Monday, December 29, 2008

Misc. Christmas

It's been a loooong time since I've posted, so I threw in a bunch of different things we've done in December Brenna got a glove and baseball for Christmas. Baseball is her favorite sport, she says
Friday is our due date. We go to the midwife for our appt. today. I've been dialated to a three for 10 days should be time!!

Mom and Dad bought Josh a gigaball for Christmas. It's so great and he loves it. You blow it up, then get inside of it and roll around. We met MOm and Dad at the park the other night and of course my Dad had to try it out too.

This is Christmas night. Beth got a pedicure kit so she gave me a WONDERFUL pedicure. It looks so cute. Brenna gave her Daddy a pedicure too, with his "special" polish.

Christmas Day with Grandma June

The girls showing off all of their American girl clothes to their Daddy. My Mom has been sewing for MOnths!!! to give the girls lots of doll clothes.

Aunt Keela treated all of the girls to a manicure at the mall of Christmas Eve. They loved being pampered!

Christmas eve shopping!

Ty was so excited to see Josh at the mall and ran up and gave him a huge hug!

My "little" nephews- Jonathan and Isaiah.

William dropped by to show us his new Harley. Patrick might be a little jealous now. He loves motorcyles!

I was able to sing in our Christmas Cantata at church and had so much fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our December so Far

Patrick and the children arrived in Fort Myers December 5th (A day early!!). I was so excited to have them home! Since they've arrived we've been incredibly busy moving into our duplex that we're renting while we have the baby (a family from our church has some wonderful rental units available that we're renting!), emptying and cleaning the motorhome to prepare to sell, putting up our Christmas tree, and decorating for the holidays. We've gone through so many boxes that we've had in storage for the past 2 1/2 years that it feels like Christmas! The baby is due in 16 days and the kids lay their clothes out every night in case I go into labor while they're sleeping. Since I have been home for over a month I was able to join our church choir again and practice for the Christmas Cantata. Sunday night was the night for the Cantata. I had such a good time singing in the alto section.

When my Mom took this picture, Taylin (my sister) said this may be the last picture of our family of 5. Exciting, but a little sad too. It's been this way for so long. But, we are so eagerly anticipating the arrival of our precious bundle. Tomorrow night is my shower that my sisters are throwing for me. Beth and Brenna have had a great time helping their Aunts plan for the shower. We're so thankful to be with our family and our home church during the holidays and the birth of our new baby. Our meetings start back up in mid-January and go through the end of March. We're still praying we can begin language school at the beginning of April. So much to look forward to! The Lord is so good!