Friday, December 23, 2016

High Springs Christmas Parade

 I love being part of a small town of America.  Last year we went to the High Springs Christmas Parade and knew we wanted to go every year!  This year we planned ahead and arrived super early.

 We found the perfect spot that I had been eyeing on Main Street.  We brought little toys and chalk for the kids to play with while we waited.

 Beth and Brenna decided to shop in some of the antique stores, while I enjoyed some Christmas Crunch that Beth had made and read a Christmas magazine.  It was such a nice, peaceful moment with lots of Holiday Cheer around me.

Since the roads weren't yet closed, we saw floats go by getting to their proper spot for the parade line up.  Then, we saw a bunch of tractors heading the right way.  Did I mention that I love small town America? :o)

 It turned out to be  quite a chilly night.  The kids were able to use the Christmas hats they picked out at Dollar Tree.  So adorable!  The fudge was super yummy, too!

 Patrick and Josh arrived as it was getting dark.  I was so glad they came!  You can't tell by the picture, but my guys had a really good time!  They think it's funny to tease me about parades.  I love them!   It was fun to see people we've met from around the town.  And it was so precious to see some of our kids that ride the van to church spot us.  One of them yelled from their float, "Hi Pastor Patrick!  We'll see you in church tomorrow and I'm bringing my Bible!!!"

Such a fun Christmas evening!!

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