Thursday, October 26, 2017

Date Night at the Bookstore

I love date night with my sweet hubby!  One of the blessings of working in the ministry together is running to do an errand or two make a hospital visit or picking up supplies.  Sometimes we will also grab some lunch together, but it's nice to be together  We eventually talk about the ministry and upcoming events.  We talk about the kids.  We go over schedules.  I love those times!

But we realized that lately we have been substiting those times for an actual date night.  We spend a lot of time together.  I should say "minutes together."  I pass my hubby in the hallway while I'm grading school and he's on his way to the office to study.  He may be finishing a project and I am teaching Phonics.  We are in the same place, but not truly together.  I knew I was needing some time to dress up a little, plan a fun time and it just be us.  No errands, no visits, no planning futures...
 just us.
So we did!

 Our first stop was the bookstore.  I gave my husband a list of a book that he must find from each category.  I would do the same and we would meet at the coffee shop in the bookstore, drink coffee and talk about our books.  We were to get a book from our childhood, a book with a destination that we would like to visit, a book with a funny joke and a book with a recipe we would like to try.  It was so fun seeing what the other came up with!

Then, we headed out and bought dinner AND dessert.  So yum!

I love time with my sweetie and so thankful for the man that God has given to me!!


  1. It's lovely that you two got to spend some quality time together!

  2. You went to a bookstore on your date night? Now that is my idea of a date night!