Sunday, December 30, 2018

2 Big Surprises on Christmas Morning

So after the boys opened their helmets (which they thought were for using when they ride their bikes) we told them they had a big gift outside.  We made them wait on the porch and said that this gift is primarily for Silas, although he will share it with everyone.

When Patrick uncovered the 4 wheeler Silas was shocked!  He was so excited!!! Just so everyone knows, this is a smaller, youth sized 4 wheeler.  Still pretty hefty, but not so big that Silas can't handle it.

Silas is definitely our cautious one, so after lots of instructions, he was ready to ride!  He's done fabulously!! And he's being very careful, as we have explained to him to precautions to take.

Then, we told Micah he had a surprise, too.  We had him stand at the back of the trailer, and Patrick opened the door...

Remember from my previous posts, Micah has wanted a dirtbike for over a year.  He began saving in his jar to buy one someday.  With all the talk about the building, he knew he wanted to give and felt God was telling him to give all.  So he did.  I was so proud of my boy's faith.  When someone at church heard his story, they approached Patrick and I about giving him a dirtbike that their nephew had about 5 years ago.  This nephew had been about Micah's age, rode it once, fell off, and never got on again.  They had been trying to sell it, but didn't get an offer for what it was worth.  They felt it would be better to just give it to Micah.  We were so excited for him and decided to save it for him for Christmas morning.  It was so exciting to watch my boy walk by faith, and then see God blessing him for it!

While Silas is my cautious one, my Micah is not.  He is the one with the most scrapes, bruises and scars.  He seems to have no fear.  So the next chain of events I feel were orchestrated by God.  Patrick gave Micah LOTS of instructions.  We put on his elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, helmet and gloves, then he was ready to start.  Patrick showed him the way to start it.  Micah revved it a little too high and away went the bike....scary moment.  Micah stood back and started to cry.  He was done with dirtbiking!  Patrick, being a good father, reminded him that it won't come easy to learn, but he will be glad when he does learn that he put so much effort into it.  So, they practiced with Patrick running alongside.  The next day they practiced.  The next day they practiced, and by the 3rd day Patrick was able to let go and Micah rode all by himself.  My daring boy is now very cautious and careful.  I'm so thankful for that!!

What a Christmas morning!!


  1. What wonderful surprises for your two sons. I'm sure they will enjoy their new gifts.

  2. That is such a precious story about Micah. About brought me to tears. I'm so happy for your boys.