Saturday, December 31, 2016

The countdown has begun...

It's official.  We are just days away from our boy getting married.  Married!  Wow.  Hard to type those words.  I never knew all the emotions I would have with being, "Mother of the Groom."

There is so much excitement at the preparations for a beautiful wedding.  Even though our duty is only the Rehearsal Dinner to prepare for, there are still many preparations to be made.  There are "ohhhs and awwws" as dresses and wedding clothes are tried on.  There are many tears as many "lasts" are taking place.  There is sadness as we see our son's room emptying of all his stuff and filling with boxes.  But, then there is much joy in the thought of gaining an amazing daughter in law and  seeing the joy of our son as the day approaches.

So, the countdown has begun.  6 more days until our boy says "I Do"

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