Saturday, February 26, 2022

Gimenez Family I love you Banquet!

I'm starting to have a new favorite holiday.  Each year our "I love you Banquet" gets sweeter and sweeter.  I just love it!  We draw names weeks before and try our hardest to keep it a secret.  That doesn't always go so good. :o)
Then, you create something for the person you draw.  You're not supposed to spend any money, but be creative.  I love how everyone is determined to do something the other person will really like. Liberty and Freedom were so excited as they came in and couldn't wait to give their gifts that they had made!

And I really love it that I get a group photo each year!  I'm so blessed to have each of my family members living close by for this season of life.  I am cherishing these sweet days!!

We always decorate the table with hearts, reds, pinks, chocolates and candies.  What could be better??

We decided to do a big turkey dinner.  Poor Brenna was sick for Thanksgiving and didn't get her fill of turkey.  So we were happy to recreate this special feast!

Then, it was time to give gifts.  Patrick drew Callie's name and made her this really cool picture frame.

I drew Patrick's name and gathered our prayer letters while we were missionaries from 2006-2018.  I put them into a book.  It's neat to read our family's story!

This year AJ drew Liberty and Brenna drew Freedom.  They created them cute little picnic baskets with picnic basket goodies.  I love their sweet joyful smiles!

 Josh drew Tabitha's name.  He wrote her a mushy letter. ;o)  Then, created an order for him to make a personalized prayer journal for her.  He made one for himself several months ago that is divided really neat and in a great way.  Then, he made one for Patrick for Christmas.  Now he's making one for Tabitha. Such a thoughtful gift!

Freedom drew my name and made me cute little canvas picture frames.  She was so excited to show me how she colored it!

Liberty drew Josh's name and made him a pencil holder.  So cute!!

Micah built and stained a shelf for Silas that will hold all his wood carvings.

Callie crocheted Brenna carseat blanket for BB. (Baby Blankenship. ;o)  Callie's crocheting is blossoming and I'm loving it!  It's put me in the crochet mood!
Tabitha made Beth some Paradise Cookies.  The local coffee shop makes them and we LOVE them!  Adore them!!  Tabitha found a mock recipe online and they are soooo yummy!  (So glad Beth let me sample one!)

Beth made Micah some chocolate chip reeses cookies.  Delicous!
And I somehow missed a picture of Silas giving AJ homemade licorice ice cream.  That stuff is so good!!!

What a great evening together to tell one another "I love you."  Those are words that are always sweet to hear!

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