Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

A Christmas Quilt

 As the gifts pile up under the tree throughout December, our family likes to look through them, shake them and guess what they hold.  We did this last weekend when the weather had dropped into the 30s.  Patrick lit our fireplace and we all gathered in front to look at our gifts.  After all had been passed out, Beth said, "Oh look, here's another one!"  Then, smiled sweetly and gave it to me.  She had a suspicious smile on her face.  She said that Grandma (my sweet Mom) had given her instructions to give it to me on a night when it was chilly and we were in front of the fireplace.

I opened up a beautiful Christmas quilt, handmade by my Mother.  Isn't it beautiful!!

  Thank you Mom!  How beautiful it is!  You are so talented!  I love you!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Singing at Plantation Oaks

 We have been praying for God to open up a door for us to have a Nursing Home ministry.  So, for our Homeschoolers activity, we decided to go sing and give out homemade cards, candy canes and gospel tracts.

 It went wonderful!  The residents were so happy to have us there!  And the children enjoyed it, too!

 The great news is that they have invited us to come back!  And that we sure will!

Young People's Christmas Party!

 God has blessed in so many ways at VSIBC.  We are thankful for the families that have joined and the Lord has called us to serve with.  We are especially thankful for the Godly young people.  What a sweet spirit they have!  We had a great time having a Christmas party with them!

 Mrs. Julia came as well.  What a sweet lady that I call my friend!

 Of course we had lots of food and a fun Hot Cocoa Bar!

 Then, it was time for our Gingerbread Competition!

 See if you can tell which is the boys and which is the girls..... :o)

On Sunday, we had the houses in the back and everyone voted for the winner.  The winner was the girls!  And their prize is for the Preacher's Wife to take them out for a special dinner.  Hey!  That just happens to be me! :o)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Quick Trip for Family Christmas

We are enjoying living closer to our family!  The five hour drive can easily be made for a quick trip.  Especially for a Family Christmas Party!  Denise opened up her home to us.  She always gives me her bed and takes the couch.  There aren't many Mother-in-laws that do that!  I have the best!

My Dad is continuing his new tradition of giving Callie flowers.  She's loving it!

We were so happy that sweet Tabitha could join us for party day!  She does fit in quite well with our family! :o)  Nice photo bomb, Mom!

Whenever we are at Grandpa and Grandma's house, my kiddos try to fit in as many golf cart rides as possible.  This time Callie had a rubber chicken that she squeezed through the whole neighborhood.  How nice.

Then, it was party time!  Lots of giggles, singing, food and fun!!

My Mom is so talented!  She made a beautiful quilt for my Aunt Florence.  It was gorgeous!!

My little nephew Jonathan isn't so little anymore.  He graduates from college this spring and has big plans working with and helping children in the future. 

So thankful for my parents and for my sisters!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Victory Springs looks beautiful for Christmas!

 My girls and I have loved decorating the church for different seasons and occasions.  For Christmas we chose to go very traditional with red, poinsettias and gold.  It turned out beautiful!  We scoured many stores, but found the most at Kirklands. I love that store!!

 Lowe's was a great Black Friday stop for Poinsettias!

 We are enjoying this wonderful season with some very precious people.  God is so good to us!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

An intruder

My winter garden is starting to sprout and grow!  My kiddos are so exciting watch the very slow progress.  We planted brussel sprouts, carrots, bunching onion, cauliflower, brocolli and snap peas.

The pine needles are quickly falling.  I love the beautiful color!  But, they are taking over my garden.  I've been weeding and trying to maintain.  Trying!

  As you can see on the other side of the fence, there is some green (and some weeds) starting to take off.  On this side of the fence, you can see the trail of an animal, probably a mole, trying to get to my garden!  I think he's after my carrots!  Now, I need to get rid of these pesky creatures!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our 2015 Tree

 After our tummies were full from lots of turkey, we went in search of the perfect Christmas Tree.  We found a great tent that has trees from north Carolina.  They were beautiful! 

 And then, we found it! Our 2015 Christmas Tree
 Let the decorating begin!

 Another beautiful family tree!

 The next day I found Callie gazing at all the pretty lights and ornaments.  I love pointing my children to Christ with the specialness of Christmas!

Then, it was on to the outside!  But, that will have to be for another post!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Blessed Thanksgiving

 We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day together.  The girls and I did a lot of working in the kitchen together and we loved it!

 There were lots of hungry faces watching us as we cooked and baked.
 While she was waiting, Callie prepared a Thanksgiving Lunch forher stuffed animals.  Even her stuffed turkey was on a plate in the middle!

 Beth did a beautiful job setting our table and decorating it with Bible Verses.

 We had a wonderful meal together sharing our blessings and Thanking God for being so good to us!