Friday, March 28, 2008


Tomorrow we'll see what I've been longing to see for a while..........."Welcome to Florida!"
For some reason I'm a little more homesick. Homesick for everything. My family (of course), my church, my parents house, strolling around Patrick's parents property, Skyline, Sonny's, the sunset, and the outdoors of Florida. Today we turned on the air for a little bit. That's the first time we've used it in I don't know how long. I think one reason why my homesickness is stronger is because last time I was there Mom and Dad took care of me. I mean waited on me hand and foot, worried about me, gave me attention, loved on know all the good stuff! I realized even more than ever what special parents I have. Maybe that's why. Or maybe it's because we're all ready to go to Winkler. So many good people are there. Prayer Warriors that we've counted on time and time over. Or maybe it's because me and Patrick have our parents that are willing to watch the kids so me and Patrick can go away for a few days together. (Did you know that you're watching them, Dad?), or maybe it's because we've experienced some cold weather a little longer than we thought we would. Two weeks ago it was 45 degrees and chilly and I told the kids "This is the last time we'll be wearing these's spring!" Boy, was I wrong! It's been pretty cold! Those reasons and many more are why I'm homesick.
Can't wait to see you Florida!! One more day.

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