Monday, October 26, 2020

What do you do when.... are given a ton of cucumbers?  You make cucumber sandwiches, of course!  And enjoy a nice tea party for lunch!  Perfect way to take a quick break during a busy school day!


Friday, October 23, 2020

To Celebrate 50 Years!

My wonderful parents are about to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss.  If you know them, you know they are still just as much, and even more in love than they were 50 years ago.  Their love just grows sweeter and it's an example to my sisters and me.  So, we decided we wanted to through them a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.  How fun!  It wasn't a surprise, since there were so many calendars involved.  It dawned on a super busy time for us and I wish we had much more time to be able to spend extra time with them, but it just didn't work out that way. I cherished every moment of having ALL of my family together!

We left early Friday morning for the 5 hour trip south to Fort Myers.  We visited with my parents for a bit then went off to decorate the fellowship hall for the party the next day.  How fun!

I was so excited that Josh, Tabitha and the girls could come down, too.  They made it in later that night and Liberty was so excited to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house! They were pretty happy, too!

It was fun to do a tiny bit of catching up while we had the time, but, of course, the night went way too fast!

The next morning, my sisters and I and all of our families and my Mom and Dad met at a local park.  Mom had hired a photographer and we had a huge family photo shoot.  I just know this made Mom's and Dad's day to have us all together!  And the photos turned out great, but that's for another post!

Then, it was time for the party.  We decorated with lots of photos of them through the years.  We also put out memorabilia from their honeymoon. 

     My parents really are the best and I am so thankful for the                                  heritage that God has given to me!

Because of Covid concerns, we had to keep the guest list to a minimum.  That was a bummer.  But, it was so nice of the many family and friends that came out to celebrate with us.  

We served hot dogs that were reminiscent of the hot dogs my parents served in their restaurant, Dog N' Suds.  It's the place my Dad owned and hired my Mom.  It's a sweet love story.

It was such a wonderful party, and I am so thankful we could be there.  I love you Mom and Dad!


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Health Update

I really haven't posted on my health in quite a while.  I know many are praying for me and I am so honored that you would.  So blessed, that's for sure!  Some have asked for an update as to how things are going.  Well....they are going!

My doctor decided a few of months ago to move my 2-day infusions to 3 weeks apart instead of 4.  Kind of a bummer, but I know he is just wanting to see optimal results for me with little relapse of symptoms.  Usually when it's time for infusion my choking resumes, my fatigue and aches increase, my left eye tears and gets heavy, I drop things easily or fall down, and when I talk my tongue feels too heavy so I sometimes slur my words.  Quite interesting I know!  My family can always tell when it's time for my nurse to come!

I have a wonderful, amazing nurse that comes to our home for my infusions.  She loves the Lord, so it makes it easy for her to come in and talk about things of God and His Word.  She knows each of my family members by name and how they are doing.  She just fits right in and I am so thankful for her!  She knows that an hour in to my infusion I crash and sleep on the couch.  She's just really great and I know she is a God send!

The worst part of the infusions are a few days after when I sometimes get a migraine.  Usually if I sweat it will trigger a migraine in the next day or 2.  Having to be careful is not all that fun.  I like to be outside!! But living in Florida means that 8 months out of the year I will sweat if I'm outside too long.  That has meant we've had to put a hold on some of our state park adventures.  Last weekend we had cooler weather, so we visited a new one that I will post about soon!  Wow, that was an adventure!  So when a migraine comes we darken the windows and try to be quiet. Beth will put lavendar and peppermint in her diffuser, and I go to bed. I also take some steroids and within a day I am just fine.  

A side effect of the steroids (doesn't it feel like a roller coaster....side effect from infusions are migraines, so I take steroids intravenously and orally...then there are side effects to the steroids...) is the weight gain.  Not fun.  I've been counting calories, but the scale just isn't budging.  This is just going to be something that I have to give to the Lord.

Many things brighten my day during my infusions.  My family makes me lunch and snacks and is ready to bring whatever I need.  They make sure I drink my water and make sure I have a day or two to rest afterwards.  They really do protect and guard me and I am so blessed!  They've been through a lot with me in this health journey over the past 7 years!


But one of my favorites is when these 2 little girls come to visit their Lolli (or as Freedom says, "Lolla")  They just put a smile on my face and really brighten my day! 

So things are going well.  We are learning how things should go for infusions and taking things a day at a time.  God is so good to go on this journey with us.  We have truly learned that He never leaves us nor forsakes us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

To Make Someone's Day

 Everyone likes to know that someone is thinking about them and cares for them.  Everyone needs that.  My Callie is so thoughtful and is sweet about writing notes.  I found this one in my Bible not too long ago.  How sweet of her!

So, I have a challenge for you that may be reading.  Have you written any notes lately? Now, I didn't ask if you'd received any, I asked if you have written any.  God lays out principles in His Word of reaping and sowing, so let's be sure to reap the things we want in our life and let God grow them for us in return!

 It doesn't take but just a moment to let someone know that you care!  This week  I plan to leave a note in a Bible for someone in my family and someone outside of my family.  I want to let them know that I care.  Want to do this with me?  I know it will brighten someone's day!  And let's face it....we all need that!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Fall Ready

One of the many joys that I have of being the Pastor's Wife is that I get to decorate the church.  I  love it!  My husband likes to keep things new and fresh and prefers for decorations to be changed up every other month or so. Fine by me!

This year I decided to get everything out from the back and just try to use what we have.  I think it worked out very well!  I love all the sunflowers and pumpkins and how it all came together.

Then, it was time to decorate my home for Fall.  This really is my favorite time of year and whenever I get out the fall decos the excitement just builds for the fun ahead!

