Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It needs to be said again

I ordered it today.  She picked pink.  I found her perfect size, entered our information, and bought it. My sweet girl, Elisabeth, is graduating and you can't have a graduation without a cap and gown.

Then, I headed into the bathroom.  And there they were.  Callie (my spunky 5 year old) had left out her hot pink, high heeled (her favorite part) plastic shoes. My first thought was, "Why is she leaving these in the middle of my bathroom floor?" Then, a thought shook me.  I realized that it really wasn't that long ago that my Beth was wearing similar shoes.  Hot pink, high heeled and plastic.  Now, she has classy black heels.  She puts them away where they belong.  And she will probably wear them with her Cap and Gown on graduation day.

I remember hearing from older Mommas when my babies were little, "It goes by too fast."  At the time I smiled and thought that my babies growing up was in the distant future.  But, it's true.  Those plastic cute shoes will be replaced with the real thing.  Your baby will grow up.  She will be ready to stand on her own.  

It needs to be said again, "It goes by too fast."

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