Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

I guess I'm going to give this blogging craze a try. We'll see how it goes! I'm going to try to update when I can...depending on when I have internet access. I'm going to try to give little tidbits of my daily life. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I am so glad you joined!! This is going to be fun. When I started my blog I thought it would be perfect for you guys to do with being on the road! It will help us to keep in touch even more! I can't wait to see you!

  2. Hey Tay,
    Thanks! Me and Josh planned what my next entry should be...
    Maybe later today
    Love you sis,
    Enjoy your little man while he's still little, soon he'll be taller than you. Although, I know you'll enjoy him then too. I love all the phases of childhood so far!