Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hens? Maybe not.

 Patrick and I have been talking about getting some more hens.  Our 7 hens are laying well and our Rooster is fun to have around for the cock-a-doodle-dooing, and he protects our hens, too.  But we thought it would be nice to add some younger ones to our flock.  We had been looking on craigslist and found a good deal for some young hens for $10 each.  Maybe we should get those. 

But, then, while at a community yard sale, I saw a farmer with hens, roosters and  pullets for sale....$4 each. Yes!  What a deal!  While my sweet friend that was with me laughed (hi alicia ;o) )  I picked out four great hens that would be future layers for us.

 When I brought home the crate, Patrick peaked through and said, "I don't think all those are hens.  You've got a rooster!"  I laughed and said, "No way.  I bought hens!"  Sure enough, just then my new hen started cock-a-doodle-dooing.  wonderful.
What are we going to do with another rooster?
The other 3 are keeping quiet and I'm hoping they are really hens!

 My Callie Grace was excited to have some new chickens!  She loves taking care of them!   She has already spent some time with our new flock and is trying her hardest to hold them.   She's only ended up with a few extra scratches!

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  1. Ha, ha, have fun with your new roosters...ah, hens ;-) Seriously I hope you get some good eggs.