Saturday, October 10, 2020

Adding to the Flock!

My Callie Grace loves her chickens.  Absolutely loves them!  And she does so good caring for them, I'm so proud of her!  

We were given an egg incubator, so she wanted to try her hand at hatching some eggs.  She had 13 eggs to put in the incubator.  She patiently waited while  maintaining the right temperature and humidity.  It took diligence.

When we first started seeing signs of baby chicks peeping through the shell, it was like Christmas morning!!  It was so exciting!

She had 4 chicks hatch, but only 2 survive.  Poor girl.  She's excited for her 2 that she has, but there were some tears shed for the others that didn't make it. 

 It does take a good bit of work to raise baby chicks.  You have to constantly check their water, give them food to eat,  clean the shavings, and maintain a warm temp with a heat lamp.  Her Daddy felt bad that she was doing all that work for only 2 chicks.  So, he took her to Tractor Supply and bought her 4 Sapphire Olive Egger chicks to raise with the 2 that she hatched.

It's been a fun learning experience for her, but I think we'll leave the hatching to the Momma hens in the future!


  1. So much learning, fun and sadness involved in the care of other animals. I'm glad Callie has some additional chicks to care for and fuss over.

  2. That is so neat though. BJ is debating incubating eggs or trying to buy a breed that has good sitters.