Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A doubt settled

It's been about a little over a month ago that we had some of our dear friends come to VSIBC to share their testimony. The husband wife team had grown up in church and served faithfully in many ministries.  But, they both had doubts about a prayer they prayed when they were younger.  They shared that they repeated something because their friends did, but knew it held no meaning for them.  God had gotten ahold of both of their hearts and showed them they were not saved.  It's an amazing testimony and my hubby preacher wanted them to come share it at VSIBC.  It's wonderful what has happened since then!  Each week we have seen someone saved and revival is truly happening at our church.  One of the first to see their need of a Savior was my Callie Grace.

It was a few days after our friends had shared their testimony that Patrick, Silas, Callie and Micah were riding along  in the car together.  Out of the blue, Silas said, "Let's tell about when we got saved!"  So, Silas excitedly shared the day he knew he needed a Saviour and accepted Christ.  Then, Micah shared about the night he knew he would go to hell if he died and how he prayed and accepted the Lord's gift of salvation.  When it came to Callie, she started to cry.  By this time they were almost home, so Patrick brought her into our bedroom and the 3 of us climbed onto our bed to talk about it.  Callie said she had been having some doubts for a while.  She remembers the night she got saved.  But, she didn't remember any conviction, or fear of hell.  She didn't remember seeing that she needed to get saved, it was just something that she did.  She really felt that the Holy Spirit was telling her she wasn't saved.  So, we talked and talked some more and then she wanted to pray.  Patrick asked her if she wanted him to lead her in prayer.  She said "No, I can do this."  And she prayed one of the sweetest prayers I've ever heard.  Through tears she told the Lord that she knows she's not saved.  She told him she was so sorry for her sin.  She thanked Him for loving her and working in her heart.   She accepted the gift of salvation that He so freely offers because of what Jesus did on the cross.  Hallelujah!

It took a lot of courage for our girl to be honest with us about this...Especially being a child that grew up in church, and was the preacher's kid.  She knew that everyone thought she was saved and was worried about what others would think.  I'm so thankful that she knew that she needed to get this settled and had the courage to talk to us about it.

The next Sunday we told everyone of her decision.  There was so much rejoicing!  I love that our church family is excited when someone gets saved!  That's what it's all about!!

Even though she was baptized before, she knew she needed to get baptized again.  Getting baptized is something you do after you get saved to show everyone of the decision you have made.  It doesn't save you, it just tell others of what Christ has done for you!  

The heater we had on in the baptistry was working a little too well.  Our Callie enjoyed being baptized in a hot tub!

There was so much joy on our girl's face.  We are all so proud of her!!



  1. Praise the Lord! I am so happy for Callie and for you all. This post was such a blessing.