Friday, March 26, 2021

She's Here!

As I mentioned in the last post, it was a joy to be able to meet Victory Belle.  Can I just say that homebirths are amazing!?  She was less than 3 hours old and we were able to go over and see her.  So thankful!

She is so beautiful!  She looks a lot like Liberty to me.  But, not as much hair as she had.  So gorgeous!

Being a Lolli to these 3 girls is such an honor.  And blessing.  And a complete joy.  I love every minute of it!

Pops is so proud.  I think he's even telling random strangers on the street about Victory!  He loves these girls that's for sure!

And all the aunts and uncles ooohed and ahhhed over this new addition.  We are in love for sure!!

Welcome to this crazy, loud, fun family Victory Belle!  You are loved and prayed for.   Praying for you now that as soon as you understand, you will make the most important decision you can, and that's where your soul will spend eternity.  We are praying now that one day you will put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ!  We love you!!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

She's on her way!!

Monday morning Josh asked us if we could watch Liberty and Freedom that afternoon.  He had a dental appointment and he wanted to take Tabitha out to dinner after that!  Sure!  When he dropped off the girls I could tell Tabitha wasn't feeling the greatest.  Poor thing had been having contractions off and on for about a week.  Labor just didn't seem to want to to kick fully in gear.  We had fun with the girls that night and took a nice walk down our road.  I love their new stroller!  When Josh and Tabitha came back to pick up the girls he said, "I think I might be bringing them back later!"  We were all hoping Victory would make her appearance soon!

At 3:30am Josh called and said "It's time!  Can I bring over the girls?"  Yes!  He brought the girls over all bundled up and sleepy eyed.  We layed them down and they went right back to sleep.  As for me and Pops and Brenna, we couldn't sleep after that!  I decided to start breakfast just in case my boy came back hungry.  I whipped up a double batch of sourdough crepes and we waited.  I got a text at 4:30 that she was dialted to a 6.

I got another text at 7 that contractions were still coming strong, but no baby yet.  When the girls woke up I fed them and got them dressed.  They were excited to meet their sister!  I little after 9 I got a text saying that Victory Belle was born at 9:19! 

We tried to be patient.  Really we did!  We were so excited to meet the newest Gimenez!  The midwife cleaned up Victory and took lots of stats.  Tabitha showered.  I finally sent a text saying, "Can we at least get a picture of her toe?"  Sure enough my son sent a sweet photo over of Victory Belle!  Even if it is just her ear, it's one of the cutest ears I've ever seen!

Then, we got the text that we could come on over and meet our newest Grandbaby.  So excited!  So in honor of being patient, I think I'll just post it tomorrow. ;o)

"Some time with them"

Liberty has a really neat bond with my Mom and Dad.  She loves to be with them and talk to them.  Tabitha started to have mild contractions while Mom and Dad were here.  So, we invited Liberty and Freedom to spend the night, just in case.

When my Dad headed to bed, Liberty asked if she could go "spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma in their room."  How sweet.  I had to snap a couple of pictures. 

She sat there telling them all kinds of things!  Then, she hugged and kissed them goodnight.  I'm so thankful for the memories we get to create.  There's just something about seeing your grandbaby love your parents and want to be with them.  As you grow older, you just "get it" now.  Know what I mean?  I now get some of the feelings my Mom had and I understand.  When different generations have a special bond it is precious.   I'm so thankful I could witness this sweet moment. 


As for Victory Belle making her appearance....contractions sort of fizzled out through the night.  But, as Tabitha put it, I think God orchestrated all of that.  He knew Liberty needed this time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Or maybe they needed that time with Liberty.  Either way, it was perfect timing.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Elisabeth is 23!

My baby girl is 23!

We had a wonderful time celebrating my Beth's birthday.  What a wonderful lady she is.  She has such a servant's heart and love for the Lord.  She's diligent and kind and such a blessing to us!  

She has a love for Reeses and her family showered her with plenty to last for a while!


My parents were here for 2 nights during Beth's birthday.  They know she loves steak, so they treated us to the best steak place around, Aikens.  So yummy!

My Mom also gave both Beth and Brenna a wonderful gift....her china from when she got married.  My girls were so excited!  They each have beautiful pieces.  But, a few days later I heard them talking....they said they love how pretty it is, but really love the story behind it and that it's from their grandma.  I love that. 

My two oldest girls are really growing up.  They are beautiful young ladies that love the Lord.  I'm so thankful for the example that they are to me!

Happy Birthday my dear Elisabeth!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pretzel night

We hadn't done this in a while and I forgot how fun it is!  Pretzel night!

The dough really is quite easy to make and it's always fun to shape the pretzels. 

I always find it strange that you have to boil the dough for 30 seconds first.

After they pop out of the oven you dip them into whatever topping you'd like.  We had mustard and cheese dip.  So delicious!

 Micah was excited that his M kept its shape. 

If you'd like to try it, I use this Pretzel recipe.  (Although I adapted it so that it is more like my friend Jessi's recipe. Her recipes are some of my favorites! Instead of the white sugar, use brown. And instead of margarine, use butter.  We also mixed an egg and brushed the tops of the pretzels after they came out of the boiling water.)

Monday, March 15, 2021

Girl's Beach Day

My girls and I love a good adventure!  And since Morgan was in town we decided to head out to the beach!  A friend of mine had been recommending Shired Island.  I'ts about and hour and a half from our house.  It's on the gulf side, so it doesn't have the crystal clear waters, but it was beautiful!

We walked on the beach, took lots of pics, spread out a blanket and read books, we talked plenty....what a great afternoon!!

Then, we enjoyed the gorgeous sunset!  Sunset and the beach are two of my favorite things!

What a great time we had!  I think I found one of my new favorite "happy places."  The beach.  Books.  The sunset.  My girls.  What a great time!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

We're ready, Victory Belle!

Tabitha is 38 weeks and we are officially on baby watch!  To say we are all excited is an understatement.  We can't wait!!

At church Sunday night I looked at Tabitha and she was so feminine, beautiful, radiant and glowing.  I told her I had to take her picture!!

Other than baby Victory staying breech for far too long, it has been a good pregnancy for Tabitha.  I am so thankful!  Praise the Lord the baby has turned and is all ready to go!

 We are so blessed with such a wonderful daughter in law.  Her and Josh really were made for each other and complete one another in every way.  It's amazing!

 So stay tuned for some cute newborn photos!  This Lolli can't wait!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Some fun around our little farm

We're enjoying our little farm and all the blessings God is showering upon us.  It sure is a lot of fun!

Each day my kiddos help with feeding animals and cleaning stalls.  It really doesn't take a whole lot of time, but we do have to be consistent.  

We try to interact with our goats on a daily basis so we can keep them sweet and used to being with people.  No one wants to be with a mean goat!  And ours sure are sweet!

Silas and I have been researching and trying to decide which way we want to go with our little goat business.  We made the hard choice that these 3 will probably have to go.  So for now we are enjoying watching them grow and their fun personalities for as long as we have them!

Peaches has even had fun meeting the new baby goats!

Callie's chickens are even laying again!  They took a break for a couple of months during the winter.  Patrick told her one morning, "Callie, I think it's time to butcher your chickens, they just aren't giving us any eggs!"  Well, guess what they started doing the VERY NEXT MORNING!  Yes, they started laying eggs again!  We are enjoying about 7 a day and can't keep up!  It's been fun giving eggs away, though!

So I think spring is here in North Central Florida.  We are getting the itch to start planting a little garden, our trees have beautiful blossoms, kids are being born, eggs being's just so much fun!