Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stuck on Vacation

Never a dull moment in this family.  That's for sure.  While enjoying a nice vacation at the park, and talking with Denise and Dee, the boys came to me and said that there was an emergency.  I looked over and my poor Callie was on top of the slide and was stuck.

 I climbed up the slide and tried my best to get her foot out.  I had Dee come help me hold her up.  I was worried that if she fell off that she would break her leg.  I couldn't get her foot to budge.  Then, we tried lotion and rubbed it all over her ankle and the bars on the playground.  Still stuck.  After doing our best to try to get her free, and having a few tears and a few "I want my Daddy" moments, I decided I had to get help and called 911.

They said they would send someone over.

So, we waited and tried to encourage my sweet, upset Callie.  As I heard the fire engines in the distance I told Callie to try and wiggle it one more time.  What do you think happened???  Yes.  Her foot came free!  I hurried and called 911 back before the firefighters came out of the truck.

I'm thankful my girl was safe and didn't fall!  On the other hand, her sisters and Grammy were quite embarrassed!  It made for a memory that we won't forget!


  1. Oh wow, a scary moment. I'm glad it all worked out well. xx

  2. So glad she didn't get hurt.