Monday, March 1, 2021

More babies for Storybook Farms

We had been on goat watch for Jenna for a little over a week.  I knew she was close because she had filled up with milk.  But, other than that, she wasn't showing any signs of delivering, but we were watching.  She was pretty small compared to last time, so I thought she would have maybe 1 or 2 kids.  I checked on her around 6:30 am one morning.  We had already separated her from the others and created a nice birthing suite.  Around 8am, Silas went out to feed all the goats.  He quickly came running back in and hollered, "Jenna just had a baby!!"  We were all so excited!  I was able to snap a picture after the first one was born.

Then, she had a second, big kid.  And then a third.  I know this may sound pretty graphic, so scroll to the bottom for cute pics if this isn't your thing. :o) But, after she delivered the 2nd, she quickly delivered a 3rd.  But, it was still in its sack.  You can actually see it in the pic above.  

It stayed that way for about 3 or 4 minutes.  I wondered what to do.  I wanted to see the other 9 goats we have had born on our farm, but that never happened.  I had been reading on what to do for goat births: assist or not is always the question. I have decided that God has created goats with the ability to know what to do.  I would watch and not assist. 


But, after about 5 mintues I decided to break the water and get that baby breathing.  Poor Jenna.  Then, she was busy trying to clean off all 3!  I think, looking back, that I should have just left it be.  Jenna would get to that kid when it was time.  But, anyway....they are all doing great! 


My children had a first row seat for births on our farm.  God is so awesome how He created everything!  It's really amazing!!

Silas and I decided to name them after names from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

We have Sawyer, our buckling.  He is quite big!  I love the coloring he has!

Polly is our doeling.  She has the cutest spots!!

 And Sally is the other doeling.  She looks like she has a white saddle on her back.

Now we have the fun task of deciding who to keep.  This is hard!  Silas and I want to eventually make some profit off of our goat hobby.  We were able to sell last years sets of babies pretty easily.  We now have 3 different breeds with the babies being some mixed breeds.  Which breed do we keep?  Or do we just keep the ones with really neat colors and go for fun colored mixed breed goats.  Not sure yet, but we'll see!

We are having so much fun on our little farm!  God is blessing and we are enjoying it!!


  1. Congratulations on the new babies! They are so cute and so are their names.

  2. That is incredible. I can't wait to expand our farm again with a milk cow!

    1. Jessi it is soooo much fun!! I am loving all your photos of your little farm, too!