Saturday, April 30, 2022

He's 10!

My Micah is such a cool kid.  If you sit and talk with him you realize that he has lots of neat interests.  He loves anything to do with tools, engines, and planes.  He loves Science and History.  He's really just an awesome kid!
For his birthday he planned a fun day and we all had a great time!

He decided for us to all take a little road trip!

First stop Burger King!  Yay!!

Then we went to the Military Museum at Camp Blanding.  It's a free museum that we had never been to before.

He had fun looking at all the military displays.

And he really had fun looking at all the old planes, tanks, and automobiles.

I love this....big brother is helping him look inside the helicopter.

Wow, for a helicopter it was huge inside!!

Even my girls enjoyed all the displays.  It was a beautiful sunny day!

Have I ever mentioned how gorgeous Florida is? I still am amazed at all the beauty in our state.

We all had a great time enjoying this kid.  He's pretty cool!


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Hot Tocoa??

Can we have some Hot Tocoa, Lolli?  Oh yes!!

I just love when these girls come over for a visit!  I love how all their k sounds come out as t.  I love their big brown eyes.  And I love how their eyes light up over little things like saying yes to having "Hot Tocoa!" 

I never knew how wonderful it would be to be a Lolli!


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Pippi delivers Thumper!

After a wonderful Easter Sunday we came home for a big Easter lunch.  Ham, potato casserole, green beans, corn salad, pea salad and peeps rice krispy treats.  Seriously all the yummies were ready to be eaten!

Then, Silas noticed that Pippi was in labor!  What to do, what to do.  I had a table of family and friends!?  So, we nicely ate (Silas and I on the quickly side) and then went outside to check on Pippi.  We had some family and friends follow us.  

We watched her deliver a healthy, adorable buckling!

We were shocked it was just one!  She is a great Momma and doing so well! Since it was Easter, we decided to name him Thumper.

They had quite an audience!

He has cute blue eyes, just like his Momma!

 Isn't he just so cute!!??!!

But, now we have 14 goats.  It's time to make some tough decisions for me and Silas.  Which breed do we want to keep?  What direction do we want to go with our goat plans?  Right now we have 5 different breeds of goats and lots of mouths to feed.  It's fun, but it's time to make some tough choices and Silas and I have a plan.  I'll post soon!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Happy Easter!

I love celebrating Easter!  The week before we are reminded of Christ's sacrifice for us.  It's a time of reflection.  On Wednesday our church took the Lord's supper together and Josh preached on the crucifixion.  It really puts thing in perspective and almost leaves our hearts feeling heavy.  But then Easter Sunday arrives. He is risen!  There is excitement in the air!

I wake up early and fill the kiddos baskets with lots of chocolate goodies and candies.  They usually try to dress in spring colors. This year I told the ladies of our church that I wanted to wear an Easter Hat.  Beth, Callie and I had fun shopping for our Easter hats that would go with our dresses.  

As a Pastor's family we know that Easter is a well attended service. So we planned to be packed out in our little building.  On the way to church there was an excitement in the air!

And packed we were!  We had a high day on our van route of 24!  This kids had so much fun in Junior Church!

We had a total attendance of 137!  Wow, VSIBC is really growing!!

Then it was time for the Egg Hunt.  So much fun!

The girls were so cute hunting their eggs.  They really weren't in much of a rush.

I'm so thankful for the friends that God has provided for my kiddos!

 It was a beautiful, sunny day!  

Then, it was time to head home for a big Easter lunch of turkey and ham.  It was so exciting to be all together. 

But, when we arrived home we had a little surprise that changed up our plans.....