Tuesday, October 6, 2020

An On Time God!

I just have to brag on God for a moment and say how on time He always is!! Our dryer was given to us a couple years ago. So thankful! It started making some horrible metal on metal sounds about 6 months ago. My amazing hubby was able to order the parts and fix it.

Last week it started making that sound again. Ugh. So yesterday Patrick took it apart and saw that the parts he had replaced had worn out and were disintegrated. So he would need to order some more again. This morning as I was praying for him I asked God to strengthen my husband's faith financially. It was literally 10 minutes later that we got a text from a sweet lady in our church. She said that the new washer and dryer she bought for the house she is building won't fit. Instead of returning the pair, she wanted to know if she could just give them both to us. Are you kidding me?? I sent her the pic of our laundry room and told her that this was such perfect timing!! Only God could arrange something like this! So amazing!!!

 Micah said that he feels so rich everytime the washer or dryer is finished it dings a pretty jingle.  :o)