Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stormy or Peaceful

We all have good intentions.  We wake up ready to start a wonderful day that God has laid before us.  Many duties call our name, and we prepare to get much accomplished and make many memories.  But, then, something disrupts us.  It may be that the breakfast pancakes somehow burn.  Or shoes that can't be found because they weren't put away.  Or we feel a headache coming on.  Whatever it is, something small and minor creeps in, and before we know it we I say it?....grumpy.  Oh I hate that word!  But, it does happen.  And when it does, the attitude of grumpiness catches like wildfire and before we know it everyone is unhappy and complaining.

"For I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you."

As I read this verse in Jonah 1:12, I thought about how we can be like that.  What was going on in Jonah's heart, something no one else could see, had an effect on those around him.  It made the surroundings stormy and tempestous.  It brought turmoil to everyone in the ship.  Just like Jonah, when we have a heart full of turmoil (whether the aggravating factor was big or small) we can bring a stormy, cold atmosphere to the very place we are trying to bless and build.  When our spirit is not right, it quickly spreads to our homes and those loved ones in it.

Am I being a Jonah in my home?

A quick test to find out is to ask, "Are the fruits of the Spirit evident in my home?"

Love-True love gives.  Is selfishness prevailing? Or a heart to give?
Joy-Look in the eyes of your kiddos.  Is real joy seen in them?
Peace-Or is it contention?
Long-suffering- Or quick tempered?
Faith-Are we ready to trust God with the unknown, or clamour about trying to fix it ourselves.
Temperance-Are emotions out of control like we are on a rollercoaster?

Today I choose to set a right temperature in my home.  My family deserves my best!  I want to build a peaceful, calm setting that draws my family close to our heavenly father.  It's a joy to serve Jesus!


  1. Amen Kami. We all need to ensure we set the right temperature. God bless you and your household today!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. There is a family at our church that need prayer. They have 10 kids and the Dad has 40% of his heart left and he can't get disability. They would really appreciate the prayers!

    1. Would you mind getting my email from Kami and sending me the family's address or Church's address? My husband had a heart attack when our youngest was 3 weeks old (10th child). Over 50% of his heart was damaged and he was running at 15-20% ejection fraction (normal is 60-65). Praise the Lord that some of what the doctor said was dead is now working and he is up to 40-45% ejection fraction. God took care of us in amazing ways throughout this year!!! This prayer request really hit home. We are so thankful for the prayers of believers and would love to pray for this family too. Sorry for the looooong comment. -Joleena