Monday, July 4, 2022

Junior Camp

Well, I couldn't avoid it any longer.  Since Covid happened the year Micah was to go to Junior Camp, he wasn't able to go.  Our church didn't go last year either.  But, this year everything is back in full swing and my Micah was so excited!  As for me, I wasn't so sure I wanted my baby to go.  It did help that his big brother would be his counselor.  Beth was going for the girl counselor, too, so that made me feel better.  He was soooo excited!!

Since we only had two kiddos at home, we made the best of it and really had some great one on one time with Silas and Callie.  Silas went fishing with Patrick and they caught a redfish.  They had a great time together!

Callie and I had a great time together too!

We started off at Popeyes for a chicken sandwich.  So good!

Then, we spent a couple of hours at the library.  It was so relaxing and we took our time looking through the aisles and reading books.  She loved it.  I did too!

We went out for pizza one night at a restaurant that has trivia night.  That was great fun!  I have some smart kiddos!  Do you know the president that served between the two terms of Cleveland?  Which is faster, a spider or a cockroach?  Who named the moons of Jupiter?  Important stuff, you know!

And then us girls enjoyed a tea party together.  We were really missing our Beth for this!

 Micah and Beth came back with lots of great camp stories and memories.  They were tired, dirty, but so happy.  I'm glad to have them back!


  1. You sure know how to do family!! P.S. I LOVE that teapot!

    1. Nancy, which teapot? The darker one in the back was given to me not too long ago. It's different than any other that I have. I love it's character! I plan to use it this Thursday when I have some ladies over for tea. The pink and white one in the front was a thrift store find that I love! It was $5 for a set of dishes that included that teapot!

    2. The pink and white one. Can't believe you only paid $5.00 for it and a set of dishes. Think of me when you use it.