Monday, October 9, 2017

Rechecking Micah

It has been over a month since my Micah Roo had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  The Doctor was right.  The first 10 days were absolutely horrible for him.  He laid around and whimpered for almost the whole 10 days.  It seemed like days 7-10 were the worst and he took up permanent residence on the recliner.  He would snooze on and off throughout the day and cry as soon as he woke up.  His throat hurt so bad and we had to force him to eat or drink.  It was so sad!    But, right on time, (and right before this Momma's heart broke completely in two) day 11 came and it was like night and day.  He wanted to play outside and jump around and EAT!  It was amazing and I was so thankful!
So, last week it was time for a recheck to see how his throat was healing.  I told him to pack a bag because there might be a wait.  On the way to the doctor I asked Micah what he packed in his backpack.  He said, "I packed a rock and I'm going to look at it!"  Sure enough, that's what he packed!

His appointment went great and I was able to brag that my boy is not snoring anymore and he sleeps more and more with his mouth closed.  Huge strides!  So thankful that my boy is doing better!


  1. So glad to hear that Michah has recovered. It is a painful process soon forgotten once better. It's so funny that he packed a rock! I had a good laugh but at that age that's what little boys like ;-) Enjoy the week ahead Kami. God bless xx

  2. Praise the Lord!! So glad to hear it!!
    Thanks for sharing!