Tuesday, December 4, 2018

And the tree is decorated!

It was so nice decorating our tree.  Christmas music playing in the background, each surface of our home getting a christmas pretty added to it.  I guess it's easy to blog about memories and give all the super sweet details.  The truth is, we did have Christmas music going, along with a football game in the background.  Everyone had a part arranging ornament, and some discussion was heard as to the placement of some ornaments and decos. And every surface did get a christmas pretty added to it, because decorations were everywhere!  We did decorate, and it did turn out pretty, but sometimes it's pretty hectic getting out all the decorations and figuring where we want to put them. 

By the end of the evening I was wore out!! And Black Friday came early, so sleep came easily.  But, overall, it was a day filled with memories with my family.  So thankful!


  1. It's so pretty!!

  2. Wow! A beautifully decorated Christmas vignette. You guys did a wonderful job!