Saturday, October 28, 2017

Back in to crocheting

 While we were on our vacation to Blue Ridge, I decided to start crocheting again for a special baby girl on her way.  I've enjoyed it so much. 

Although it did take me a little longer than normal.  My wrists don't seem to hold out that long.  But, I think it turned out soft, cuddly and adorable. 

Now, I'm in the mood for another crafty project!


  1. It's a beautiful blanket made with love.♥

  2. Wow! So pretty. I love that pattern. Is it single crochet? I can't tell in the picture, but I'm curious what makes that weave pattern.

  3. It's very simple. But I hope I can explain! :o) You basically double,chain one, double, chain one. That gives it the holes. So, when you are done, you get two strings of yarn for each "row" and weave it in and out. Oh, I hope that makes sense!! When I see you I can show you! :o)

  4. I think I do understand. It makes sense that the weave happens when you sew rows together at the end. I thought you somehow crocheted that look as you went. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a fun, easy pattern.

  5. That is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!