Tuesday, October 17, 2023


 I'm so proud of my Elisabeth! She's been getting messages of encouragement as people have read her book and have enjoyed it so much. They love the storyline and are glued from the beginning! But to have a wholesome, pure, fiction book that has the gospel message has been a blessing to many as they've shared with friends and family.

She recently went to our local library to find out the process of them carrying her book. They were very interested and we hope to hear back from them soon! The library is also willing to host a book signing of a local author so that is an exciting! Much progress is being made in the life of my authoress!!

Friday, October 13, 2023

Camping Trip right around the corner!

A few months ago a friend of ours gave us a large tent that he no longer needed. It was then we realized that our younger three have never taken a camping trip! We got a jar and started saving our change for a fun trip to camp with them. 

 We knew we didn't want to go in the middle of summer when it's very very hot. So we set our sights on October to go away for a two day camping trip. Since our time to leave is right around the corner I decided it would be great for us to do a six lesson camping unit from Campfire Curriculums. 

Anyone other homeschoolers out there that love Campfire Curriculums?  We've done two of their Unit Studies so far. (Christmas and Car Maintenance) We have loved it!! Part of me wants to jump right in and have this be our Core Curriculum. But I'm not quite that brave yet, so for now we will enjoy some of their Unit Studies as a bonus to what we are already doing.

We did Lesson One today and it was great!  Some of the things covered in this unit are different types of camping and picking your location, equipment, packing, what to do after you've arrived, activities, food, surviving the elements, tips and tricks, and checklists. It is very detailed. I love this time with my kiddos learning all of us together. And our camping trip is right around the corner!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Fun Time at a Ladies Conference

Ladies ministries are seriously one of my favorite ministries of our church! Yes we can sometimes be a little bit emotional maybe sometimes moody 😉 and always very chatty....but ladies activities are the best!!

I was so excited when a friend of mine invited for the church to come to her lady's retreat. It started on a Friday evening and then went over to saturday. I figure why not take the whole day off Friday and do some thrift store shopping and lunch out along the way!?!
We found Bunches of treasures!
And of course made a coffee stop!

And enjoyed lots of memories with friends!
Now this photo is at a very weird angle and makes us look strange but I sure do love these ladies! They are a treasure and a joy to be with! And encourage me so much!
The retreat was top-notch! The food was amazing, the speaking was and we just had a wonderful time together! 

I guess I really am biased but the ladies of Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church are the best!

Friday, October 6, 2023

Fall is in the air

 I feel like Autumn is just around the corner! Temperatures are getting slightly (ever so slightly) cooler. The humidity is a little bit lower and we've decorated our home and the church for fall.

My mind goes to fall drinks and fall snacks. And this Sunday we are supposed to dip in the 50s for our low. That's a big deal around here! I can't wait till bonfire weather. Lovin' this time of year!!