Monday, December 26, 2016

A Glorious Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!  My kiddos all spent the night in the living room with the tree lights on.  Many giggles were heard, then many snores! :o)  I do have to say, tucking in my Josh was difficult.  This is his last Christmas Eve to sleep in our home.  So many lasts happening. sniff sniff.  I went to sleep thinking of all the sweet Christmases we've shared together.

 We received many gifts and are so blessed!

 After opening gifts we started getting ready for church.  I was so excited when my sister pulled in my driveway for a surprise quick visit!  It was so wonderful to see her and hug her!

 After a great service at church, we played and played,

 ...and ate,

 and played some more,

And finished the afternoon off by singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" before heading back to church for a wonderful, family filled afternoon service.  What a great day!!

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  1. Looks and sounds like a great time! I loved the children all sleeping together in the living room like excited children awaiting the arrival of "Santa" ;-) I am still eating myself, lol....though I didn't get my turkey and stuffing until today. It was lovely and I'm sure you and your family also enjoyed many wonderful dishes. I do like your tradition of singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and having a birthday cake too!