Thursday, July 21, 2022

Poor Peaches

It's been a little quieter on my blog lately.  Even though summer is supposed to be a restful time, for us it always gets really busy.  We have many things going on....camps, VBS, Summer Bible Study, Prophecy Conference, And a whole lot of fun mixed in there.  But, this year it has become increasingly tiring.  But, to tell why I need to rewind a couple of months.

Peaches had a "friend" come visit.  After her first batch of puppies a couple of years ago, we were going to get her spayed, but then time got away from us and we never did.  So when her friend we had never seen visited we knew what that meant and calculated ahead.

So it was no surprise to us when she started having her puppies.  At 10am on a Wednesday she delivered her first.  All through the day she delivered more and more.  When we came home from church that night there was another one. We checked on her about 11pm and thought she was done.  But the next morning I counted and she had had another.  She delivered a total of 12 puppies, although 2 were stillborn.

They are super cute!

They look a lot like their Dad with lots of brindle in their coats.  
Peaches was doing pretty great.  Or so we thought.  After about 4 days she stopped eating and was getting weaker and weaker.

We let her out to go potty a little after lunch.  She didn't return.  By 4pm we were getting worried.  We searched everywhere. After a ride in the woods, Patrick decided to check under the house.  There she was, and not doing well.  He had to crawl way under to the middle of the house and drag her out.  She was barely alive at that point and very cold and stiff.
We brought her in and tried to get her to drink.  We prayed she would make it.

Meanwhile, what do we do about the puppies???
Thankfully, we have two goats in milk.  So Silas milked them and came in with what the VET said is best for the puppies.  And so a new schedule began.  Milk the goat, feed the puppies.  Wait a couple of hours and start the process all over again.  Needless to say, this is quite exhausting!

It's been a group effort for sure!

All the while Peaches got worse and worse.  We took her to the Vet and they said they didn't know if she will make it.  She has a tear in her uterus.  They said the only hope for her is to get her spayed.  We were planning on doing that anyway, we just had to do it sooner than thought.

It's been pretty touch and go, but we are thankful that last night she has perked up and starting to get back to herself!

So, we are now to be the ones to feed these puppies for the next 6 weeks.  

We got Peaches a little over 5 years ago.  It's amazing how much you can get attached to a dog.  But, she's not only our pet, she guards our chickens, goats, and even cows and pigs.  She's an amazing farm dog!  And plus she's pretty protective of my kiddos. 

 So, summer is going quickly.  Lots and lots of memories being made.  Can it be fall yet?

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Wood, Hammer and Nails

Summer is a time for projects. Micah lobes to build and create. He loves tools and wood. When Silas and I told home we needed a milking stand, he was so excited to get his Daddy to help him build one.

He had such a great time! And it turned out so well. So thankful for a boy that loves to build and a hubby that is an amazing Daddy. 


Saturday, July 16, 2022

Teen Camp

A couple of weeks ago was Junior Camp.  I mentioned we had a great time with Silas and Callie doing some special things. Well, last week was Teen Camp.  Silas and Callie were so excited!  Beth and Josh were again the counsellors.  We were looking forward to time with just our Micah.  

Our first stop was Red Ginger, Micah's favorite restaurant. We laughed and talked and enjoyed this kid!

Me personally, I am not a sushi fan.  I've tried it, but each time I haven't enjoyed it.  Patrick, on the other hand, loves it!  Micah has tried it once before, so it was time for him to try it again.

He loved it!

We were able to fit in some really special time.  While Patrick and Micah went fishing, I went out with some sweet ladies to go shopping and eat Mexican.  We talked and laughed and ate too many chips and salsa.  Perfect afternoon!!

That evening I was invited to go spend the night with my sweet grandbabies.  We had so much fun making monkey bread! Just like when I was a kid. ;o)

Our creation turned out beautiful and tasted so yummy!! After the kiddos went to bed Tabitha and I crocheted and talked, I love my time with my daughter in law.  She is amazing!

Micah and I ran some errands together and went to Burger King.  I just love being with this kid!!

Then my parents were able to come by for a quick visit.  They were so happy to finally meet Patriot!

And he was so happy to meet them, too!

 We had a great week doing many things.  The teens had a great week, too, and came back with many stories, memories, and blessings.  

Just a few more weeks of summer left.  Wow, we have enjoyed it!  But, I'm looking forward to a great school year just around the corner.  Many changes are happening to our school year and we have made some decisions about school.  I'll post soon.  Let's just say I'm more excited about school than I have been in a long while!  Yay for that!

But for now, we have a ton to do!  Next week is our Prophecy Conference.  It's going to be amazing!! Then, VBS, then Brenna's baby shower.  Life can be busy around here.  But, it's a really good busy.  

Monday, July 4, 2022

Junior Camp

Well, I couldn't avoid it any longer.  Since Covid happened the year Micah was to go to Junior Camp, he wasn't able to go.  Our church didn't go last year either.  But, this year everything is back in full swing and my Micah was so excited!  As for me, I wasn't so sure I wanted my baby to go.  It did help that his big brother would be his counselor.  Beth was going for the girl counselor, too, so that made me feel better.  He was soooo excited!!

Since we only had two kiddos at home, we made the best of it and really had some great one on one time with Silas and Callie.  Silas went fishing with Patrick and they caught a redfish.  They had a great time together!

Callie and I had a great time together too!

We started off at Popeyes for a chicken sandwich.  So good!

Then, we spent a couple of hours at the library.  It was so relaxing and we took our time looking through the aisles and reading books.  She loved it.  I did too!

We went out for pizza one night at a restaurant that has trivia night.  That was great fun!  I have some smart kiddos!  Do you know the president that served between the two terms of Cleveland?  Which is faster, a spider or a cockroach?  Who named the moons of Jupiter?  Important stuff, you know!

And then us girls enjoyed a tea party together.  We were really missing our Beth for this!

 Micah and Beth came back with lots of great camp stories and memories.  They were tired, dirty, but so happy.  I'm glad to have them back!