This year we decided to change up our Thankful Tree a little.  We usually cut out a tree from some sort of paper and write what we are thankful for on paper leaves and tape them to the tree.  Well, this year I was pintrest inspired to create an actual tree.  I had the kids go through the yard and pick up long, scraggly sticks.  Not a problem in our yard, that's for sure!  Then, I borrowed a bucket of  my husband's corn that he buys for the deer feeder.  (I still don't think he has realzied that he's missing a bucket full! ;o) We decided to add the lights for some pretty ambience.  And now we are working at filling up the tree with things that we are thankful for.  We really do have so much that we are blessed with, don't we?

 This is absolutely my favorite time of year!   The weather is turning cooler, the food is amazing, we are thinking ahead to Christmas, the colors are beautiful.....I just love it!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

It's that time of year!

Finally here!! My favorite time of year.  I love when the temps turn a little cooler.  This has been one hot summer!!

When it turns cooler we all seem to come out of the house a whole lot more.  There's more going on walks and exploring in the woods.  We have picnics and play football, volleyball and croquet in our yard.  And also, one of my favorites, we have bonfires!!

I love having s'mores and roasting marshmallows.  Anyone else like to burn theirs until it's onfire?  I love it!!  My husband likes his more slow roasted and slightly browned.  Not me.  I've eaten three by the time he's just started with his first!

But, my favorite part about having a bonfire is....

...just taking a moment to slow down and be together.  There is something so soothing and relaxing about sitting around a fire talking, singing, and just be-ing.

Life can get too busy if we let it.  A week can go by and feel like we just blinked.  We can be productive and profitable with our time.  But, too often, I focus on being so productive that I forget to just stop and savor the moments.  Not this Fall.  I plan to have several more bonfires and just sit and be with my family.  Marshmallows are optional, but most likely will play in to the equation! ;o)

I usually create a Fall Bucket List and love doing that.  Want to know what's on my list this year?  Just this.  Slowing down and enjoying front yard bonfires, volleyball matches, and lots of s'mores.  God is so good to  us, I want to make sure and enjoy each blessing this fall!


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A doubt settled

It's been about a little over a month ago that we had some of our dear friends come to VSIBC to share their testimony. The husband wife team had grown up in church and served faithfully in many ministries.  But, they both had doubts about a prayer they prayed when they were younger.  They shared that they repeated something because their friends did, but knew it held no meaning for them.  God had gotten ahold of both of their hearts and showed them they were not saved.  It's an amazing testimony and my hubby preacher wanted them to come share it at VSIBC.  It's wonderful what has happened since then!  Each week we have seen someone saved and revival is truly happening at our church.  One of the first to see their need of a Savior was my Callie Grace.

It was a few days after our friends had shared their testimony that Patrick, Silas, Callie and Micah were riding along  in the car together.  Out of the blue, Silas said, "Let's tell about when we got saved!"  So, Silas excitedly shared the day he knew he needed a Saviour and accepted Christ.  Then, Micah shared about the night he knew he would go to hell if he died and how he prayed and accepted the Lord's gift of salvation.  When it came to Callie, she started to cry.  By this time they were almost home, so Patrick brought her into our bedroom and the 3 of us climbed onto our bed to talk about it.  Callie said she had been having some doubts for a while.  She remembers the night she got saved.  But, she didn't remember any conviction, or fear of hell.  She didn't remember seeing that she needed to get saved, it was just something that she did.  She really felt that the Holy Spirit was telling her she wasn't saved.  So, we talked and talked some more and then she wanted to pray.  Patrick asked her if she wanted him to lead her in prayer.  She said "No, I can do this."  And she prayed one of the sweetest prayers I've ever heard.  Through tears she told the Lord that she knows she's not saved.  She told him she was so sorry for her sin.  She thanked Him for loving her and working in her heart.   She accepted the gift of salvation that He so freely offers because of what Jesus did on the cross.  Hallelujah!

It took a lot of courage for our girl to be honest with us about this...Especially being a child that grew up in church, and was the preacher's kid.  She knew that everyone thought she was saved and was worried about what others would think.  I'm so thankful that she knew that she needed to get this settled and had the courage to talk to us about it.

The next Sunday we told everyone of her decision.  There was so much rejoicing!  I love that our church family is excited when someone gets saved!  That's what it's all about!!

Even though she was baptized before, she knew she needed to get baptized again.  Getting baptized is something you do after you get saved to show everyone of the decision you have made.  It doesn't save you, it just tell others of what Christ has done for you!  

The heater we had on in the baptistry was working a little too well.  Our Callie enjoyed being baptized in a hot tub!

There was so much joy on our girl's face.  We are all so proud of her!!


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Adding to the Flock!

My Callie Grace loves her chickens.  Absolutely loves them!  And she does so good caring for them, I'm so proud of her!  

We were given an egg incubator, so she wanted to try her hand at hatching some eggs.  She had 13 eggs to put in the incubator.  She patiently waited while  maintaining the right temperature and humidity.  It took diligence.

When we first started seeing signs of baby chicks peeping through the shell, it was like Christmas morning!!  It was so exciting!

She had 4 chicks hatch, but only 2 survive.  Poor girl.  She's excited for her 2 that she has, but there were some tears shed for the others that didn't make it. 

 It does take a good bit of work to raise baby chicks.  You have to constantly check their water, give them food to eat,  clean the shavings, and maintain a warm temp with a heat lamp.  Her Daddy felt bad that she was doing all that work for only 2 chicks.  So, he took her to Tractor Supply and bought her 4 Sapphire Olive Egger chicks to raise with the 2 that she hatched.

It's been a fun learning experience for her, but I think we'll leave the hatching to the Momma hens in the future!