'm trying to be a supportive hunter's Mom.

He was very proud as he cleaned it, soaked the meat in milk, then fried up the duck breast.


Thursday, December 21, 2023

"Your church does a lot"

...that is what someone recently told us.  And I like that.  Our church does do a lot together.  And we love it!!

After Beth's Book Signing, we ran home, grabbed our snacks, chairs, and blankets and headed to Main Street for High Spring's Annual Christmas Parade!

We get there super early so we can talk and laugh and enjoy being together. 

We had about 70 people from VSIBC join us.  

My Mom has been wanting to join us for 8 years now.  I am so glad it worked out!!!

I think this was the best Christmas Parade our town has done yet!!


Then we had an outreach that we named "Gospel in the Park."  We have a wonderful missionary family in our church that was given over 1,000 Christmas Boxes.  AJ decided that he would love to pass them out at a park in his bus route.

We had a bunch of volunteers ready to help out!  And AJ presented the gospel.  It was so exciting because Brenna was able to lead one of the teenage girls that came to Christ.  And Silas was able to lead an 11 year old boy to the Lord.  This was the first soul he has won for Christ.  He was so excited!! We were too!  There is such a joy to be able to share the gospel with someone!!

Silas enjoyed playing some basketball too.

It was a great event!!

Then it was time for our Christmas Store.  All month long the children of VSIBC have been earning Victory Bucks.  Our church brings in all kinds of things for kids to buy with their bucks.  They are able to buy presents for their family.  It's a great way to teach about earning money and spending it wisely.

It gets bigger and bigger every year.  This year we decided to hold it on a Saturday so that we could transform the whole auditorium into our store.  It was amazing!!

The kids shopped and shopped and we had a bunch of people on hand to help wrap the gifts.

It was so exciting!! It's our version of Black Friday and it gets Crazy!! :o)

Freedom had a list of a bunch of people she wanted to buy for.  But instead she came home with 7 gifts for Momma.  I just love this girl and her heart for her Mom.  Tabitha is amazing!!

Each child went home with a bunch of gifts.  It really was wonderful!!

Then it was time for our church Chrismas Party.  It gets bigger and bigger every year!

We have so much fun together!!  This year we played a new game where you had to roll an Oreo into a cup.  Whatever cup it went into, you had to eat it....unless it fell in the cup with the giftcards.  Then, you were awarded gift card!  Otherwise you were stuck with an oreo dipped in ranch, or hot sause, or ketchup, or mustard, or sardines.  Ew!!

Soooo much food!!!

And so much fun!

Yes, VSIBC does A LOT together.  But can you see the joy on the precious faces in these photos?  I love my church family.  :o)

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Beth's Book Signing

 It was a wonderful Book Signing for Beth!It was an incredibly exciting day!! We set up refreshments and the book table at our library .

Elisabeth had copies of "A King's Heart in the Lord's Hands" and "Redeeming Louise" available for purchase.

We were so excited that my Mom drove up from Fort Myers to be with us. The special day got even more special!!

She did a reading of her new book, answered some questions, and talked about how she began writing. Her passion for writing shone through as she was poised and confident in her speaking. So proud of my girl!!

And of course she signed many books!

We are so thrilled how the Lord is leading this endeavor and the influence for Christ Beth is having.  There really is no greater joy!