Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Off they go

My oldest three.  Oh my how they are turning in to fine young adults.  I love their relationship with one another.
As you know,  my Joshua is getting married soon.  Very soon.  He tries to go down to Port Charlotte to see Tabitha as much as he can.  But, as the wedding day gets closer, he's trying his hardest to work and save for his bride.  So, those days haven't been quite enough for him.  On one of his recent trips to see Tabitha and to have pre-wedding counseling by the Pastor that will be marrying them, Beth and Brenna rode down with him.  He usually leaves after work, they stay with one of the grandparents in Fort Myers, then come back the next evening.  Quick trip, but so worth it in my love struck boy's eyes. :o)
Beth and Brenna enjoy the 5 hour car ride to have Josh to themselves.  They usually stop for a snack or dinner.  They listen to good music and sing along.  Or they download old radio mystery shows and listen to those.  They just be together.  And they are cherishing it.  As a Mom, I'm cherishing these moments too.

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  1. What precious (and short) times together as single siblings. xx