Saturday, December 31, 2016

The countdown has begun...

It's official.  We are just days away from our boy getting married.  Married!  Wow.  Hard to type those words.  I never knew all the emotions I would have with being, "Mother of the Groom."

There is so much excitement at the preparations for a beautiful wedding.  Even though our duty is only the Rehearsal Dinner to prepare for, there are still many preparations to be made.  There are "ohhhs and awwws" as dresses and wedding clothes are tried on.  There are many tears as many "lasts" are taking place.  There is sadness as we see our son's room emptying of all his stuff and filling with boxes.  But, then there is much joy in the thought of gaining an amazing daughter in law and  seeing the joy of our son as the day approaches.

So, the countdown has begun.  6 more days until our boy says "I Do"

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Glorious Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!  My kiddos all spent the night in the living room with the tree lights on.  Many giggles were heard, then many snores! :o)  I do have to say, tucking in my Josh was difficult.  This is his last Christmas Eve to sleep in our home.  So many lasts happening. sniff sniff.  I went to sleep thinking of all the sweet Christmases we've shared together.

 We received many gifts and are so blessed!

 After opening gifts we started getting ready for church.  I was so excited when my sister pulled in my driveway for a surprise quick visit!  It was so wonderful to see her and hug her!

 After a great service at church, we played and played,

 ...and ate,

 and played some more,

And finished the afternoon off by singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" before heading back to church for a wonderful, family filled afternoon service.  What a great day!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

A Week to relax

 As I mentioned last post, this has been a busy Christmas!  A wonderful busy!  It was nice to wake up Monday morning and know that we didn't have anything planned except to wrap gifts and bake cookies.  It has been wonderful.  My sweet hubby has enjoyed some time in the tree stand.
 My kiddos have enjoyed some time by the fireplace.  They've read books and had their devotions there.  Patrick even bought some special pieces to put in the fire to make it turn colors.  Micah was impressed!

 Beth headed up the cookie baking and made some super yummy snickerdoodles and peppermint pinwheels!
 The kids enjoyed opening up some early gifts.
It has been a wonderful week!!

Activites, Events and Christmas Galore!

 Patrick and I do believe that this has been our busiest Christmas ever!  We have loved all the events planned, fun things to do, and friends to enjoy!  There is too much to name, and time running out to post.  So, I thought I would rap up the Christmas busyness in one wonderful post! :o)

We enjoyed taking our older 3 out to dinner and then to see a play in Gainesville, "Little Women."  We all enjoyed it.  It was funny listening to my guys getting the giggles during part of it.  They thought it was quite funny.  Beth, Brenna and I are ready to go back again!  Girl time here we come!! :o)
Some of our members own a Badcock furniture store nearby.  They hosted a party for VSIBC.  What fun it was!  We played games, exchanged gifts, and had such a great time.  We hope to do this again next year!!

 The Sunday before Christmas was our Christmas store at church.  The kids have been earning "Victory Bucks" by coming to Sunday School, Junior Church and bringing their Bibles.  Our members have been bringing in toys and gifts for the children to go shopping.  It was a success!!

 That evening we had our Christmas Dinner together at VSIBC.  So much food was brought and it was such a sweet time.  Have I mentioned how wonderful the people of our church are??  We truly are blessed!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Singing Carols at Plantation Oaks

 We are loving our little homeschool group that we have started in our area.  
For December's activity, we met at the nursing home and sang carols and passed out the homemade cards.

 The kids did a great job and were truly a blessing to the residents.

Then, we invited everyone to our house for lunch and playtime.  Oh my how my kiddos love this time!!  The girls formed their own club.  My Callie giggled and played and loved every minute!

VSIBC Christmas Revival

 We were so blessed to be able to have Dr. Dave McCoy come and preach a 3 day Christmas Revival.  It was such an encouragement to our people and exactly what we needed!

 Our church is growing, and we are loving the sweet babies!!
 My kiddos really enjoyed spending time with Bro. McCoy.  He is the real thing!  They loved to laugh and joke with him.  He was so encouraging.  One night he joked about Josh's crazy socks.  They seem to get crazier and crazier!  So, the final night, Josh presented him with his very own crazy socks.

 Patrick gave him a few gifts as well.  Of course, one was a Gator sticker for his car.  I don't think that will actually get used!

 So thankful for the special music, and for sweet friends.
 Praise the Lord that even through the busyness of the season, God works on hearts and gives us exactly what we need!

High Springs Christmas Parade

 I love being part of a small town of America.  Last year we went to the High Springs Christmas Parade and knew we wanted to go every year!  This year we planned ahead and arrived super early.

 We found the perfect spot that I had been eyeing on Main Street.  We brought little toys and chalk for the kids to play with while we waited.

 Beth and Brenna decided to shop in some of the antique stores, while I enjoyed some Christmas Crunch that Beth had made and read a Christmas magazine.  It was such a nice, peaceful moment with lots of Holiday Cheer around me.

Since the roads weren't yet closed, we saw floats go by getting to their proper spot for the parade line up.  Then, we saw a bunch of tractors heading the right way.  Did I mention that I love small town America? :o)

 It turned out to be  quite a chilly night.  The kids were able to use the Christmas hats they picked out at Dollar Tree.  So adorable!  The fudge was super yummy, too!

 Patrick and Josh arrived as it was getting dark.  I was so glad they came!  You can't tell by the picture, but my guys had a really good time!  They think it's funny to tease me about parades.  I love them!   It was fun to see people we've met from around the town.  And it was so precious to see some of our kids that ride the van to church spot us.  One of them yelled from their float, "Hi Pastor Patrick!  We'll see you in church tomorrow and I'm bringing my Bible!!!"

Such a fun Christmas evening!!