Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Open Door

It has been a while since I have posted.  Many things are happening in my life and sometimes it is hard to keep up!  This month has been busy with a beautiful Valentine's Banquet, sweet company visiting, being involved in a growing church, finding a new doctor and getting the labs complete, and a door opening for me that I wasn't quite expecting.

 Denise (Patrick's Mom) has been wanting to travel back to St Barths to visit her family and especially her Mom (Mama) that has not been feeling well.  This is the island that Denise was born on and the island where we served as missionaries before I became sick.   The person that was going to accompany her had a change in their time off and was no longer able to go.  We knew she was disappointed.  Patrick, as her son, knew that it just wasn't possible for him to get away.  When I mentioned that I could go, Patrick was skeptical.  He was concerned for my health and knew we needed to give this idea much prayer.  After giving this matter to God, we knew He was opening this door for me.
 SO, yesterday Denise and I began our days journey to St Barthelemy.  So many memories!  We have arrived safely.  Even though the day wore me out, I am thankful to be able to do this for my sweet Mother in law.  She needed to see her Mom.  Pray for me.  I truly desire to be a witness while I am here.  There were some precious souls that did not accept Christ while we lived here, that I would love to see saved.  And as Patrick put it, this will let me have a chance for a goodbye and closure.  When I became sick, I had to leave so fast.

So, as I enjoy the beautiful view and sun, I am praying, "God, please use me."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Raisin' 'em right!

 I think my Louisiana and Mississippi friends will appreciate this post.  Not too long ago we had a crawfish boil.  We love to do this!  And everytime we do, we ask, "Why don't we do this more often?"

 Each and every one of my kiddos loves the food.  Brenna really likes it when we throw some mussels in, but this time we opted for clams. (They were my favorite!)

 While eating, we joked with the kids that real Louisianans suck the heads.  None of us ever do this.  Callie was very interested.  She tried it.

 Thought about it....
 And tried it some more.  She loved it!  I think her French-Canadian side is coming out as French-Cajun!

So yummy!  And the cleanup is easy!  Just throw it all away!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It needs to be said again

I ordered it today.  She picked pink.  I found her perfect size, entered our information, and bought it. My sweet girl, Elisabeth, is graduating and you can't have a graduation without a cap and gown.

Then, I headed into the bathroom.  And there they were.  Callie (my spunky 5 year old) had left out her hot pink, high heeled (her favorite part) plastic shoes. My first thought was, "Why is she leaving these in the middle of my bathroom floor?" Then, a thought shook me.  I realized that it really wasn't that long ago that my Beth was wearing similar shoes.  Hot pink, high heeled and plastic.  Now, she has classy black heels.  She puts them away where they belong.  And she will probably wear them with her Cap and Gown on graduation day.

I remember hearing from older Mommas when my babies were little, "It goes by too fast."  At the time I smiled and thought that my babies growing up was in the distant future.  But, it's true.  Those plastic cute shoes will be replaced with the real thing.  Your baby will grow up.  She will be ready to stand on her own.  

It needs to be said again, "It goes by too fast."