Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Blessed Thanksgiving

 We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day together.  The girls and I did a lot of working in the kitchen together and we loved it!

 There were lots of hungry faces watching us as we cooked and baked.
 While she was waiting, Callie prepared a Thanksgiving Lunch forher stuffed animals.  Even her stuffed turkey was on a plate in the middle!

 Beth did a beautiful job setting our table and decorating it with Bible Verses.

 We had a wonderful meal together sharing our blessings and Thanking God for being so good to us!


  1. I just had a wonderful meal prepared by an African friend so I am stuffed. But your dinner is still making me hungry, lol. For I too love Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays and the traditional meals and family times that go along with. I'm so glad you have all your family with you at this wonderful time of year. Hugs and blessings. xx

  2. p.s. Calli's parallel turkey dinner was so precious. ♥